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posted a Quick Tip about Eureka. August 21, 2012
posted in SF Signal
Eureka is not the big flash sci-fi show that traditional viewers expect with even a modest special effects budget. It does have deep story lines and as such, some of the episodes may seem a little slow …
posted a Quick Tip about Azumanga Daioh. August 03, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Azumanga Daioh
Uuuuhhhhhgghhhh!!      I have one question.  This shit is clearly made for girls, so why the fuck are male anime fans watching this?      Aside from this anime …
posted a Quick Tip about Tiny Toon Adventures. July 08, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Tiny Toon Adventures
If you went back into the early 90's and asked me what one of my favorite cartoons was, I'd eagerly answer Tiny Toon Adventures.  Hell, I was such a huge fan of it back then, I hoarded the …
posted a Quick Tip about Devil Hunter Yohko. June 21, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Devil Hunter Yohko
Devil Hunter Yohko can be described as "Sailor Moon for boys," in that it's an anime about a girl with magic powers who kills monsters, except it has bloodshed and female nudity …
reviewed Boy Meets World. June 14, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Boy Meets World
Asking me to review Boy Meets World is like asking me to review pizza: Yeah, I have a general sense of what to do, but there are a million different flavors of it, and is there any particular one you …
posted a Quick Tip about True Blood Season 5. June 12, 2012
posted in True Blood
True Blood Season 5
Just saw the first episode and it looks like this season may top Season 4 as the best so far. Besides the return of Russell Eddington, Bill and Eric have to deal with the Vampire Authority and Sooki is …
reviewed My Boys. May 26, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
My Boys
My Boys got a lot of attention from the Chicago media when it debuted back in 2006 because it was set in Chicago. Since I had just gotten off the train a few months earlier, I wondered just what the big …
posted a Quick Tip about Care Bears. May 16, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Care Bears
Uuuuugggghhhhhhh.   I don't know how this sugary crap has lasted over 30 years.  Hell, the few times I saw the Care Bears back when I was three or four years-old, I thought it was saccarine …
posted a Quick Tip about Inuyasha. May 15, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Uuuuuuggghhh.   I spent a month watching this series back in late 2004, and even when I was 17 years-old, I wondered to myself why this anime got so much praise.  Any anime that goes on …
reviewed Step by Step. May 10, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Step by Step
For all the Miller-Boyett Lesson sitcoms I've seen, I have trouble thinking off the top of my head about any episodes of any of their shows that preached with sappy music against stealing. And once you …
posted a Quick Tip about Neon Genesis Evangelion. May 01, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Neon Genesis Evangelion
While Evangelion is considered by many anime fans, even by highly-respectable ones, to be the "be all end all" of the anime genre, I honestly didn't like this one at all.      …
reviewed Dark Shadows 1991. April 01, 2012
posted in Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows 1991
Dan Curtis' nighttime re-vamping of his original daytime soap forgoes the plot offered in the original's first 200 episodes and dives right into the introduction of Barnabas. This time, however, …
posted a Quick Tip about The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. March 31, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Being a huge Sonic fan during my youth, I watched this show a lot back in the day. Looking at it now, it hasn't aged nearly as well as I had hoped, but if you're looking for a goofy, crazy cartoon …
reviewed Dark Shadows 1991. March 26, 2012
posted in Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows 1991
In 1991 one of the most popular television shows in daytime history was rebooted with an all-star cast.  Ben Cross, the acclaimed actor from Chariots of Fire was brought on to play Barnabas Collins.  …
posted a Quick Tip about Breaking Bad. March 03, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Breaking Bad
This isn't a show I'd typically watch, and the pilot didn't exactly reel me in, but I stuck through it by suggestion of a friend and by episode 4-5, I was hooked. I don't think I've …
posted a Quick Tip about Charmed. February 27, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
I guess this show is decent if you're looking for something to satisfy your supernatural side. Maybe I just have to be a woman to fully appreciate it, but I tried to watch Charmed and it bores me nearly …
posted a Quick Tip about The Voice (TV Competition Show). February 24, 2012
The Voice (TV Competition Show)
This show is such a refreshing take on singing competitions. In a field that definitely uses appearances to judge if someone is talented, it's nice to see a competition that judges solely on talent, alone. …
reviewed Little Mosque on the Prairie. February 15, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Little Mosque on the Prairie
If you're sick of sitcoms trying to constantly reinvent the art and go back to something more traditional and, you know, simply trying to be funny, Little Mosque on the Prairie might be just the antidote …
posted a Quick Tip about Grimm. February 06, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
I'm not sure how many people actually know how creepy and disturbing the original Grimm fairytales are. I mean, when I was a kid no one ever told me that the Three Little Pigs ended up eating The …
posted a Quick Tip about Don Cornelius. February 02, 2012
Don Cornelius
When people discuss his legacy there are important aspects they left out. His show created a vehicle for product advertising for many things geared towards African Americans, especially in haircare. Many …
reviewed Don Cornelius. February 01, 2012
posted in Music Matters
Don Cornelius
I'm incredibly sad to hear of Don Cornelius' death by gunshot wound to the head, apparently self-inflicted today, He helped put soul music on the map and introduced and influenced such artists …
reviewed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. January 14, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
In my review of The Big Bang Theory, I mentioned that show may be the Seinfeld of the millennium because of the way its cast chemistry carries it, and because of how mean the main characters can be to …
reviewed Destination: Nerva. January 12, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Destination: Nerva
(special thanks to Big Finish for providing me with a review copy!) Back in 1999, the first Big Finish Doctor Who audio was released. It was called “Sirens of Time,” and featured the Fifth, …
reviewed Ergo Proxy. January 11, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Ergo Proxy
  Before I kick off this review, I'd like to say that I really haven't had much enjoyment watching most anime titles that go beyond a 4-5 hour running length because so many of them have …
reviewed A Charlie Brown Valentine. January 10, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
A Charlie Brown Valentine
A CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE is the first aired on tv in February 2002. It was the first "Peanuts" special produced after Schulz's death. It's basically a retreading of BE MY VALENTINE, …
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