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posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. June 09
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
A quarter-century heretofore this afternoon, I attended an initial screening of William Shatner’s feature directorial debut, a picture lambasted by Trekkies, disdained by the public and reprobated …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). March 23, 2013
Star Trek Poster
What was your first impression? Very negative        Plot summary? A new cast of the characters having the same name is introduced with a new storyline. Kirk and Spock forge …
reviewed Star Trek: Enterprise. March 14, 2013
Star Trek: Enterprise
I should start this review by disclaiming a remarkable fact: I purchased the complete series of Star Trek Enterprise a few years back without ever having watched a single episode of the show during its …
reviewed Star Trek - "The Doomsday Machine". December 29, 2011
The Doomsday Machine (Star Trek Original Series episode)
You gotta love it when Kirk pontificates on then current events.  In any other show, it would be preachy or corny, but somehow Trek makes it work.            …
Justice (ST TNG)
Star Trek The Next Generation may have been a landmark show but looking at it's first two seasons, you wouldn't know that.  While things improved slightly in season two before going into …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek: Generations. May 04, 2011
Star Trek Generations
I've always been a fan of Star Trek, primarily on the small screen, but this silver screen crossover for THE NEXT GENERATION crew -- with a bit of baton-passing from select members of the classic …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. May 01, 2011
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN. I remember it well. Despite the predominantly youthful audience, you could still hear a pin drop during Spock's death scene. The film works so well on so many levels …
reviewed Star Trek: Alien Spotlight (Volume 1). April 01, 2011
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight (Volume 1)
Let me get this straight right out of the gate: I have absolutely no problem with the new version of STAR TREK (2009) making its way around the world compliments of JJ Abrams and his crew.  As a …
reviewed Star Trek - "Spock's Brain". March 31, 2011
Spock's Brain (ST OS)
Spock's Brain.  Offen a contender with "The Way to Eden" as the worst episode of Classic Trek.  I much perfer Spock's Brain for many reasons and the chief one being that Spock's …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek - "Spock's Brain". March 31, 2011
Spock's Brain (ST OS)
Miniskirted alien women steal Spock's Brain to power a computer. Not as awful as you've heard but it's signature line that you'll take away form the episode is pretty lame.
reviewed Disaster (TNG). March 25, 2011
Disaster (TNG)
I kid, I kid.  Rather her in charge then flying the ship.  Watch out for that planet in Generations.      Season 5 was certainly one of TNG's better years and there …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). February 27, 2011
posted in SF Signal
Star Trek Poster
How is it that a film that has been so anticipated, has had so much money and hype devoted to it ends up on the screen with a continuity error in the first half-hour? I refer to the scene in which McCoy …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. February 20, 2011
posted in SF Signal
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Who says that rebooting tranchises is a new idea? In a real sense, this is a reboot of the first Star Trek film, and it starts a trilogy of perhaps the best of the Star Trek films.
reviewed The Star Trek Pizza Cutter. February 14, 2011
posted in Pizza Therapy
The Star Trek Pizza Cutter
If you are a pizza fan you can now cut all of your pizzas wth total syle with the Star Trek Pizza Cutter.      The pizza cutter (pizza wheel) is an exact replica of the Star Ship Enterprise. …
reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Gen.... January 13, 2011
Genesis (ST TNG Episode)
Evolution exists or it doesn't to some people and if you showed this episode to a non-believer it will certainly ENSURE they won't change sides and could entertain them.  Some people find …
reviewed Star Trek (2009). December 12, 2010
Star Trek Poster
Let's just be clear, I am not a trekkie nor have I ever been a trekkie, and this film did not make me a trekkie, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this reboot of the franchise. The acting …
reviewed The Duras Sisters. December 02, 2010
The Duras Sisters
I am a big fan of the Duras sisters in the Star Trek universe and not because of their ample cleavage. They are ruthless and proud, willing to kill their enemies and bed them if necessary. In that respect, …
reviewed Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. December 01, 2010
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
When I watched this movie for the first time, I experienced a combination of emotions that was unusual for me when it involved anything about Star Trek. I was bored, disappointed and angered. The boredom …
reviewed Armus (ST TNG). November 13, 2010
Armus (ST TNG)
The episode in which Armus appears is one of the worst of TNG. The idea that all of evilness was pulled out of a race and embodied in one creature is ludicrous and the implementation as a glob of petroleum …
reviewed General Chang. November 13, 2010
General Chang
General Chang is a powerful villain that helped make "The Undiscovered Country" a great movie. A Klingon reciting Shakespeare as he is bombarding the Enterprise is one of the best scenes in all of Star …
reviewed Sybok. November 13, 2010
Sybok is one of the worst characters to ever appear in any Star Trek incarnation. By Vulcan standards he is insane and his presence just serves to make a bad movie even worse.
reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation: The S.... November 09, 2010
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION re-energized the Star Trek fan base -- coinciding with the theatrical films based (at the time) of the original Star Trek company of Kirk & friends -- but, eventually, …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek - The Next Generation, Epis.... November 09, 2010
Star Trek - The Next Generation, Episode 42: Q
Great Q episode and a great introduction to what became one of Trek's greatest villians. Easily one of the best eps from season 2.
reviewed Yeoman Janice Rand. November 08, 2010
Yeoman Janice Rand
It was fortunate that the character of Janice Rand  was of short duration. It was clear that she was to be Kirk's love interest but the series was so much stronger when the Enterprise became Kirk' …
reviewed Beverly Crusher. November 08, 2010
Beverly Crusher
The Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise arguably has to be the best "seat-of-the-pants" medical person in the Federation. No person is more likely to encounter and have to treat alien life …
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