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posted "At First Blush: STAR WARS: REBELS Much More Kid-Focused" about Star Wars: Rebels - Spark of Rebellion.   October 07, 2014
At First Blush: STAR WARS: REBELS Much M
I was one of the few and the proud who championed the entire run of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated program every opportunity I got.  Knowing
posted "Interesting Variations From The Original Film Just Weren't Interesting Enough To Sustain It" about From Dusk Till Dawn: Season One.   September 25, 2014
Interesting Variations From The Original
It’s a tricky thing, it is, taking what was essentially a two-hour film and expanding it into a near-10-hour maxi-series.  Clearly, there h
posted "Winning Coming-Of-Age Police Drama Highlighted By Two Impressive Performances" about WPC 56: Series One.   August 17, 2014
Winning Coming-Of-Age Police Drama Highl
As long as there’s been civilization, there have been morality plays, the many extrapolations and treatises exploring the rights and wrongs of h
posted "Tween-Friendly Werewolf Drama Probably Best Left To Tweens" about Bitten: The Complete First Season.   July 31, 2014
Tween-Friendly Werewolf Drama Probably B
Seriously, when did monsters get all hunky and emo 24/7?  Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a psychological examination that goes hand-
posted "Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Back With A Vengeance with "The Unknown"" about Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Unknown" (s06e01).   June 17, 2014
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Back With A
   Now that Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 6 is available to those of us who refuse to sign up for Netflix (curse you, Walt Disney
posted "The Fantastic Circularity of Some Peoples' Lives Makes THE RETURNED Worth Many Returns" about The Returned, Season 1.   June 11, 2014
The Fantastic Circularity of Some People
Before I go any further, let me give you this one clarification: I was one of the fans immeasurably disappointed with ABC TV’s LOST.  Don’t
posted "Terrific Ensemble Brings A Winning Formula To A Contemporary Dramedy" about Orange Is The New Black.   June 03, 2014
Terrific Ensemble Brings A Winning Formu
I had the good fortune of hearing Kate Mulgrew speak at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention last summer.  While she was clearly there to speak wit
posted "At First Blush: There's Little Right With ROGUE" about Rogue: The Complete First Season.   April 21, 2014
At First Blush: There's Little Right Wit
As I’ve argued before, there are two ways to approach reviewing an ongoing television series.  Critically, the best way to gleam all the go
commented on review of How I Met Your Mother Series Finale, "How I Derailed and Ruined an Entire TV Series in an Hour".   April 02, 2014
posted "Spectacular 90-Minute Show from May & Ellis" about Brian May & Kerry Ellis: The Candlelight Concerts - Live at Montreux 2013.   April 01, 2014
Spectacular 90-Minute Show from May & El
I love acoustic-style performances.  I always have.  I think there’s honestly nothing as magnificently sublime as pairing the human vo
posted "At First Blush: BROADCHURCH Premieres ... With A Vengeance" about Broadchurch: The Complete First Season.   March 28, 2014
At First Blush: BROADCHURCH Premieres ..
It’s not always easy to review an entire run of one program’s season.  For starters, some U.S. shows can be well over twenty individu
posted "Looking Back on FIREFLY: Serenity's Flaws Are Still Fandom's Gain" about Firefly - The Complete Series (2002).   February 24, 2014
Looking Back on FIREFLY: Serenity's Flaw
First off, let me assure you this: I’m no fanboy who slobbers over all things Joss Whedon.  I don’t dislike the man, nor do I dislike
posted "Stylishly Made But Ultimately Uneven Crime Procedurals By Way of the Ace Reporter" about Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter: Episodes 4-6.   February 19, 2014
Stylishly Made But Ultimately Uneven Cri
It used to be that more and more students headed toward college wanted to study journalism.  And why not?  Who wouldn’t want a job whe
posted "Horribly Convoluted Whodunit Mars An Otherwise Mediocre BENGTZON" about Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter: A Place in the Sun.   February 19, 2014
Horribly Convoluted Whodunit Mars An Oth
It happens to all of us: just about the time you think a program is about to win you over, it defecates all over the place.  I’d mentioned
posted "The Doctor Faces An Adversary Who Very Well Could've Been His Equal" about Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars (Story 82).   February 18, 2014
The Doctor Faces An Adversary Who Very W
I wouldn’t exactly say that I “grew up” watching Doctor Who.  I can admit that I discovered it in the mid-1970’s by way o
posted "Without A Doubt, This Is ANNIKA BENGZTON's Time To Shine ... And She Does" about Annika Bengzton, Crime Reporter: Lifetime.   February 17, 2014
Without A Doubt, This Is ANNIKA BENGZTON
As well as the ANNIKA BENGZTON, CRIME REPORTER series has been produced, I’ve struggled a bit wrapping my brain around the character.  At t
posted "Never Fear! Annika Bengtzon Is Here! She'll Stop the Revolution ... That Ended Decades Ago?" about Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter: Red Wolf.   February 15, 2014
Never Fear! Annika Bengtzon Is Here! She
Long gone are the days when high-class reporters could jet-set around the country in order to catch a big scoop or nail an exclusive before the compet
posted "SMART TALK ON SKIN: If Hentai's Your Thing, MAID SERVICE Is A Real Fling" about Maid Service.   February 12, 2014
SMART TALK ON SKIN: If Hentai's Your Thi
The thing most casual viewers of animated pornography of which MAID SERVICE most definitely is don’t understand is that this is pretty tame.  Ye
posted "Chris Carter's Newest Show -- "The After" -- Debuts On" about The After.   February 10, 2014
Chris Carter's Newest Show -- "The After
The best thing that one might be able to say based entirely on the pilot episode for THE AFTER is that – so far as production and storytelling g
posted "KROLL SHOW Regularly Sends Up Reality Programming" about Kroll Show.   January 24, 2014
KROLL SHOW Regularly Sends Up Reality Pr
Have you seen Nick Kroll’s face? If you haven’t, then you’re missing something kinda/sorta special. That’s not a swipe. He i
posted "Disappointing WHITE HOUSE REVEALED Still Worth A Look, If You Like Kardashian-Style History" about Smithsonian Channel: White House Revealed.   January 21, 2014
Disappointing WHITE HOUSE REVEALED Still
I’m a huge lover of history.  Always have been.  Probably always will be.  That’s why I tend to get overly jazzed by releas
posted "Ron Moore's Helix Is A Bit Out Of Shape" about Helix: Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2 (Pilot).   January 18, 2014
Ron Moore's Helix Is A Bit Out Of Shape
One time, I made the heads of so many Battlestar Galactica (aka BSG) fans explode.   While Syfy’s program was in its infancy, I posted
posted "A Boy And His Penguin" about Lost and Found.   November 27, 2013
A Boy And His Penguin
Although I’m no parent (unless you’re counting cats!), I can certainly appreciate the difficult parents have in raising a child.  I d
posted "Smart Talk On Skin: Nearly Plotless FREEDOM Isn't What I Had In Mind" about Sexual Freedom: Sex Stories 3.   November 21, 2013
Smart Talk On Skin: Nearly Plotless FREE
The things that’s universal about films with graphic sex (I hate calling it merely ‘pornography’) is that they’re universal: a
posted "FARSCAPE Remains An Epic Adventure For Its Growing 'Cult' Audience" about Farscape: The Complete Series (15th Anniversary Edition).   November 12, 2013
FARSCAPE Remains An Epic Adventure For I
In March of 1999, the Sci-Fi Channel premiered its latest foray into the genre of science fiction with a little program promisingly named FARSCAPE.  T
posted "A WASTE OF SHAME Proves That the Heart Wants What the Heart Wants (Didn't We Know That Already?)" about A Waste of Shame.   November 07, 2013
A WASTE OF SHAME Proves That the Heart W
Despite the volumes of his writing available to modern scholars, William Shakespeare still remains something of a mystery.  Who was he?  Why
posted "Ring In The Holidays With Lady Antebellum!" about Lady Antebellum: Live: On This Winter's Night.   November 04, 2013
Ring In The Holidays With Lady Antebellu
 I’m one of those rare smilers who doesn’t hate the holidays.  In fact, I’m far more inclined to call it what it is – C-H-
posted "HAVEN Is A Quirky, Good-Looking Serial But Unchallenging Entertainment" about Haven: The Complete Third Season.   October 31, 2013
HAVEN Is A Quirky, Good-Looking Serial B
Admittedly, I struggle with programs that I just don’t ‘get.’  I don’t mean that their meaning or plots or characters or
posted "Girls-With-Glam Save The World ... Or, At Least, Their Mall" about Totally Spies! Season 2: Fame & Fashion Collection.   October 23, 2013
Girls-With-Glam Save The World ... Or, A
Once I’d read the news of a study that found the male mind is more accepting of animation or cartoons.  I don’t remember all of the s
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