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More Biblical alternatives to theories of origin

  • Oct 15, 2012
Two years after the original (The New Answers Book 1) more people had questions on creation, evolution, and the young-earth theory, hence this second volume.  Like the first, the answers are interesting for those who are interested in approaching the answers (and the questions) with a mind open to these alternative approaches to origins.

"Approaches" may be more appropriately written as "approach", singular, as in the presumption that the Biblical account of creation, world-wide flood, and human dispersal at Babel in Genesis 1 to 11 are literal and accurate from the historical perspective, so that they can serve as valid assumptions underlying valid origin theories explaining the observations of modern empirical science.  As I said in my review of the first volume, the answers make logical sense, even if not arranged in logical order, and the science focuses on establishing plausibilities, not air-tight solutions.  

Some of the same ground is covered again, some with the same information and some with updated information.  Among the best of the answers in this volume:

Q. 11 - a historical review of the origins of the theory that the earth is millions of years old (an idea that predates Darwin even though he is often given credit for it). .

Q.20 - a logical definition and theory of information that concludes that information can only be created by an intelligent, non-material source, and that DNA, as information by definition must have been created by an intelligent non-material source.

Q.23 - an explanation of geological phenomena such as the Grand Canyon and ocean reef formation that doesn't require millions of years, including the halting steps of old-earth geologists toward allowing catastrophic events in their theories without accepting Biblical accounts of extraordinary creation and the ultimate catastrophe of a world-wide flood.

Q.28 - an account of the dispersal of the human race at Babel, including a short review of historical genealogies from various world cultures that show lineage tracing back to the sons of Noah. 

Q.31 - an explanation for fossil formation and fossil strata ordering within the Biblical timeline and caused by the Genesis flood.

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