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Robert Buchanan (rbuchanan)
commented on review of Battle Royale, "What's More Troubling...The Violence OR Who Is Performing the Violence?!".   March 09, 2013
posted "Those Congenial Cannibals" about Motel Hell.   July 22, 2012
Those Congenial Cannibals
Travelers who find lodging at the remote Motel Hello are treated to the delicious beef jerky of Farmer Vincent (an aging Rory Calhoun), proprietor of
commented on review of The Hills Have Eyes (1977 movie), "What happens in the hills stays in the hills.".   May 15, 2012
commented on review of My Bloody Valentine, "A bloody boring time.".   January 08, 2012
posted "Terror By Telephone" about When a Stranger Calls.   September 23, 2011
Terror By Telephone Terror By Telephone
Seven years after a homicidal lunatic terrorizes a babysitter (Carol Kane) via telephone in the home of her wealthy hosts, that same psychopath (Tony
posted "Needs more God-Beast" about Q - The Winged Serpent.   August 10, 2011
Needs more God-Beast
Look out from above! Awakened from its ageless slumber by some generous instances of human sacrifice, Aztec god Quetzalcoatl nests in the Chrysler Bui
posted "The Sluggish Terror" about Blood Tide.   August 02, 2011
The Sluggish Terror
Director Richard Jefferies penned this silly late grindhouse flick with Nico Mastorakis, and the latter's usual monsters and human sacrifice are p
posted "The WORST" about Point of Terror.   August 02, 2011
There is a certain difficulty to be had in the objective examination of one of the worst films ever made, and I contend that Point of Terror is just t
posted "Not Even Fun" about The Dark.   August 01, 2011
Not Even Fun
Christ, what an awful movie. In this Z-grade drivel, an alien comes to Earth, decapitates people with its bare hands or explodes them with lasers emit
commented on review of Blood and Black Lace, "Beauty in blood.".   July 21, 2011
commented on review of Prom Night, "Not really that good of a night.".   July 09, 2011
commented on review of Prom Night, "Not really that good of a night.".   July 09, 2011
posted "Something Weird delivers more of the best sleazeploitation available!" about Hitch Hike to Hell/Kidnapped Coed.   July 07, 2011
Something Weird delivers more of the best sleazeploitation available! Something Weird delivers more of the bes
I'll never stop loving Something Weird Video. It's amassed a larger and more fascinating collection of B-movie trash than any other, and this
posted "Packed With Fun!" about Axe.   July 07, 2011
Packed With Fun! Packed With Fun!
Here's the DVD that secured my love for Something Weird Video. It's great to discover a company that offers thousands of obscure titles for co
posted "Bullet Ballet" about Assault on Precinct 13 (1976 movie).   June 24, 2011
Bullet Ballet Bullet Ballet
Carpenter's second feature is a lean, urban reworking of Hawks' Rio Bravo. The B-movie maestro has always produced impressive results on shoes
posted "Murk and Grue" about The Fog.   June 23, 2011
Murk and Grue
Inheriting much of the cast and crew of the preceding Assault On Precinct 13 and Halloween, The Fog is probably the least of John Carpenter's earl
posted "Here'sssssssssssssssssssssssatan!" about Jaws of Satan.   June 18, 2011
As the most unenthusiastic priest south of the Mason-Dixon line, Fritz Weaver (looking slightly less worn than usual) and a few of his friends are tar
posted "As Always, Caveat Emptor" about The Stuff.   June 15, 2011
As Always, Caveat Emptor
It's fat-free, creamy and addictively delicious, and with the aid of aggressive marketing, it's quickly edging ice cream out of supermarkets.
posted "Right Up Your Legs!" about Kingdom of the Spiders.   June 14, 2011
Right Up Your Legs! Right Up Your Legs!
In this typically crude John Cardos thriller, a horde of hungry spiders in rural Arizona organize to eat - first livestock and pets, then their human
posted "Superior To Godard" about Bad Girls Go To Hell/Another Day Another Man.   June 07, 2011
Superior To Godard
A pair of Doris Wishman's seminal roughies comprise the principal content of this typically lurid Something Weird DVD. In Bad Girls Go To Hell, a
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