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reviewed The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third.... July 07, 2013
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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third Season
   Yes, I’m a fanboy.  (Albeit an old one!)  I probably always have been, and, at present, I probably always will be.  I’m drawn to all things sci-fi and fantasy, …
reviewed Halloween Home Haunts. July 02, 2013
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Halloween Home Haunts
   Halloween gets a bad rap.  Sure, maybe it has some unfortunate relation to some pagan celebration or some such thing.  And, yeah, maybe there’s much ado about witches and …
reviewed Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. June 23, 2013
The Justice League animated series had a fantastic story arc called “The Justice Lords” as far as I could remember. Alternate universes and multi-verses have always been a part of comic book …
reviewed Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil: The Com.... June 22, 2013
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Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season
   Horror can be a tough sell.  Horror comedies?  They can be an even tougher sell, and that’s mostly because what one person finds funny another may find offensive.  Horror …
reviewed Hit & Miss. June 17, 2013
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Hit & Miss
   Chloe Sevigny first came on my radar as the delightfully self-obsessed middle wife to Bill Paxton’s polygamist in the HBO series BIG LOVE.  In it, Sevigny showed rare depth to …
reviewed Maigret - Set 8. June 15, 2013
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Maigret - Set 8
   This is my second experience with the character of MAIGRET – I recently had the good fortune of reviewing SET 7.  Having enjoyed most of what I saw there, I was enthusiastic about …
reviewed Ring of Fire. June 12, 2013
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Ring of Fire
   Who doesn’t love a good disaster flick?  What with the advent of some really high-brow special effects, disaster pictures have grown into a cottage industry.  Whether the …
reviewed Spy: Series 2. June 10, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Spy: Series 2
   Comedy can be a tough sell.  Humor isn’t always universal – what one person finds funny, another finds quirky, while a third may find it bordering on offensive – but …
reviewed The Twilight Zone - Season 2. June 06, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
The Twilight Zone - Season 2
   What makes a classic into ‘a classic’?      I’ve made the argument – probably one too many times – that critics too-often misuse the term …
reviewed Maigret - Set 7. June 05, 2013
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Maigret - Set 7
   When I was much younger, certain authors – Spillane, Chandler, Hammett, and Cain to name but a few – got me hooked on mysteries.  Not so much the contemporary, CSI-style …
reviewed Planet Dinosaur. June 04, 2013
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Planet Dinosaur
   Years ago, I (and many others like me) made the observation that the pervasive use of CGI in telling stories will have a downside so far as the narrative is concerned.  It wouldn’t …
reviewed Pretty Little Liars. June 04, 2013
Pretty Little Liars
This show is about 4 girls who are threatened by an anonymous source known as 'A' after the murder of the 5th friend, Alison. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and after an episode …
reviewed Supernatural. June 03, 2013
Kinda had to be here, right?       
reviewed George Gently: Series 3. May 28, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
George Gently: Series 3
   I had the good fortune of practically stumbling into these GEORGE GENTLY telefilms by way of flipping through the channels, catching a few bits, and then investing in the DVD sets.  …
reviewed Bink and Gollie. May 21, 2013
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Bink and Gollie
   I’m no parent, but I can appreciate the desire to rear one’s child (or children) to grow up to be a responsible member of any society.  I’ve often imagined how a parent …
reviewed The Vampire Diaries TV Show. May 15, 2013
The Vampire Diaries TV Show
It’s me again lunchers! I hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten about you. Of course, father time gets in the way of things… or perhaps has a way of putting everything perfectly …
reviewed The Office. May 15, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
The Office
It took time for me to get into The Office. Years, in fact. I had heard all the hype about how great it was ever since it first began airing in 2005, and I had tried to take in the occasional episode. …
reviewed Bob's Burgers. May 12, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Bob's Burgers
"You can't judge a book by it's cover" never held more true then the DVD cover for Bob's Burgers.  A wacky family runs burger shop with awkward kids with the tally complete …
reviewed Ripper Street. May 07, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Ripper Street
    I’ve no doubt that the appearance of Jack the Ripper on the streets of Whitechapel deliberately played a hand in the development of forensic sciences.  Plenty has been written …
reviewed Being Human: Season 2. May 06, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Being Human: Season 2
    I love monster movies.  Always have.  I probably always will.  As a critic, I tend to give them a bit of a pass when it comes to being hard on them, and that’s …
reviewed WWII From Space. April 29, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
WWII From Space
    Documentaries have a long history of playing fast and loose with data, but facts and figures don’t lie; and that’s what’s mostly brilliant about the History Channel’s …
reviewed Boss: Season 2. April 22, 2013
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Boss: Season 2
   If you know anything about the politics of the great ‘Windy City’ of Chicago, then you know at the very least how corrupt a local administration can be.  Now, don’t …
reviewed Hulk Vs.. April 20, 2013
Hulk Vs. (Two-Disc Special Edition) (Widescreen)
What fun these two films are. Hulk VS Thor starts out with Odin going into a deep sleep once a year at which time the forces of evil descend upon Asgard to try to destroy it. Every year, however, their …
reviewed "Game of Thrones" (2010). April 06, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
      You have to give a hand to HBO for having the guts to take on such a lofty and risky project. Even for a company as successful and well thought of as them, Game of Thrones was …
reviewed Battlestar Gallactica. April 04, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Battlestar Gallactica
I'd like to make a little disclaimer before going on. I've never been a sci fi (sorry, SyFy) geek, not in the least bit. Oh, I've enjoyed my fair share of it, from Star Trek to Star Wars, and I've enjoyed …
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