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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 2

2 Ratings: -0.5
The Second Episode of Survivor Nicaragua

Tempers flare and fights erupt at La Flor because of personality conflicts, and one castaway's erratic behavior threatens to end their game early.

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"One Eye On Her And One Eye On My Shoes"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 2

  • Sep 27, 2010
  • by

After last week's season premiere, Survivor really takes off with this latest episode. The tribe dynamics are starting to take shape and may determine how the rest of the game plays out. Last week, it was revealed that the tribes had separated into old vs. young, with the older tribe (named Espada) consisting of individuals who are 40 and over while the younger tribe (named La Flor) consists of individuals 30 and under. This separation of the two tribes by age has been pretty interesting so far and the young chaps managed to beat out the oldies last week and send Wendy home. Will the older tribe be able to prevail this week or will they be taking a second trip in a row to tribal council? We'll find out this and more on this second episode of Survivor Nicaragua.

99280_D08276_display.jpg Espada Tribe (Episode 2)-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateThe episode begins with the Espada tribe returning from their first tribal council. Holly is feeling very uneasy about her position in the tribe now. She says that she feels very much on the outs due to her aligning with Wendy last episode and then having to betray her by voting to send her home. She says that she will try to hang in there and kick everybody's ass on Survivor. We'll see how well that works out for her in the next few days, lol. When the Espada tribe wakes up the next morning, Marty complains about the lack of sleep he had the night before due to how uncomfortable he is lying down in the shelter. So Jimmy Johnson takes the lead and decides to direct the tribe into rebuilding the shelter. Jimmy T is not fond of JJ (short for Jimmy Johnson) taking charge of building ther shelter and the tribe in general. Marty, however, is ok with JJ in charge because that puts the target on JJ's back and not his own. I have to agree, JJ put himself in a bad position by being the leader so early on. While it is good to have someone direct traffic around camp, it can also lead to people wanting to mutiny and vote the leader out due to how likable said leader may become later on in the game. We'll see if JJ can survive his new found leadership role as the game rolls on.

Heading over to the La Flor tribe now, we see Sash and Naonka talking privately on the beach. Sash tells Naonka that he wants to create an alliance of racial minorities with her. He really wants a minority to win Survivor this year and he wants to make sure that happens by having him (a jamacian) team up with Naonka (an african american). Sash adds that he wants to bring Brenda (who he says is Asian) into the alliance when the time is right and increase their numbers. I don't know about the idea of aligning with people just because they're the same race as you. I tend to judge people based on who they are personally and not by the color of their skin. Sash and Naonka seem to be jumping to conclusions too quickly on this one, but hey, an alliance is an alliance and if it can help you in the game, then so be it. The two of them also talk about trying to vote out Kelly B. at the next tribal council due to her disability, which in their opinion will give her a sympathy vote for the million should she make it to the final tribal council. They (mainly Naonka) also feel that Kelly B. won't be good at competitions either due to her prosthetic leg and that gives them another reason to vote her out. First off, I don't agree with targeting someone just because of a disability. While it's true that it could be a physical liability and could also gain sympathy votes like they say, the both of them have no idea what the tribal dynamics are like right now, so it's really hard to make a judgment call like that. Plus, they haven't seen her compete yet at this point and it's wrong to judge someone before they can show off what they can do. Plus, Naonka especially seems to delight in taking unnecessary jabs at her disability, which is quite annoying. We'll see more of Naonka's rude and childish behavior later on in this episode, that's for sure.

99280_D01255_display.jpg Holly-Episode 2 (sort of)-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateHeading back over to Espada, Holly seems to be losing her mind. She watches Jill eat snails, get disgusted with her eating them for some reason, and walks away in a huff. This causes the rest of the Espada tribe to question Holly's state of the mind at the moment. They all seem to come to the consensus that Holly is going crazy. Dan also interjects and says something derogatory about Holly being nuts. Holly is secretly listening to her tribe talk bad about her while hiding behind some trees. Holly gets really upset at Dan's comments about her, so she decides to take Dan's shoes, fill them with sand, and dump them into the ocean. The next morning, Dan wonders where his shoes went. Holly feels remorse for what she has done and tells Dan what she did. Dan responds by saying that if she were a man, he would've hit her and that he'll never forgive her for doing this. Later on, Holly talks with JJ privately and contemplates quitting the game due to being tired and also due to her belief that the game is changing her into a mean person. But JJ tells her to hang in there and she decides to stay with the tribe for the time being. This whole exchange really shows how nutty Holly has become. I don't care what your problem with someone is, you don't have the right to steal that person's shoes just because they upset you a little. That's just plain childish. I know Survivor is extremely difficult and all and I sympathize with her on that, but again, that does not give her the right to play games with people. If she's this messed up on only Day 5, think how bad she'll be if she makes it all the way to Day 39. I shudder just thinking about that, lol. I do admire JJ though for calming her down and encouraging her without judging her. I can see now why he was a great football coach back in the day. He's able to build people back up from despair very well and that ability could be useful to his tribe if they decide to keep him around for a while. But even though Holly is trying to recover from this incident, I don't think the crazy within her is completely gone. As Tyrone says in this episode, when Holly's around, he's going to keep "one eye on her and one eye on [his] shoes". lol.

99280_D05885_display.jpg La Flor Tribe (Episode 2)-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateHeading back to La Flor again, we have yet another childish theft incident of epic proportions. Someone stole one of Naonka's socks and she is VERY upset about it. So she decides to steal Fabio's pair of socks (by the way, Jud is now being referred to as "Fabio" from here on out apparently. Shannon gave Jud the nickname of "Fabio" on last week's episode and it has stuck so much that they've even changed the opening credits to call them "Fabio" instead of Jud. Oh well. I guess he kind of does look like Fabio, so we'll go with it, lol) and wear them. Fabio soon discovers that Naonka has just taken his pair of socks and when he confronts her about it, Naonka starts yelling and talking down to him. Later in confessional, Naonka says that she doesn't like anything about Fabio and she can't wait to vote him off the tribe. Wow, Naonka is very pathetic, isn't she? First of all, SHE was the one who stole HIS socks and SHE'S blaming him over it and giving him a hard time? Give me a break. Fabio has done nothing to her and yet, she insists on treating him like complete scum. That's pretty low. You know, I would definitely not want to be friends with someone like Naonka in real life. She seems like the type of person who is very bossy and must have every single little thing go their way or else, they lose it. I can't stand people like that and she is the shining example of it. Naonka better get her act together real fast because if she rubs too many people the wrong way, she could be the next person going home this week.

99280_D08339_display.jpg Immunity Challenge Episode 2-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateIt's now time for this week's immunity challenge. The two tribes will compete against each other in an obstacle course. Four tribe members will crawl through mud and then dig through a big pile of hay in order to find one of four balls. Once each of these four tribe members has collected all four balls, the other five tribe members will unwrap the balls and use plastic shields to toss each of the four balls from one tribe member to the next until they can toss the ball into a barrel. The first tribe to get all four of their balls in a barrel will win immunity and be safe from tribal council this week. The losing tribe, however, has a date with Jeff where one member of the tribe will be going home. The winners of this challenge will also win a reward, which will either be a tarp or fishing gear (the winning tribe decides which one of the two rewards they want to take with them back to camp). Before the challenge starts, Jeff asks the Espada tribe if they want to use the medallion of power to give them a leg up in this competition. The advantage they'll receive should they decide to use it is that they'll already have one ball in the barrel to start with, meaning the Espada tribe will only have to get three balls into the barrel instead of four balls for this challenge. The Espada tribe decides to use the medallion which means that the medallion automatically moves over to the La Flor tribe and they can use it at any future competition of their choosing. This one ball advantage gives the Espada tribe the upper hand and they win immunity. They also choose to take the fishing gear over the tarp for their reward as well. However, La Flor comes up on the losing end and one young cast member will be sent home this week. Who will it be? But before we answer that question, let's head over to Espada for their victory celebration!

99280_D04822_display.jpgWe see Espada returning to camp and they're very excited about having just won immunity. Holly is very happy that she didn't leave and instead, came through for the team today. JJ is also happy for her, but he is worried that she'll have a relapse and become depressed again. But let's fast forward to the good stuff now, lol. When Espada looks at the fishing gear they won from the challenge, they see a clue to a hidden immunity idol inside. Immediately, everyone scatters about the beach trying to find the idol. Eventually, Jill figures out that the clue reveals that the idol is hidden near treemail. She immediately tells Marty this and they both go over to treemail to begin digging for the idol. Marty finds it first and says that he never would've stumbled upon it had Jill not given him the treemail clue. It's a little early to say whether it was a bad move on Jill's part to give Marty the clue to where the idol was. If Marty proves to be trustworthy to her, then it was a good move. But Marty could also use the idol to betray her and possibly get her voted out later in the game, so that's something that Jill has to be concerned about as well. We'll see how things pan out now that Marty has the hidden immunity idol.

Back on La Flor, the tribe is discussing who will be the first person voted off of their tribe. The men of the tribe (minus Sash) want to vote Naonka out due to how mean and bossy is. However, Kelly B. and Alina suggest to the boys that voting out Brenda would be a better idea since she is a smarter player. Voting Brenda out would also break up the Chase/Brenda alliance and bring Chase fully back to the boys side. Chase is not happy with his friend Brenda being targeted, so he goes to Brenda and tells her that the boys (plus Kelly B. and Alina) want her out. This upsets Brenda and he asks Chase why he is listening to what Shannon (the leader of the boys alliance) wants. Chase says he doesn't have to listen to Shannon and that he is willing to vote him out. Brenda tells Chase that she can get half of the tribe to vote against Shannon if he joins with her. Chase seems to agree to the plan to vote out Shannon, but Alina overhears their conversation and tells Shannon's alliance that Brenda is coming after Shannon. This makes Shannon  very uncomfortable and he confronts Chase to ask him if he's still going to stick with the plan to vote out Brenda tonight and Chase seems a little uneasy. So right now, we have a deadlock situation here. Five people (Shannon, Benry, Fabio, Kelly B. and Alina) want Brenda out while the other four people (Purple Kelly, Naonka, Brenda and Sash) want Shannon out. Chase is in the middle. Will he vote Brenda out or will he cast a vote for Shannon and force a tie? At tribal council, things quickly come to a head. Shannon attacks Chase for his disloyalty and asks Sash if he's gay (which has nothing to do with anything at this meeting. It's just a mean jab at Sash). This rude behavior of Shannon's does not do him much good when the votes are finally cast. Shannon, Fabio and Alina vote out Brenda. However, the rest of the tribe votes out Shannon. Shannon is the second person voted off of Survivor Nicaragua. His own arrogance has done him in.

survivor-nicaragua-Shannon-Elkins1.jpg Shannon-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateOverall, Shannon played a pretty bad game right from the get go. This guy obviously feels he's superior to women (due to his misogynstic comments last episode) and he also seems to have an issue with gay people. He also strutted into his tribe thinking that he could be the dominant alpha male running the show with everyone bowing down to his "greatness". He tried too hard to talk to people and get them under his control (Naonka correctly pointed this out in her confessional and said that's why Shannon needs to leave immediately. However, she wants Fabio gone soon after that. Why does Naonka hate Fabio so much? It makes no sense, lol). But ultimately, the tribe wasn't buying what Shannon was selling and he was shown the door. Even the two people he thought he had in his back pocket (Kelly B. and Benry) voted against him. So yeah, the guy dug his own grave here pretty much. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting Shannon out? Overall, I would say yes. Many people have argued that Shannon should not have gone home this early due to the "strength" he could've brought to the tribe in future challenges. I disagree with that. Not every challenge is super physical and even if they were, it's not like his absence is going to severely hurt the team. There are still four very strong and capable men left on that tribe and the women are strong competitors too. This tribe will not fall apart now that Shannon's not with them anymore. If anything, I think the tribe will be stronger now that this idiot has been removed from the game. We barely got to know you, Shannon. For that, I am proud, lol. Now go back home and stew in your own patheticness. Your time in this game is over because you're a......say it with me.......LOOOOOSSSSEEERRRR!!!!! (I can't help it. I love rubbing it in, lol).

Anyway, that ends this episode of Survivor Nicaragua. I'm looking forward to next week's show and I hope it's a good one. Till then. :-)

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October 21, 2010
Wow...some strange dynamics in this episode as the racial minorities pair up and then the targeted player with the prosthetic leg. I'm actually surprised that Kelly B. was even allowed to compete. Does "Survivor" often have people with disabilities? I'm presuming that since there are always doctors on staff that it's safe enough if a complication arises that requires aid.
October 22, 2010
Well, there was a former contestant who also had a prosthetic leg and he did quite well in challenges. There has also been a deaf contestant that has competed on this show before as well. So yeah, every now and then Survivor will have a contestant with a disability, but it doesn't happen all the time. Yeah, there are doctors on site to help should anything happen, but for the most part, the people with a disability perform well in the challenges from a physical standpoint. It also helps that the challenges this season have been toned down a bit and they're not like the grueling physical challenges that existed on Heroes vs. Villains. So that fact makes it a little easier for Kelly B. to compete, but still, even in past seasons when there has been a hard challenge, the disabled contestants have been able to physically compete pretty well from what I remember.
October 22, 2010
Wow, that's pretty cool! I take it neither contestant won, though, huh? I'm glad the doctors are around just in case too! Yeah, I was noticing that the challenges weren't of the same caliber. I guess that makes sense since no one competing is a seasoned veteran.
October 22, 2010
Neither contestant won, but they both made it pretty far in the game on their respective seasons. Yeah, the challenges aren't as intense this season because no one's a vet and they want to go easy on them. They're also less intense because the producers wanted to put the older tribe on a more even playing field with the younger tribe. If the challenges were all physical, the younger tribe would wipe the floor clean with the old tribe (in the opinion of the producers), so dialing things back is a way to balance things out and give the older tribe more equal footing with the kids in competitions.
October 22, 2010
Still pretty cool that both of them made it rather far in their respective seasons. And, the reasoning behind the producers' decisions makes sense.
October 09, 2010
Sweet recap of the show..
October 11, 2010
Thanks for reading!!! :-)
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 2
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 2
Original Air Date: September 22, 2010
Description: The Second Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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