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posted a Quick Tip about Wii Remote Controller. February 28
posted in The Gaming Hub
Wii Remote Controller
Ah the Wiimote, I remember when I first saw these controllers back at E3 2006. I was sitting at home watching X-Play when they were shown along side the new Console. I remember it like it was yesterday, …
reviewed Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle [Wii]. January 19
posted in The Gaming Hub
WAY before Sonic entered the scene, Sega's most popular character was a freakish little monkey man by the name of Alex Kidd. He couldn't run fast like the legendary hedgehog and his back wasn't …
posted a Quick Tip about Wii Classic Controller Pro. August 09, 2013
posted in The Gaming Hub
Wii Classic Controller Pro
One of the major selling points of the Nintendo Wii was its motion controls. Lots of people bought the system in order to play their games in different ways. But eventually this gimmick got tired and …
reviewed Alien Storm [Wii]. July 10, 2013
posted in The Gaming Hub
I'll be blunt right off: Golden Axe is overrated! It has clunky mechanics and bugs which were difficult to excuse back when it was a new-fangled arcade game and in the opening of the Silver Era. Over …
reviewed Neutopia [Wii]. July 11, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Here's something fun to try next time you're in Seattle: When you run into Bill Gates on the streets, bet him a couple billion dollars that he can't talk about the old TurboGrafx-16 game Neutopia without …
posted a Quick Tip about Console Wars. April 01, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Console Wars
With every new Console generation comes The Console Wars. An epic battle Between the biggest gaming companies (Sony , Nintendo Microsoft and at one point Sega and Atari) for domination. Although many …
reviewed China Warrior [Wii]. January 18, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
China Warrior occupies a unique place in the annals of video game history: In performing some research prior to writing this review, I learned China Warrior was the featured game in a television ad making …
reviewed Sonic Unleashed [Wii]. December 28, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Sonic Unleashed [Wii]
Note that for this review, I played the Xbox 360 port of the game.      First of all, I'd like to say that I've been a fan of Sonic since Christmas of 1991 and have been a …
reviewed Disney Epic Mickey (Wii). October 30, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)
   Back at E3 2009 Epic Mickey Wowed audiences with its dark and mature portrayal of Disney’s iconic character Mickey Mouse. The game was praised by journalists and gamers alike and was …
posted a Quick Tip about Kirby's Epic Yarn. October 09, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Kirby's Epic Yarn
As if Kirby could not get any cuter, here comes an entry of the series made up of arts and crafts!  Good-Feel must of had to tell the art team to go to the local hobby store and grab everything they …
reviewed Nintendo Wii. July 15, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Nintendo Wii
  First of all, I'd like to say that before I review why I'm not fond of the Wii, keep in mind that this is entirely subjective, and if you personally enjoy it, then more power to you. …
reviewed Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. July 13, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Sonic The Hedgehog 4
   Sonic The Hedgehog 4 was developed by Dimps and published by Sega. It was released for the PSN Network, Xbox Live Arcade and the Wiiware Services on October 17th 2010.      …
reviewed Castlevania Judgment [Wii]. July 08, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Castlevania Judgment [Wii]
Castlevania gets its first fighter. The game has a great amount of series fan service, from the remixed music to the stages. However the new character designs by Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Hikaru no Go) …
reviewed Disney Epic Mickey (Wii). July 08, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)
Mickey Mouse is who I would call the “King of licensed gaming”.  The past games such as Sega’s Illusion series, Capcom’s Magical Quest and Sony Imagesoft’s Mickey Mania …
reviewed Eternal Champions [Wii]. June 02, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Let me first express my undying love for Sega. They do something that very few companies these days are willing to do: They create. They innovate. Whatever is out there, Sega will almost certainly bring …
reviewed Double Dungeons [Wii]. May 28, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Double Dungeons [Wii]
What do you think of the idea of playing a role-playing game in a first-person perspective? It will contain the elements of other RPG's, except you'll see all the action through the eyes of the main character. …
reviewed Kid Chameleon [Wii]. May 21, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Imagine yourself in this little scenario: You're the president of Sega in the early 1990's. You just launched this incredible, technologically advanced new video game system called the Genesis that has …
reviewed Streets of Rage 3 [Wii]. May 19, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Ah, the lovely Blaze, one of the main stars of Sega's insanely fun Streets of Rage series. A woman just like her is the unattainable dream of many a lonely man. A woman whose short skirt, sports bra and …
reviewed Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Mast.... May 17, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Ninjas are so cool. Usually, people can only choose between being stealthy and secretive or being loudmouthed muscleheads with big guns that do the talking for them, but the ninja gets the best of both …
reviewed Donkey Kong Country Returns. April 27, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong has always been one of Nintendo's staples.  He was, along with Mario, one of the first characters Nintendo ever brought out the door.  He hasn't actually starred in a lot …
reviewed The Godfather: Blackhand Edition [Wii]. April 14, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
      The Godfather Blackhand edition is the Wii version of The Godfather video game. Its was developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by EA. It was released on March 20th 2007.   …
reviewed Super Smash Bros. Brawl. February 21, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is what I call the defining game on the Wii. Unlike other games that resort to using motion controls, this game returns to the use of a nonmotion guided control scheme to allow …
reviewed Donkey Kong Country Returns. February 03, 2011
posted in GayGamer
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Country Returns is an awesomely fun game. You get to jump and swing around the jungle, grabbing bananas and squashing enemies. Making it through a level is almost like a long, intricate dance, …
reviewed Dead Space Extraction [Wii]. January 24, 2011
Dead Space Extraction [Wii]
The verdict has been in for a while now - the original 'Dead Space' is a modern masterpiece, a nearly ideal fusion of science fiction and scare-you-out-of-your-seat horror. Its flaws are few and …
reviewed Disney Epic Mickey (Wii). December 27, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)
   I was given Epic Mickey as a Christmas gift by my son, and have spent several hours playing as of now. The concept of the game is absolutely incredible, and I love the graphics. The story …
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