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posted a Quick Tip about Spock (TOS). April 12, 2011
Spock (TOS)
One of the most famous television characters ever. Awesome....logical.
reviewed General Chang. November 13, 2010
General Chang
General Chang is a powerful villain that helped make "The Undiscovered Country" a great movie. A Klingon reciting Shakespeare as he is bombarding the Enterprise is one of the best scenes in all of Star …
reviewed Sybok. November 13, 2010
Sybok is one of the worst characters to ever appear in any Star Trek incarnation. By Vulcan standards he is insane and his presence just serves to make a bad movie even worse.
reviewed Beverly Crusher. November 08, 2010
Beverly Crusher
The Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise arguably has to be the best "seat-of-the-pants" medical person in the Federation. No person is more likely to encounter and have to treat alien life …
reviewed Tasha Yar. November 08, 2010
Tasha Yar
The character of Tasha Yar as security chief was a strong one that should have continued. There was one episode where she was a member of a team engaged in an extremely physical contest and Worf was …
posted a Quick Tip about Khan Noonien Singh. November 08, 2010
Khan Noonien Singh
Khan is without question the best villain to ever appear in Star Trek. His obvious power in the episode "Space Seed" continued in "The Wrath of Khan." Great heroes need strong villains and Khan alone …
posted a Quick Tip about Leonard McCoy. October 11, 2010
Leonard McCoy
Karl Urban captured Bones perfectly! I had my doubts in the beginning, ut he did a great job.
reviewed In the Pale Moonlight DS9 #141. October 06, 2010
In the Pale Moonlight DS9 #141
The story?      The trouble with Deep Space Nine is that there are so many very good episodes it is difficult to select the best.  In the Pale Moonlight unquestionably ranks as …
reviewed Sybok. October 01, 2010
Ahhh, Sybok, many fans of Star Trek hate you as much as many Star Wars fanboys hate Jar-Jar Binks.  Brought to life through a few sketchy and debatable details that sent many a Trekkie …
reviewed Preator Shinzon. October 01, 2010
Preator Shinzon
When Star Trek:  Nemesis was released, it quickly became one of the most poorly-received films of the Trek catalogue.  That's a shame, really, because it features one of the best …
reviewed General Chang. October 01, 2010
General Chang
Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country introduced fans of Star Trek to one of the most ego-driven Klingons in the galaxy in General Chang.  Chang was the Shakespeare-spewing chief of …
posted a Quick Tip about Lore. September 29, 2010
He was only used a few times and his swan song was a dud but Lore was definetely a character that had his moments.
reviewed Captain Jean Luc Picard. September 09, 2010
Captain Jean Luc Picard
There is often the debate about "Kirk vs Picard" in who is better or cooler.  For the most part, I never really had an opinion.  Kirk was a soldier and a man of action who wasn't …
reviewed William Riker. September 08, 2010
William Riker
Captain Picard may not have been the man of action stud that Kirk was, those tasks were normally handed over to Riker the First Officer on Star Trek: The Next Generation the younger officer to get his …
reviewed Khan Noonien Singh. September 01, 2010
Khan Noonien Singh
Between the Tholians, another Doomsday Machine, more Tribbles, the Talosians, when the topic of an antagonist for the first Star Trek movie came up and was read, surely someone realized that this villian …
Let He Who is Without Sin... (Star Trek DS9 episode)
The outdoor island/beach footage was a nice change for Trek.  It was lighthearted and fun which was something Deep Space Nine could have used a little more of to lighten up it's grimmer tones, …
posted a Quick Tip about Tasha Yar. August 27, 2010
Tasha Yar
It's a shame they never seemed sure what to do with her. Her posthumous soliloquy on the holodeck is a nadir in TNG's bad first season.
posted a Quick Tip about William Riker. August 27, 2010
William Riker
TNG's answer to Kirk. I'm glad he was there to fill the vacancy left by Picard.
posted a Quick Tip about Captain Jean Luc Picard. August 27, 2010
Captain Jean Luc Picard
Overly bureaucratic and deskbound, he was at least able to grow a bit bolder after a time-hopping encounter with Kirk.
posted a Quick Tip about Let He Who is Without Sin... (Star Tr.... August 25, 2010
Let He Who is Without Sin... (Star Trek DS9 episode)
One of Treks absolute worst moments ever tries to be kinky and fun but is embarrassing and bad. It gets a negative 5 despite seeing Leeta, Dax and Vanessa Williams dressed in skimpy clothing
reviewed Kathryn Janeway. August 14, 2010
I just made the easiest joke in all of the internets to make about Katheryn Janeway, that she has a smoker's voice.  Theres lots more to be said about her that won't be attributed to what …
posted a Quick Tip about Kathryn Janeway. August 11, 2010
She had vision to get her crew home, she waffled often on rules and regulations. Rules are etched in stone or an etch a sketch some days.
reviewed Valeris. August 08, 2010
Before I start this review of Valeris, many have commented on Star Trek V and why it is such a disaster or in my opinion, very flawed but still worthwhile,  It can be said that if Star Trek V: The …
reviewed Beverly Crusher. August 07, 2010
Beverly Crusher
The more I thought about Doctor Crusher, the more I realized how few episodes the good Dancing Doctor had.  Everyone talks about Troi not getting much screen time or as much character development …
reviewed Saavik. August 07, 2010
On my favorite ladies of Star Trek list, I noticed that the top three spots are held by Vulcans and a Romulan (who is a Vulcan offshoot)  Is it the ears?  The nice solemn expression, the demure …
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