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posted a Quick Tip about Destiny (Ancient Ship). July 27, 2013
Destiny (Ancient Ship)
Destiny is an Ancient Starship launched roughly 50 Million years ago. Destiny was built by the Ancients to explore the Universe. Once the ship got to a far enough distance they intended to board it. Unfortunaly …
posted a Quick Tip about Stargate Universe. December 17, 2010
SGU Logo
SO SO SO SO SO bummed that Syfy just canceled this program. It's the only incarnation of the STARGATE universe of programs that I totally got into, and I'm saddened that I won't see where this journey …
posted a Quick Tip about Stargate. November 23, 2009
Stargate Poster
Years later, I still don't understand fandom's fascination with this movie.
reviewed Stargate. November 19, 2009
Stargate Poster
The Unknown is something moviegoers have been fascinated with for decades, I know I am. It's something that  makes you just wonder what is out there and what they want. Roland Emmerich's  Stargate …
reviewed Stargate Universe. October 07, 2009
SGU Logo
STARGATE UNIVERSE is the third television series to spin off from the movie Stargate. It concerns a mismatched group of explorers, soldiers and civilians trapped aboard an Ancient vessel billions of …
reviewed Stargate Universe. October 03, 2009
SGU Logo
I really do understand why some fans of Stargate are choosing not to watch SGU because of their worries over it becoming Stargate:90210.  It's been touted as bigger, better, and with a younger, sexier …
reviewed Stargate Universe. September 29, 2009
SGU Logo
When I first heard about the premise of SGU, I wasn't thrilled.  The idea of taking Stargate and making it edgier and more accessible didn't really sit right with me.  Stargate fans had what …
reviewed Stargate Atlantis: The Queen. August 05, 2009
Season 5 Cast
Teyla agrees to disguise herself as a Wraith Queen after Todd agrees to Dr. Keller's proposal, giving the Wraith an enzyme that would take away their need to feed on humans.  In order to see it through …
reviewed Stargate: SG1. August 04, 2009
SG1 Logo
 When Stargate SG-1 ended its run on March 13th 2007, there were a lot of mixed emotions.  For me it was a bittersweet moment.  While I was definitely sad to see SG-1 go, I was able to …
reviewed The Shrine. July 30, 2009
Season 5 Cast
 When Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) is infected with a parasite that is slowly killing him and has reverted his mind to a childlike state, his sister Jeannie (Kate Hewlett) and the rest of them team …
reviewed Stargate Atlantis. July 28, 2009
 After five seasons and one hundred episodes, Stargate Atlantis was canceled prematurely by the Syfy Channel.  The cancellation was said to have been a join decision between both the network …
reviewed Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods. July 23, 2009
SG1 COG cover art
 As I am a huge Stargate fan, I had a lot of interest in this new vision of the original SG-1 pilot, Children of the Gods.  However if you're only casually into the program or not a big sci-fi …
reviewed Syfy. July 08, 2009
 Today marked a sad day in television history.  The Scifi Channel, abandoning its previous viewers and fans, changed its name to Syfy.  If I was writing this review back in March when Battlestar …
reviewed Stargate: The Ark of Truth. February 10, 2009
Ark of Truth
Now when I first bought The Ark of Truth on DVD, I ha heard they used a nicer camera to film the movie with then they do to shoot SG-1 or Atlantis with, but when I put the DVD on it was still just as …
reviewed Stargate Continuum. February 10, 2009
Stargate Continuum
The first time I watched Continuum was at my friend Chucks house and he has a HUGE HD tv. But I thought when watching it on such a huge TV, it didn't look all that amazing on Blu-ray. Then I watched it …
reviewed Stargate SG-1 - Season 4 Giftset. May 03, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Stargate SG-1 - Season 4 Giftset
Pros: Uh, practically everything.     Cons: The random dull/conspiratory episode     The Bottom Line: How can you not love SG-1 fun?!     Plot …
reviewed Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 3. May 03, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 3
Pros: Love SG-1     Cons: I forget what cons are...     The Bottom Line: Um, my DVD is overdue at the library. Heh...     Plot Details: This …
reviewed Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 2. May 03, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 2
Pros: Introducing Doc Fraiser! Love episode #7's planet     Cons: Cons? What?     The Bottom Line: Back for more? I knew you would be. I know I am!     …
reviewed Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 4. May 03, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 4
Pros: Good stuff.     Cons: Um, I got nothin'.     The Bottom Line: Don't go through the gate with the Iris up. Ouchie (though technically you wouldn't feel a thing).  &n …
reviewed Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 5. May 03, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 5
Pros: Disobeying orders and touching things you probably shouldn't     Cons: Curse you, To Be Continued phrase! I hate political crap.     The Bottom Line: Kinda …
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