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reviewed Top 11 Perform -- American Idol, Seas.... March 31, 2010
Top 11 Perform -- American Idol, Season 9, Episode 24
This episode of American Idol started quicker than some of the previous ones. Ryan went straight to the judges' table for a little bit of banter. Simon apologized to Kara for always disagreeing …
reviewed American Idol, Season 9, Episode 25. March 31, 2010
Top 11 Results -- American Idol, Season 9, Episode 25
Thankfully, this week's episode was less corny than the previous week's result show. During the introduction, there was a bit of drama with bold statements done in gray lettering and shadows, …
reviewed Banana Etiquette -- Survivor Heroes v.... April 01, 2010
Banana Etiquette -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 6
I'll be completely honest. I've been hesitant and even resistant to engage in this season's Survivor. The main reason I haven't enjoyed it as much as other reality shows I'm used …
reviewed Top 10 Perform -- American Idol, Seas.... April 13, 2010
Top 10 Perform -- American Idol, Season 9, Episode 26
"This is their moment. This is your show. This is American Idol."            There was a slightly new approach to how the show began...      …
reviewed Top 10 Results -- American Idol, Seas.... April 16, 2010
Top 10 Results -- American Idol, Season 9, Episode 27
Beware...blatant advertising will follow...       This is one of the silliest result's shows I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot! You might ask, what made it so ridiculous, …
reviewed Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Episod.... September 08, 2010
Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 12
I've finally started to watch the remaining episodes of Season 20 of Survivor, so I can write some more reviews. I still have a few older episodes to write reviews for, but for now, I'm plowing …
reviewed Hulu. September 21, 2010
I'll admit it... I was late to the Modern Family party.  People kept telling me it was good, but I brushed it off as yet another sitcom.  After catching a few clips from the show, I decided …
reviewed Apple TV. October 05, 2010
Apple TV
The Apple TV (second generation) was released last week, and like the dutiful Apple Fan Boy that I am, I picked mine up as soon as it appeared in the Apple Store.  After a full weekend of playing …
reviewed Ghost Lab. October 22, 2010
Ghost Lab
Oh God I've got to stop watching these shows but this one grabbed my attention because it has two things that Ghosthunters doesn't: A truck. A ghost lab in a truck. As fans of Ghostbusters …
reviewed Destination Truth. October 22, 2010
Destination Truth
I think that growing up in England and being forced to watched endless Jane Austen remakes has caused me to rebel in my 30s and watch non-stop garbage on TV. But Destination Truth has caught my Medusa-like …
reviewed Bored to Death. October 30, 2010
Board To Death Jason Schwartzman
If you have a dry sense of humor and a sense of the absurd, this show may be a real find for you.    Here's the plot. Jonathan, a struggling novelist with a single book under his belt, …
reviewed The Walking Dead Pilot Episode. November 02, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
One of my favorite comic book series currently is the horror-action series called “The Walking Dead” written by Robert Kirkham and illustrated in black and white by Tony Moore and Charlie …
reviewed Cheers (TV show). November 08, 2010
Cheers early cast photo
Cheers.  What needs to be said?  It's one of the greatest shows ever made.       Part "work-com" and growing more into a traditional "sitcom" …
reviewed Conan O'Brien. November 09, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
Conan O'Brien
@Nando1 and I stayed up to watch the premiere of Conan's new show (creatively named Conan) on TBS. As he would later explain, he named it Conan so it would be harder to replace him.      …
reviewed Cable TV. November 18, 2010
Cable TV
A recent article by Matthew Garrahan in the Financial Times discloses that the number of people subscribing to cable television in the U.S. has just suffered its biggest decline in 30 years.  According …
reviewed Pushing Daisies. November 26, 2010
tv show
What if you had the power to bring the dead back life, what would you do with said power and how would you use it? Would you use it to help people or would you just lock yourself away afraid …
reviewed Bridalplasty. November 30, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
Bridalplasty is E's newest trash TV series about a group of brides-to-be all competing to win their ultimate dream wedding; along the way checking off plastic surgeries as prizes for competitions. …
reviewed Boardwalk Empire. December 07, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
Boardwalk Empire (2010) HBO
HBO has another winner on its hands and as the first season of this epic series winds down it is time to grade the first season. Firstly it is hard to watch this film and not realize that the outdoor …
reviewed The A-Team. December 12, 2010
The A Team
I didn't see that many good films in 2010. In fact, the only other two good ones that I saw besides this are Scott Pilgrim and Inception. I saw this with my oldest brother on his birthday, and I …
reviewed Lost. December 20, 2010
There are blogs out there that are entirely devoted to the series of Lost. An examination of the characters, the mythology, how the entire world connects. I thought that by doing a post on the series …
reviewed Lost (season 6). December 21, 2010
Lost (season 6)
NOTE:  Before I begin, the only point of this review is to say I was underwhelmed by the ending.  There may be spoilers in my review.  If you're anything like me,  you might want …
reviewed The Walking Dead: The Complete First .... December 30, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
Those of you who have read my review on the pilot episode (see my review here) of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” know that I was real impressed with the opening act. My hopes for a really …
reviewed Firebreather (animated TV movie). January 02, 2011
posted in Pass The Remote!
FIREBREATHER (animated TV movie)
It has been a long time coming since the CGI animated adaptation of writer Phil Hester and artist Andy Kuhn’s comic series “Firebreather”. The series had garnered a small following probably …
reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Gen.... January 13, 2011
Genesis (ST TNG Episode)
Evolution exists or it doesn't to some people and if you showed this episode to a non-believer it will certainly ENSURE they won't change sides and could entertain them.  Some people find …
reviewed Yesterday's Enterprise (ST TNG episode). January 14, 2011
Yesterday's Enterprise (ST TNG episode)
This is one of those episodes that is wonderful for a Trek fan.  It filled in an important story piece for Trek's history and on top of that it offered a change of pace for the show.   …
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