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posted a Quick Tip about Halloween (1978 movie). September 24, 2010
Picking up from Black Christmas, Halloween is the essential American slasher film and one of the most important films in John Carpenter's tenure as a filmmaker.
posted a Quick Tip about Blood Feast. September 24, 2010
Blood Feast
Blood Feast is an important film in gory horror history as it pushed the envelope much further than ever before. Coming six years before Night of the Living Dead, it takes up the vivid technicolor gore …
posted a Quick Tip about Halloween II. September 24, 2010
Poster for the film.
Unfortunately this film feels too "forced", and it in the end it doesn't really add that much to the story of the first film. The familial twist added to Michael Myers back-story also feels forced and …
posted a Quick Tip about Sleepaway Camp. September 24, 2010
Sleepaway Camp
Mainly sub-par slasher fare that's elevated by an insane twist ending that has to be seen to be believed...
posted a Quick Tip about I Spit On Your Grave. September 24, 2010
I Spit On Your Grave
I couldn't make it through the disturbing rape scenes in the flick without fast forwarding. Granted, that traumatic and horrific experience is supposed to be shared with the victim so that we'll completely …
posted a Quick Tip about Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. September 24, 2010
Movie poster
Probably one of the most quintessential examples of envelope pushing exploitation cinema of the 70s. Bad acting, crazy set pieces, and completely bad taste.
posted a Quick Tip about The Evil Dead. September 24, 2010
The Evil Dead
Though the Evil Dead showcases some of Raimi's trademarks as a director, the film takes itself a little too seriously. Check out Evil Dead II for a more focused version of what Raimi is capable of...
posted a Quick Tip about Day of the Dead (1985 movie). September 24, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Movie poster
Underrated, but a great Romero zombie flick. We also get to see Greg Nicotero before he becomes a SPFX legend...
posted a Quick Tip about Re-Animator. September 24, 2010
Classic Stewart Gordon, for fans of early Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi Horror/Comedy!
posted a Quick Tip about Django. September 24, 2010
Poster for the movie
This movie is worthwhile if just for the opening 20 minutes and the final battle scene...
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