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What's on my DVR right now

  • Aug 21, 2009
Some of these shows are older but, they're still on my DVR and I can't deny that they exist. I just realized that I record way too much TV and hardly watch half of what I record! Here's my list, in no particular order:
True Blood Logo
Remember my micro review of this show when I said that if we couldn't DVR this show, my boyfriend would quit his job? I wasn't joking. This is by far our number one addiction from HBO. I love how they treat vampires vs humans as a civil rights issue, how they incorporate Greek mythology and different creatures, how they always keep me on the edge of my seat and how I just can't wait until the next episode.
I love this show, period. I think it does an amazingly accurate portrayal of Hollywood and all its players. Jeremy Piven as Ari is so incredibly perfect as the agent and some of the things he says are just shocking, that's what I love about him. The writing is so on point and the characters are all played to a tee, as they say.
Chappelle's Show
Dave Chappelle is by far my favorite comedian! I love and miss the Chappelle Show so badly that I treasure these DVRed shows along with my DVD collection. Comedy Central really messed up with him and I wish he was back on the air. I also really enjoyed his block party he threw and made into a documentary of all my favorite artists, it's exactly the same concert I'd throw if I could!
So you think you can dance
As a self-described dance addict, this show feeds my addiction perfectly. You get world famous choreographers, amazing dancers that are unknowns, every genre of dance and great music choice all in a couple of hours for free. Where else could you see the Rumba, Viennese Waltz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Tango all in one place?
See the full review, "So I Wish I Could Dance Like That!".
Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew
The other show that Fernando and I agree on because of our love of breakdancing. We go to competitions all the time. In fact, I introduced him to the International Hip Hop Competition that the show is based on and during that competition, we learned that they had sold it to Randy Jackson for an MTV series. Suffice to say, we were NOT happy but, as much as we tried to fight it, we ended up loving the series because it wasn't just one competition. Plus, my favorite hip-hop choreographer, Shane Sparks, is a judge.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
I hope you won't judge me too harshly if I confess to you that this is where I get my current events information. Stewart is so incredibly witty that he catches the best well-spun politicians off guard and I just love that. He does an amazing job of humorously covering important topics and interviewing the insiders
The Office
Oh, how I love The Office. Steve Carrell is the most ridiculous boss ever and always does everything so wrong that in the morning, no matter how crazy your office is, it'll never beat The Office. I can easily watch hours and hours of this show and never be aware that any time has passed.
Cesar Milan
Cesar Milan always makes me want to rush out and get a dog. Then, watch his show so that I can train said dog. He has such an amazing way of changing the owners to help them improve their relationship with their pets. He also taught me to do my research before getting a pet, to make sure I can provide what the dog's personality will need as far as nurturing and understanding.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
The number one reason I DVR this is because I cry every single episode and sometimes you don't feel like crying! It's amazing what Ty and his team plus the volunteers from the community do to help out those less fortunate. This show always gives me hope because you get to see how many people reach out to those in need and lend a helping hand.
Kitchen Nightmares
Oh my goodness, Chef Ramsey has made me terrified of eating out! The restaurants that he goes to are so incredibly revolting that is amazes me that the owners are shocked they're going out of business. What's even more shocking is that when Ramsey tries to help out, they yell at him! It's fun to see how he completely transforms the restaurants as well as saves these people's businesses.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Fernando loves the OC Housewives because he knows all about where they live and hang out. I love the New Jersey and Atlanta because they have the most drama and it's always fun to be reminded that money can't buy you class but, it can buy you ratings.
Mos Def, Host of Def Poetry
This is spoken word at its best with Mos Def as a host, how could you go wrong? I also love spoken word and used to perform it all the time throughout Northern California and Reno. This is an amazing show that helps bridge the gap between hip-hop and poetry.
American Idol
I definitely am one of those people that watch only the performance part of the show and don't rush to the phone to vote but, I have always have an opinion. American Idol is one of those shows that I get caught up in when it's on but, soon forget about as soon as it's off until the next season.
Two and a Half Men
My mom introduced this show to me and I ended up watching it. Is it good enough for me to rush home to? No but, I do enjoy watching it when I have the time. They provide the old standby comedy partnership of the square, good guy versus the witty, careless brother with well-timed comedic quips from the maid and the little boy to keep you chuckling.
I happened along this new HBO original series because it's sandwiched between two of my favorite shows. It kind of reminds me of Weeds on Showtime but, substituting male prostitution instead of drug dealing in the suburbs which provides plenty of comedic fodder, especially since the male prostitute is a high school coach and has two awkward teenagers!
Curb your enthusiasm
Larry David, Larry David, Larry David- the brilliant creator of Seinfeld is always apologizing for something. The awkward comedic genius is always causing some sort of uproar that will keep you laughing.

What did you think of this list?

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September 26, 2009
Milian always says that he trains the dogs' owners not the dogs. =) Have you been catching the auditions for the new season of So You hink You Can Dance?
September 28, 2009
Yep- that's what I love most about Cesar and Dog Whisperer besides learning about all the different breeds! I was going to ask you if you have any other early favorites. Right now, I think it's too early for me to pick any.
September 28, 2009
Of course I'm still pulling for Ryan, but there was another tapper, a cute black gut who auditioned the same night as Ryan who was great--really different style. Who can tell at this stage. I doubt that Alex Wong from Miami wil be there--he still has time to go on his contract I think.
September 11, 2009
Not a weekend goes by when I miss True Blood. I absolutely love that show. I also watch a lot of news, but the only News Commentator I can really stand to record is Jon Stewart. It's nice to be able to sit back and laugh at the news sometimes.
September 28, 2009
couldn't agree more ;p
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