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reviewed David Mamet. May 11, 2013
David Mamet
Glengary Glenn Ross is a dense, throttling work in which the lead characters - day-to-day salesmen at a real estate firm - take on the role of career-hungry hatchet men whose primary goal is to sell, …
posted a Quick Tip about Miep Gies. October 29, 2012
Miep Gies
Miep Gies was truly a brave soul.  She, along with her husband Jan, were among the people in Europe that helped out the Jews during the darkest chapters of human history (Nazi rule and the Holocaust).  &nb …
posted a Quick Tip about Ray Bradbury. June 06, 2012
Ray Bradbury
Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury. From "A Sound of Thunder" to "R is for Rocket," you've inspired thousands of people in numerous fields, from writers to scientists. You will be sorely missed.
posted a Quick Tip about Sam Raimi. December 06, 2011
Sam Raimi
Raimi's flicks all have a very similar style with the exception of "The Gift." That film is what made me a true believer in this guy's work.
posted a Quick Tip about Guillermo del Toro. December 06, 2011
Guillermo del Toro
Much like Tim Burton, you know you're watching a del Toro film even if you don't know he has a hand in it yet.
posted a Quick Tip about Rob Zombie. December 06, 2011
Rob Zombie
Musically, Zombie sounds pretty cool but is set in his ways. Film-wise, I believe that Zombie is slowly starting to tweak his style so that it isn't the same-old, same-old all of the time.
posted a Quick Tip about Eli Roth. December 06, 2011
Eli Roth
He makes gory flicks. No one has ever done that before, right? Oh, wait. TONS of people have done that type of film work before.
posted a Quick Tip about Vince Vaughn. December 06, 2011
Vince Vaughn
From "Swingers" to "The Wedding Crashers," I've enjoyed just about every film I've seen Vince Vaughn in. He's basically the same goofy guy in all of his films, but Jack Nicholson played Jack Nicholson …
posted a Quick Tip about Michael Moore. December 06, 2011
Michael Moore
He's a hypocrite in my book. He's a part of the very machine that he claims to be fighting against.
posted a Quick Tip about Tim Allen. December 06, 2011
Tim Allen
Despite the ups and downs in his life, Tim Allen has managed to have a very solid career. He went from a very adult comedian to a fatherly figure and has now taken his place in family films.
posted a Quick Tip about Kevin Smith. December 06, 2011
Kevin Smith
I remember when Kevin Smith was the hippest dude alive back in the 90's. While I still enjoy his work, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.
posted a Quick Tip about Steve Carell. December 06, 2011
Steve Carell
Carell's career appears to be set to simmer now. He can be very funny, but he can be extremely bland as well.
posted a Quick Tip about Quentin Tarantino. December 06, 2011
Quentin Tarantino
Overrated in my book, but somehow Tarantino manages to convince the masses that he and everything he creates is something special.
posted a Quick Tip about Casey Affleck. December 06, 2011
Casey Affleck
If I ever need a whiny, snivelling, self-centered schmo in a film, this is the guy I would call.
posted a Quick Tip about Sylvester Stallone. December 06, 2011
Sylvester Stallone
He's played plenty of guys with more brawn than brains on the screen, but Stallone is a lot sharper than many people give him credit for. He's an excellent writer and a believable actor on the screen.
posted a Quick Tip about George Clooney. December 06, 2011
George Clooney
I just don't get what the big deal is with this guy. Sure, ladies love him for his looks, but outside of "Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?" he hasn't impressed me much.
posted a Quick Tip about Ben Affleck. December 06, 2011
Ben Affleck
I can't stand Ben Affleck for the most part, but he's done a few decent turns in films that I actually enjoyed watching.
posted a Quick Tip about Dan Aykroyd. December 06, 2011
Dan Aykroyd
Aykroyd was, to me, a great blend of classic comedy and cutting edge humor in his prime. His acting routinely nodded to classic comedians, especially in selling scenes.
posted a Quick Tip about Phil Hartman. December 06, 2011
Phil Hartman
He died way, way, way too early. He was funnier than pretty much all of SNL's other comedic actors and he managed to do it primarily by being himself.
posted a Quick Tip about Adam Sandler. October 30, 2011
Adam Sandler
Just saw a preview of his new film "Jack and Jill". Frankly, I don't know how anybody over the age of 14 can like any of Sandler's stuff. I wouldn't charactorize his work as juvenile....to …
posted a Quick Tip about Nicholas Meyer. October 18, 2011
Nicholas Meyer
A man with more talent then most. He also helped save Star Trek.
posted a Quick Tip about Louis C.K.. October 01, 2011
Louis C.K.
Ever since the death of George Carlin, I think Louis CK is the best comedian alive today. His humor is very politically incorrect, but at the same time, it's very true to life. I especially love CK's …
posted a Quick Tip about Simon Pegg. September 14, 2011
Simon Pegg
Pegg has made me laugh more than most actors and writers, but I feel like he's starting to allow his "fanboyness" take the wheel in his career.
posted a Quick Tip about Robert Downey Jr.. September 14, 2011
Robert Downey Jr.
Quite possibly one of the best actors of our time and, no, I'm not basing my opinion on the success of "Iron Man."
posted a Quick Tip about Chuck Norris. September 14, 2011
Chuck Norris
I'm giving Chuck Norris a +5 for the simple fact that I don't want him to come to my house and kick my throat in!
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