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posted "Shrek Learns About Christmas" about Shrek the Halls.   December 07, 2013
Shrek Learns About Christmas
This Christmas special takes place after the events of SHREK THE THIRD. Shrek and Fiona are happily raising their babies, but Donkey keeps bugging Shr
posted "Resistance Is Futile" about Star Trek Fan Collective Borg.   November 29, 2013
Resistance Is Futile
I'm not a Trekkie or Trekker; I'm more of a Star Wars guy. However, I was a fan of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION when it was originally on te
posted "Decent Introduction, But Lacks Origins" about The Lone Ranger: 28 Thrilling Episodes.   September 12, 2013
Decent Introduction, But Lacks Origins
Although he isn't as popular as he once was, The Lone Ranger remains an icon of American pop culture. Unfortunately, he is an icon that many young
posted "Well Researched Examination of the Progessive Left Turn of Television" about Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.   March 17, 2012
Well Researched Examination of the Proge
If you don't live in New York or L.A., then you've been aware for years that there is a left-wing bias in television programming. There is a t
posted "Snoopy Runs Away" about He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown.   March 08, 2012
Snoopy Runs Away
posted "Peanuts Forever" about Happiness is Peanuts Friends Forever.   March 08, 2012
Peanuts Forever
HAPPINESS IS…PEANUTS FRIENDS FOREVER pairs the tv special "You're In Love, Charlie Brown" with episode thirteen of THE CHARLIE BR
posted "Love "Peanuts" Style" about A Charlie Brown Valentine.   January 10, 2012
Love "Peanuts" Style
A CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE is the first aired on tv in February 2002. It was the first "Peanuts" special produced after Schulz's death. I
posted "Ice Skating, a Christmas Pageant, and More" about Happiness Is Peanuts: Snow Days.   January 04, 2012
Ice Skating, a Christmas Pageant, and Mo
HAPPINESS IS PEANUTS: SNOW DAYS is a DVD that includes the final episode (#18) from THE CHARLIE BROWN AND SNOOPY SHOW and the tv special SHE'S A G
posted "Ewe-tide Greetings and More" about We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas.   December 30, 2011
Ewe-tide Greetings and More
After having previously watched the intro to Shaun the Sheep DVD, OFF THE BAA!, I decided to pick up WE WISH EWE A MERRY CHRISTMAS when it was on sale
posted "It's Shaun the Sheep!" about Off the Baa!.   December 30, 2011
It's Shaun the Sheep!
Shaun the Sheep first made an appearance in Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave. The character showed enough potential in that short movie that he
posted "Christmas Joy and Life Sorrow" about Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales.   December 29, 2011
Christmas Joy and Life Sorrow
CHARLIE BROWN'S CHRISTMAS TALES is a DVD that includes two separate and distinct shorts: CHARLIE BROWN'S CHRISTMAS TALES and IS THIS GOODBYE,
posted "Great Concept Show That CBS Killed By Scheduling" about Harper's Island.   April 05, 2011
Great Concept Show That CBS Killed By Sc
In the summer of 2009, CBS tried its hand at some original programming by airing HARPER'S ISLAND. The concept of the show was that of a murder mys
posted "Entertaining, Yet Disappointing" about The Prisoner.   December 12, 2010
Entertaining, Yet Disappointing
As of yet, I have never seen an episode of the original THE PRISONER. I know the show has a massive and very loyal cult following. Lines from the show
posted "A Cross-Sectional Retrospective" about TV's Greatest Game Shows.   December 12, 2010
A Cross-Sectional Retrospective
TV'S GREATEST GAME SHOWS is kind of a retrospective of some of the favorite game shows of the 1940s-early 1960s. The format of the disc is to disc
posted "A Dated Adult Comedy" about The Groove Tube.   November 11, 2010
A Dated Adult Comedy
Before SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE was on tv, and before AIRPLANE!, and even before KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, there was a little movie called THE GROOVE TUBE that
posted "Robotized Mummies and an Evil Egyptian god" about Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars (Story 82).   October 11, 2010
Robotized Mummies and an Evil Egyptian g
As a young boy, I vividly remember some of the shows I used to watch late on a Saturday night. Saturday nights were the one night during the week that
posted "The Best Television Genre Ever" about tv's greatest game shows.   September 04, 2010
The Best Television Genre Ever
I’ve always been a fan of game shows.  The best game shows aren’t just entertaining, but include an element of education, whether thr
posted "Introducing Adrian Monk" about Monk - Season One (2002).   February 22, 2009
Introducing Adrian Monk
I enjoy reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. There is a part of me that always wanted to have the ability that Holmes' does to co
posted "A Blazing World Meets Reality" about South Park - Imaginationland.   April 06, 2008
A Blazing World Meets Reality
SOUTH PARK has only been seen on the big screen once. Despite topically relevant humor and episodes that are large in scope, the series rarely even do
posted "They're Back!" about South Park - The Complete Second Season (1997).   March 03, 2008
They're Back!
The adventures of South Park, Colorado's intelligent and potty-mouthed third-graders continue in this 18-episode second season collection. Season one
posted "Still In THE SIMPSONS Golden Era" about The Simpsons - The Complete Ninth Season (1997).   October 07, 2007
Still In THE SIMPSONS Golden Era
The ninth season of THE SIMPSONS, the longest prime time animated show in history, proved to be a turning point season. It was a transition year for t
posted "Let's Start At the Beginning." about South Park - The Complete First Season (1997).   September 30, 2007
Let's Start At the Beginning.
When SOUTH PARK originally aired I avoided the show because it was it was surrounded by so much hype. A couple years ago I started watching the show a
posted "It's Time To Raise the Curtain!" about The Muppet Show - Season One (Special Edition) (1976).   May 15, 2007
It's Time To Raise the Curtain!
I grew up watching shows that Jim Henson had created or helped create: SESAME STREET, FRAGGLE ROCK, THE STORYTELLER, and of course THE MUPPET SHOW. I
posted "An Introduction to SOUTH PARK" about South Park - The Hits, Vol. 1 - Matt and Trey's Top Ten (2006).   May 14, 2007
An Introduction to SOUTH PARK
When SOUTH PARK first hit the airwaves a decade ago, I had no desire to watch the show. At the time, from those I talked to the show just didn't sound
posted "The Best of the Series Yet" about Entourage: Season Three, Part 1 (2004).   May 03, 2007
The Best of the Series Yet
Vince and the gang are back for another round. "Aquaman" is a major hit and sends Vince into the ranks of becoming a bona fide superstar. But as the H
posted "The Boys Are Back in Town" about Entourage: The Complete Second Season (2004).   April 10, 2007
The Boys Are Back in Town
ENTOURAGE: SEASON 2 begins three months after the first season ended. When we last left Vince and his gang, they were flying back home to New York for
posted "Better Than Your Average SNL Special." about Saturday Night Live - The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse (1975).   January 17, 2007
Better Than Your Average SNL Special.
The comedy at Saturday Night Live comes and goes in spurts and currently (Jan. 2007) it is rare for an episode, let alone an entire season, to be all
posted "Return From the Past." about My Favorite Martian (1963).   January 16, 2007
Return From the Past.
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN was only on regular television for three years, but had a huge impact upon the popular culture of the time; it launched the career
posted "I Wish I Would Have Discovered This Show Sooner." about Arrested Development - Season One (2003).   October 03, 2006
I Wish I Would Have Discovered This Show
I was introduced to ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT through a good friend. From watching the first episode I was hooked. Unfortunately, I was one of many people
posted "Getting Started." about Entourage: The Complete First Season (2004).   September 23, 2006
Getting Started.
I don't have HBO. In fact, I don't even have cable. However, I have friends who do and when some of them were talking about the latest season of the H
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