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posted a Quick Tip about Your Interview With The President. January 31, 2012
Your Interview With The President
I think it's pretty cool that the President took time out of his day to address the concerns and questions of every day Americans. This is the first time (that I know of) that a President has taken advantage …
reviewed Tosh.0. May 23, 2011
There are tons of places and tons of shows (mostly on Youtube alone) which look at viral videos and do viral video breakdowns.  With Youtube becoming that much more popular, Comedy Central decided …
posted a Quick Tip about The Landlord. November 13, 2010
The Landlord
When I first saw this on FunnyOrDie.com, I fell off my chair laughing. The argument between Will and his "landlord" are hilarious. Will's daughter has a great future in comedy...or Alcoholics Anonymous, …
reviewed LisaNova's "Molly" Series on Youtube. August 02, 2010
Back in March of this year, I was meandering around Youtube as usual looking at pointless videos when one clip in particular caught my eye. The clip was of four people wandering around a Ross department …
posted a Quick Tip about The Meaning Of Rainbows - Trailer (Yo.... July 14, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
The Meaning Of Rainbows - Trailer (Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow)
If you ever wondered what REALLY led to the fruition of Double Rainbow, you need not look further than this trailer     
reviewed The Guild. June 17, 2010
The Guild
If you have ever played a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, for those who aren't aware) and if you have ever been the leader of a guild in a game, or even just a member of an active …
posted a Quick Tip about Legend of the Seeker. June 03, 2010
Legend of the Seeker
Doesn't exactly follow the books, but if you look past that it is still a good series
reviewed Transformers - Jazz with a General Pr.... June 01, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Transformers - Jazz with a General Problem
   This video is a true testament of the amazing things that talent and creativity can achieve with so little tools and the right savvy and equipment. The guys who made this has given us a …
posted a Quick Tip about Do The Math!. May 13, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Do The Math!
Can you say HEYYYY?!?!?!
posted a Quick Tip about Lil Kim Makeup Tutorial!. May 05, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Lil Kim Makeup Tutorial!
LOL! Lil Kim should be scared 'cause this girl just put her on a par with Medusa from "Clash of the Titans". Seriously, so bad it's funny!!!
posted a Quick Tip about Lil Kim Makeup Tutorial!. May 05, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Lil Kim Makeup Tutorial!
Borderline beat/awesome, but I'm going with beat since its been giving me nightmares. The scariest part is that I think this is fer realz.
reviewed The Search For 'Others'. February 28, 2010
The Search For 'Others'
        I’d like to start off by saying that I very rarely watch AMV’s on Youtube, mostly because many of them are mediocre. However, well-made AMV’s are …
reviewed Pale Blue Dot. January 27, 2010
Pale Blue Dot
This passage is, in my opinion, one of the greatest passages I've heard in the little bit of English oratory history that I know.      I grew up watching a few Carl Sagan documentaries. These …
reviewed Man. Vs. PC. Vs. Everyone. December 01, 2009
       I'm a big fan of the Mac v PC commercials, which comes with the territory of being fond of Mac computers. I'm also fond of videos which personify digital things (like the Internet …
reviewed CommunityChannel. December 01, 2009
Nat's wry wit always has me in stitches. I especially appreciate how she convincingly combines two of herself into one video, and you are sure that both instances are two separate people. She is also …
reviewed I Love Lunch! The Musical. November 22, 2009
Don't we all love Lunch?  I know I do.  When I saw the title of this video, I had to click on it. I mean, I love Lunch.com for writing and reading reviews on just about everything.      …
reviewed For Orchestra!. November 21, 2009
posted in Music Matters
For Orchestra!
Classical music is making its comeback people. And it’s totally awesome.     There is this person, his name is Walt Ribeiro. I “met him” on twitter. At first he was …
posted a Quick Tip about Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros (Live). November 13, 2009
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros (Live)
I'm the hiphopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless ... ... ... !!!! ha ha aww, Jemaine is AWESOME!
posted a Quick Tip about Raditude Infomercial. November 10, 2009
ha ha ... the snuggie just got better ... filled with Raditude! the Weezer snuggie!
posted a Quick Tip about Petsmart Bobo Commercial. September 28, 2009
This commercial is gag-me adorable. I want a dachshund and I want that toy!
posted a Quick Tip about Hide and Go Poop. September 16, 2009
Hide and Go Poop
Legends AND Losers. Too funny! If the Lunch office ever started playing this though, I'm going to have to say "no thank you" to visits... ;P
reviewed Performance - MC Spandx. August 29, 2009
Performance - MC Spandx
"I know you don't understand.  How can I spend five grand on a bike?  You think that's absurd.  But there's only one answer, and there's only one word --       …
posted a Quick Tip about Jim Gaffigan - Bacon - KING BABY. August 25, 2009
Jim Gaffigan - Bacon - KING BABY
One of the funniest bits from Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby" DVD.
reviewed Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello. July 01, 2009
This song brings back such great memories to me.  It was the summer of 1979 when I got a call from a buddy of mine.  He knew that I had always wanted to do radio but had …
reviewed The Chasers - Footprints. June 29, 2009
The Chasers - Footprints
The Chaser's War on Everything's homage to the age-old Footprints poem (aka Footprints in the Sand) from the Season 3 premiere.  Who knew??      Not even the funniest part of …
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