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TV Shows That I Can Watch All Day Long....Literally

  • Dec 8, 2010
I'm not sure if you do this but, I use the TV quite often as a background to working on the laptop. Some shows are perfect for this because they intrigue me enough where I'll keep them on for the back-to-back marathons that the station runs. Here's my list of my favorite marathon shows that I'll switch between, not watch all at once, I'm not THAT much of a recluse LOL! Feel free to make your own list or leave your faves in the comment section.
Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds is the Pringles of TV- once you watch one, you can't stop. Try it, I dare you ;p I also love crime shows. This one is one of the best because you get to hunt for the killer along with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI (yeah, they're not the normal cops in a cop show). You'll find yourself looking at everyone's behavior to see if they're the one!
Law & Order:SVU
I actually love all the Law & Orders so they all fit in this list except for Criminal Intent- Goran annoys me a little bit too much for me to watch more than one show at a time. Anyhoo- maybe it's because I'm a little twisted or maybe it's that I'm personally invested in causes that concern women and children so naturally, this one would catch my attention. I find the cases both horrifying and educational.
Real Housewives of New Jersey
Here's my confession: I LOVE trash reality shows. I work hard and use my brain all day long, it's nice to give it a break every once in a while. Also, somehow, it makes me feel better about myself. Petty? Possibly. Fun? You betcha! RHONJ is just the trashiest of the bunch with a bonafide lunatic as part of the cast, so it's fun to see what mess they'll get themselves into!
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
RHOA is another trashy one that I love. Some of these girls are downright ghetto and dress themselves in designer duds but, you know what they can take the girl out of the hood but, you can't take the hood out of the girl. I love how they throw in the token white trash girl to make it even more fun! But, their dramas are SO fun to watch play out- the writers of these shows must have one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world. Imagine being able to write this stuff and get paid!
My Fair Wedding
Ahhh....I love my David Tutera. I've learned quite a bit about wedding planning from this show and actually have entertained the idea of screwing up my own so that he'll come and rescue me LOL. I said entertain, calm down! This show is fun- it's a fun little jaunt into other bride's visions and how some of those....just....don't work. It's also fun to see the end results and everybody really happy about their wedding day!
House Hunters International
Just like above but, international. This is one of my favorite ways to check out other spots in the world- many neighborhoods I've never heard of and they don't get the attention of travel sites. It's fun to daydream and pretend you can afford a vacation house in some far off wonderful place. Actually, you may be amazed that some spots are quite affordable!
Four Weddings
Another favorite reality wedding show of mine, Four Weddings is incredibly helpful. There are four different brides with four different weddings, each bride goes to the other weddings and rates it on entertainment, ambience, food, ceremony, dress, etc. The winner gets an ideal honeymoon with their new hubby! I love it because you get to see what people REALLY think of weddings. You spend so much time, money and energy planning a wedding- it's helpful to be a fly on the wall and see how your ideas would actually work out in real life.
The Millionaire Matchmaker
I love Patty. I love how direct she is and how no-BS she is, this is actually what turns most people off of her. She likes to put people in their place and they deserve it for the most part. Two millionaires (or millionairesses) are paired with approved every day gals and guys. The two meet their matches and make a decision for a final two to have a mini-date to get to know each other. Then, the millionaires choose between the two for a date. Patty has her rules: No asking for numbers from anyone else, no talk of sex, no sex altogether until you're committed, etc. I'd love this a little more if it were for everyday folk, but, then it wouldn't be called Millionaire Matchmaker.
I used to be addicted to this show- in fact in college, with my funky style, smoking cigarettes, drinking Cosmos, laptop and curly blonde hair, people used to say I was Carrie (I WISH!). But, it wasn't because of the show that I was like that, I swear! It was college! I love to wach re-runs of this show because I love the fact that it showed women as women, characters I could relate to and that reminded me of my own friends.
Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian, Meg, Chris & Brian
Family Guy does a great job of just going far enough and always keep you guessing if they'll actually say/do that. Yes, yes they will. It's a fun show and always manages to stay fresh and keep you on your toes. If you've ever wanted to say anything out loud, I bet there's a Family Guy episode that says it for you!
Cesar Milan
Nando and I want to get a dog SOOOOO badly but, we need a bigger car and yard, first. So, to appease our desire for an adorable pup, we watch Cesar. I look at it as doing research for that wonderful day when we're finally able to adopt a dog from the shelter. It's so interesting to watch how quickly he gets to the problem which mostly has to do with the owner and how he re-trains the owner to solve their own problems.
Beef is fascinating. If you love hip-hop (as you know I do with my Hip-Hop Culture Community, yes that's a shameless plug LOL), you'll love this show. It explores the history of beefs between hip-hop artists or whole areas of the U.S (West Coast vs East Coast). I find it interesting because it explores both sides of the argument and often, I didn't know certain emcees had a problem with each other, let alone wanting to kill each other. Fuse broadcasts the show, if you want to catch it.
Kitchen Nightmares
This show is disgusting and I'm glad none of the restaurants that I've gone to are featured on the show- though it's my fear it'll happen sooner or later. Gordon Ramsey (of Hell's Kitchen fame) goes into struggling restaurants, finds out what's wrong, remodels it, reconstructs it, re-everything it and then, voila! He re-opens it and saves the family or owners from bankruptcy. It's amazing how some people run their restaurants and you'll see the range of it here.
Top Chef: Just Desserts
Speaking of cooking, I love it and it's one of my newest passions. One of my oldest is baking and this show is just the show for me. It's quite fun to see chefs put under a TON of pressure to come up with amazingly creative desserts. It's also helped me to get creative in my kitchen....without the time crunch or world famous judges judging me.

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December 08, 2010
I haven't even heard of half of this shows. I need some catching up to do. Thanks, Sam!
December 08, 2010
Anytime :) If you're ever bored, have a looksie- especially with Criminal Minds, you may just like that one or Kitchen Nightmares ;p
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