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  • Jun 9, 2010
"The New Answers Book 3" is a collection of 38 articles written by 24 people on topics related to the Bible, mostly covering questions that critics of the Bible and of biblical accuracy would ask. This book teaches Christians how to more effectively argue for the accuracy of the Bible.

Each chapter was an article that covered a different topic. Some of these topics overlapped a bit, so some foundational information was briefly repeated by several authors in their different articles. However, it was information worth repeating. Most of the articles--even the slightly more technical articles--were written at a level that a teenager could easily understand. However, a few of the articles assumed the reader knew some basic, technical terms and used them without defining them. I had no trouble following those articles, but I took a lot of science classes in college. There were black and white illustrations for each article.

I found the book interesting and, overall, the arguments were easy to follow. The majority of the articles had strong arguments and were well-supported. A few of them could have been stronger, in my opinion, but part of the problem was the limited space. The answers couldn't be comprehensive, so they gave as much information as most Christians would probably care to know.

I'd recommend this book to Christians who want to be able to better answer critical questions about the Bible and to those who genuinely want to learn the answers to any of the questions covered.

The articles: Where was the Garden of Eden located? What did Noah's Ark look like? Should Christians be pushing to have creation taught in government schools? What are "kinds" in Genesis? How could Noah fit the animals on the ark? Was the Flood of Noah global or local in extent? Is man the cause of global warming? Did Bible authors believe in a literal genesis? Do fossils show signs of rapid burial? What about the similarity between human and chimp DNA? Was there death before Adam sinned? Abortion: Is it really a matter of life and death? Is the Christian Worldview logical? What about cloning and stem cells? How old does the earth look? Does Evolution have a...chance? (i.e. the probability of it) What about Eugenics and Planned Parenthood? When and how did the Grand Canyon form? Does astronomy confirm a young universe? How could fish survive the Genesis Flood? What about cosmology? Did life come from outer space? Did the continents split apart in the days of Peleg? Vestigial organs--evidence for Evolution? Is Tiktaalik Evolution's greatest Missing Link? Why is Mount St. Helens important to the origins controversy? What is the best argument for the existence of God? Do Evolutionists believe Darwin's ideas about Evolution? What are some of the best Flood evidences? What are some good questions to ask an Evolutionist? What about bacteria? Unicorns in the Bible? Doesn't the Bible support slavery? Why did God make viruses? Wasn't the Bible written by mere men? Isn't the God of the Old Testament harsh, brutal, and downright evil? Who sinned first--Adam or Satan? How can someone start a new life in Christ?

I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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The world around us provides irrefutable evidence of our Creator, but when challenged, can you defend your faith? Do you have answers to your own questions or those of your family about faith, evolution, creation, and a biblical worldview? Get the important information you need in this compelling third book from the popularAnswersseries, and learn more about: Global warming, the existence of God, questions for evolutionists, human and chimp DNA, Kinds in Genesis, Mount St Helens and the Grand Canyon, cloning and stem cells, bacteria and viruses, issues of eugenics and abortion, the universe - young or old?, what Noah s Ark looked like...and much more. Learn how to be more effective in defense of scriptural authority and the truth of Genesis as literal history. Join Ken Ham and leading creation scientists like Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Steve Austin, Dr. David DeWitt, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Joe Francis, and others as they provide simple and empowering answers to these and other popular questions of faith in our culture today. Other exciting books available in the best-selling series:The New Answers Book 1,andThe New Answers Book 2,with over 50 additional questions and answers.
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