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  • Jan 28, 2012
**** out of ****

A Satanic cult of hippies enters a small ghost town. They're looking for trouble; assuming that it won't dare confront them, knowing the kind of things that they're in to, and what they practice. On the night of their first ritual, they rape a girl that comes from the town outside the woods in which they gather. She runs back home; injured, and before long she is bedridden. Her grandfather is broken-hearted and vengeful; approaching the hotel that the hippies now inhabit with a loaded shotgun. His attempts at revenge fail, and he is force-fed LSD. His grandson walks him home; whilst he is still suffering under the influence of the drug, mad, and in tears.

This will not stand with the grandson. He must do what his grandfather was incapable of doing; and he aims to put these hippies to rest once and for all. He does so by shooting a mad dog that was snooping around in the woods and taking some of its blood and storing it in a needle. He then injects the rabies-infected blood into some of the meat pies that his employer - a woman who runs a local bakery - has already made; causing the hippies, unaware that their food has been spiked with nasty fluids, to inherit the traits of a rabid animal and go absolutely bat-shit insane.

To my surprise, "I Drink Your Blood" doesn't get to the bloody (AKA good) stuff until the last forty minutes or so. The rest is some sort of attempt at build-up; and a failed attempt from the looks of it. But when the side-effects of consuming rabid dog blood with your pastries start to kick in on these vile souls; the fun begins, although in my opinion, it had already begun long ago. Just think about it: a film that begins with a hippie cult leader proclaiming "Satan was an Acid Head!" can't be that boring, can it?

I believe that the writer and director of the film - David E. Durston - is entitled to a round of applause. He has successfully created a film that is beyond being "so bad it's good". This is "so bad it's great". Yes, you heard right; I loved "I Drink Your Blood". Every last moment of it. It's a great shock feature; a classic in the field of horror movies that are just so poorly done that they're, well, kind of awesome. A lot of people will hate the film for its undeniably poor quality - and for its lack of "taste" - but if you can make a movie bad - yet good - enough for people to keep coming back for more, I'd say your movie is at least somewhat abnormal.

Thus, whether you like it or not; "I Drink Your Blood" is pretty much a landmark, must-see piece of entertainment from the Grindhouse section of cinema. Yeah, it's not going to get much respect from any major (meaning mainstream) critics, but I loved it. Durston certainly has direction, you know, for a guy who has made a movie as corny as this. His movie is absolutely loopy, trippy, tasteless, and unrestrained. The original, uncensored version of the film had been kept away from the American public for years; but now, "I Drink Your Blood" can be seen as it was always meant to be seen: uncensored and uncut.

In a movie of uninspired dialogue and absurd situations; it's kind of difficult hand-picking my favorite scenes since in all honesty, there are just so many of them. I'll give you some examples from the insanity on display here: there's a random scene where the hippies go about having a rat-killing-and-catching contest in the hotel that they invade and proceed to trash. Such a scene is just very abrupt; and that's why it has a certain charm in the context of the film. Everything in this movie must be absolutely random and unexpected; or else it isn't interesting. Good thing Durston doesn't disappoint when it comes to whacky scenarios and memorable lunacy.

Here's one thing that I can't get off my mind: why was it that the rabid humans had a severe phobia of water? Sure, they'll take the flesh if it's on display; but point a hose in their direction (and use it), and look at that, they cower in fear. It's illogical; completely illogical, but then again I suppose it is not the job of this film to make much sense. It is adored by its fans - and me - because it is completely and utterly ridiculous. It's a stupid, brain-dead rip-off of "Night of the Living Dead"; just a lot more violent and, well, reviled by its critics. I personally found it hilarious, immensely enjoyable, and yes; one of the best ways to spend a movie night I've come across in a long time. If you share my demented sense of humor and endless appreciation of cinematic freak shows; then this might do something for you as it did for me. But if you're uptight and you like your films with some form of substance; you'll see nothing but trash and emptiness. But...for those who care; long live this masterpiece of sleaze, long live the Grindhouse/Drive-in revenue (this film was shown along with "I Eat Your Skin" as a double-feature), and long live the films that I love and you don't.

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This movie was subjected to an X-rating because of it's graphic violence.  Subsequent prints are edited in different running times.  The most complete version available was released on DVD in 2002.
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