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reviewed Disclosure (movie). August 02, 2006
The book 'Disclosure' by Michael Crichton was an amazing book full of suspense and hi-tech excitement. Intertwining the newest computer abilities (I love the way a big 'E' jumps out when the main character …
reviewed Flightplan (2005). July 22, 2006
Flightplan (Widescreen Edition) (2005)
It's an interesting premise, and oddly similar to Foster's previous film, `Panic Room,' in which her maternal character is forced into a confined space with no outlet. In keeping with most of Foster's …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). July 21, 2006
DVD front
Viggo Mortensen takes off his cowboy hat from "Hidalgo," his sword from "LOTR," and trades them in for a shotgun, a number of handguns, and a few swift punches to the throat to flesh out his role of Tom …
reviewed 2046 (2005). July 19, 2006
2046 (2005)
I have a fond interest in Hong Kong cinema, but Wong Kar-wai in particular. And since this was a follow-up to his marvellous film "In the Mood for Love", which ties into the world founded in his elliptical, …
reviewed Hostel. July 18, 2006
I didn't like Hostel. The premise is frightening. The idea of being drugged, kidnapped, tortured, and killed by people who are paying to do it, is a great concept for a film. It's just too bad that the …
reviewed Good Night, and Good Luck.. July 11, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Good Night, and Good Luck.
I went to see 'Good Night, and Good Luck' because I wanted to see history reinacted. I received what I wanted. The reinactment by the very able David Straitharn as Edward R. Murrow is noble and absorbing. …
reviewed Syriana (2005 film). June 23, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Syriana (2005)
Stephen Gaghan is a master psychologist in addition to being a uniquely creative writer and director. He knows how to take a controversial topic, spread it over a period of time and from vantages that …
reviewed Ronin (1998). June 12, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Ronin (1998)
Ronin is quite an interesting movie. It has a stellar cast including Jean Reno as Vincent, Robert De Niro as Sam, Stellan Skarsgard as Gregor, Natasha McElhorne as Dierdre and Sean Bean as Spence.They …
reviewed Audition. June 03, 2006
Audition (Unrated) (Dir Sub)
It's difficult to know what my reaction to this film is. I have several, they're strong and they're pulling me in different directions    Based on a novel by Ryu Murakami, director …
reviewed The Interpreter (2005). May 28, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
The Interpreter (Widescreen Edition) (2005)
This is the type of movie that you need to see on DVD instead of the theater because it is hard to follow and you may need to re-watch earlier scenes several times to understand everything.    The …
reviewed The Bourne Supremacy (movie). May 27, 2006
Bourne Supremacy
THE BOURNE SUPREMACY is a super DVD transfer action flick that is meant to hold you in suspense for the duration of the movie so that the viewer can forget the heat of the news outside And it works! Director …
reviewed Syriana (2005 film). May 25, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Syriana (2005)
"Syriana" is a complicated, but thought-provoking film. It has been said time and again that the movie has too many threads to follow. That may be true, but you don't need a notebook to appreciate this …
reviewed Hostel. May 13, 2006
"Hostel" is quite a step up from "Cabin Fever" for writer/director Eli Roth. He seems to take his characters and their development quite a bit more serious than in his previous effort. I actually felt …
reviewed Constantine. April 11, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
A lot of people are saying that Constantine is wrong because Keanu Reeves is wrong for the part but I see it differently. See I'm no fan of Reeves and I actually think of him as a dry and predictable …
reviewed Constantine. April 09, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Visuals, Ms. Weisz     Cons: Keanu Reeves; direction; plot     The Bottom Line: In the end, as the credits roll, there isn’t much of a story in Constantine, …
reviewed White Noise. April 07, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
White Noise
When I was in the theatre to see some movie that I can't remember White Noise was one of the previews shown and man was I scared of the mere thought of it. Everyone I know wanted to see it knowing that …
reviewed Stay (2005). March 29, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Stay (2005)
STAY is a strange bird of a movie, one that you must be rested and in the mood for to watch, and one that asks that you forget the usual linear storyline and stay alert every minute. Directed by Marc …
reviewed Stay (2005). March 28, 2006
Stay (2005)
STAY is the epitome of the old cliché "all style and no substance." There is a lot of serious camera trickery, wild editing, nifty camera movies and the like. It's also got lots of moments that are clearly …
reviewed Good Night, and Good Luck.. March 26, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Good Night, and Good Luck.
Many of us in the early 21st century have no memories of the 1950s and have been led to believe the decade was all about sock hops, Howdy Doody and clean-cut American families. But the early '50s was …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 22, 2006
DVD front
The idea that a movie with graphic depictions of murder could also be deep and incredibly interesting didn't cross my mind until I saw "A History of Violence." I understand now why David Cronenberg chose …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 17, 2006
DVD front
Too many times I've watched a movie expecting greatness and not getting that. I just knew A History Of Violence would be good but it only met some of my expectations. Although it will keep you entertained …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 16, 2006
DVD front
In "A History of Violence," director, David Cronenberg, creates a masterful study of the human psyche adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by John Wagner and Vince Locke. Performances by Viggo …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 16, 2006
DVD front
David Cronenberg has a style with his films that is unmistakable: he is unafraid to address the darker aspects that lie within us all. That he pushes this idea over the limits of viewable film is reflected …
reviewed Good Night, and Good Luck.. March 15, 2006
Good Night, and Good Luck.
GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK is a brilliant piece of film making, a film that recreates a period in our history when gossip mongers and fear exploiters took the lead for a terrifying few years that threatened …
reviewed Cellular (New Line Platinum Series) (.... March 04, 2006
Cellular (New Line Platinum Series) (2004)
If the movies Speed and Phone Booth had a baby, Cellular would be the offspring, and that's not a bad thing. From the moment sloucher Ryan (Chris Evans) answers his cell phone and hears a strange woman …
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