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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 4

1 rating: 5.0
The Fourth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

The hunt for the immunity idol widens the rift between two castaways on the junior tribe; a secret is revealed that solidifies a powerful alliance.

1 review about Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 4

"You Wouldn't Last A Minute In My World"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4

  • Oct 13, 2010
  • by

This season of Survivor continues in this latest episode which is full of more strategic manuevering in both tribes. The Espada tribe and the La Flor tribe may be battling against each other in this game, but the real action takes place within the tribes themselves. Both tribes seem to have dominant alliances that are dictating the actions and positions of those who are not in the majority. This happens every season to some extent and it's no different here. Last time, coaching legend Jimmy Johnson was sent home for being weak and not being in Marty's alliance. Will the Espada tribe lose immunity for a third time and have to dwindle their numbers even more or will La Flor have to taste the sourness of defeat by returning to tribal council yet again? We'll find out what happens in this latest episode of Survivor.

We open this week's episode with the Espada tribe back at camp after returning home from their second tribal council. Jimmy T reveals in his confessional that he's very pleased with Jimmy Johnson's departure from the game. Jimmy T feels that JJ did not value him as a team player and that he called too many shots within the tribe. Jimmy T is not sad to see JJ go at all. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe is getting drenched while standing around in a pretty intense rainstorm. Jimmy T starts singing randomly throughout the whole storm and this annoys Marty to no end. Marty says that Jimmy T is a loud mouth and he adds that if you give Jimmy T rope, he'll hang himself from the nearest branch. I pretty much have to agree with Marty's assessment here. Jimmy T comes off as someone who simply doesn't know when to shut his mouth. We've all met that person(s) in life that does nothing but "blah, blah, blah, blah, yap, yap, yap" 24/7 and Jimmy T comes across as someone with that persona big time. It's a proven fact in Survivor that those who toot their own horn too much in this game have an almost  zero chance of winning and it looks like Jimmy T is in that boat right now. Even though I believe Jimmy T is a fairly decent guy, he needs to learn how to not irritate others by talking or singing so much. If good ol' Jimmy doesn't get his act together soon, he may very well be the next one out of this game.

When Espada wakes up the next morning, they see that the massive rainstorm has flooded the river near their camp and now, they can't fish. Jimmy T tries to catch some fish with the net, but is unsuccessful. Jane comments that she misses JJ and his leadership abilities. She hopes that someone steps in and takes JJ's position in leading the tribe and getting them back on track. I don't know if anyone will step up as leader, but it's very obvious that Jimmy T won't be leading the tribe anywhere anytime soon. That will become even more obvious as this episode continues on.

99280_D12186_display.jpg Kelly B. and Alina-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 picture by DolygateNow we head to the La Flor tribe where Brenda is up early in the morning trying to decipher Naonka's hidden immunity idol clue. Eventually, Naonka and Brenda meet in private away from camp. Brenda tells Naonka that she believes that the hidden immunity idol is located near treemail based on the hints in the clue. Naonka and Brenda immediately head to the treemail area and begin digging for the idol. Naonka comes out on top as she is the one who finds the idol first and shows it to Brenda. Naonka decides to hide the idol in her sock and both Naonka and Brenda decide to keep the idol a secret from everyone else on the tribe. Shortly afterwards, Kelly B. and Alina see Naonka and Brenda return to camp. Kelly B. and Alina then leave camp and decide to search in roughly the same area that Naonka and Brenda were in hopes of finding the idol. Naonka sees what Kelly B. and Alina are up to and she immediately confronts them. Naonka tells Kelly B. very bluntly that she does not like her  because of the way she played victim after Naonka wrestled with her to get the idol clue last episode. Kelly B. knows that Naonka wants a reaction from her, but Kelly B. stays calm instead and doesn't give her one. Naonka then makes more mean spirited comments about Kelly B.'s prosthetic leg in her confessional, saying things like "Screw your leg. Keep it away from the fire." Yeah, that Naonka is a class act, isn't she? Why does every one of her insults have to be about Kelly's leg? Naonka needs to grow up and get over this. She's been doing this ever since the premiere and her behavior has clearly not gotten better since then. It's ok to dislike somebody, but if you're going to constantly criticize that person's disability (which really isn't a disability for Kelly B. since she uses the prosthetic leg very well in my opinion) as a means of getting in a bunch of stupid cheap shots, then you deserve no respect as far as I'm concerned. Naonka may be a fierce and determined player, but her bad attitude is really starting to rub people the wrong way. She's lucky that she has the idol and is in the dominant alliance on her tribe. But if her potty mouth continues to spew childish insults, she may offend enough people and end up becoming the second La Flor tribe member to leave the game. We'll see.

We head back over to the Espada tribe now where it is night time. Marty tells the tribe that one person should be the leader in the challenges and give direction for the rest of the tribe to follow. Marty nominates Tyrone as the person who will lead the tribe in challenges and Tyrone has no problem accepting that role. Jimmy T, however, feels differently about this. Jimmy T says that even though he doesn't want to be leader (which is code for "I WANNA BE LEADER, DAMN IT!!!! WHY CAN'T IT BE ME???? I'M SO AWESOME!!! TYRONE SUCKS!!!!!!!! PICK ME, PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!! WHERE'S MY SPOTLIGHT? WHERE'S MY SPOTLIGHT????? MEEEEEEE!!!!!!), he would at least like to contribute in challenges more. Marty very kindly shoots down Jimmy T's idea about contributing on the grounds that Jimmy T is useless, so no point in using him for anything (Marty phrases this in a much nicer way in Jimmy T's presence, but that's basically how Marty feels about him). Jimmy T is very angry by Marty and his attempt to control him. Jimmy T says in his confessional that he wants to go up to Marty and say "You wouldn't last a second in my world", lol. That might be true back where he lives, but this isn't where he lives. This is Survivor and quite frankly, Marty's assessment of Jimmy T was dead on. It was proven even more when the Espada tribe goes to receive tree mail the next morning and they find out that they're going to be doing an immunity challenge involving being blindfolded and listening for directions as to where to go. Jimmy T once again talks too much during this practice and seems clueless about how this challenge works. Jimmy T seems to be a weak link in the team, but can he help lead Espada to victory or will his bumbling contribute to yet another Espada defeat? We'll find out as we get this week's immunity challenge underway.

99280_D14151_display.jpg Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 picture by DolygateIt's now time for this week's immunity challenge. All of the participating contestants on each tribe will be blindfolded and handcuffed together in pairs except for one person who will be that tribe's eyes. Tyrone will be the eyes for the Espada tribe and Brenda will be the eyes for the La Flor tribe. The "eyes" person must guide the rest of the blindfolded players around a small area by shouting vocal directions as to where each tribe member must walk. The blindfolded players must pick up ten items and bring them back to their tribe's starting mat. They must then pick up three keys and unlock a chest on their starting mat. The first tribe to use the keys to unlock their chest will win immunity and be safe from tribal council. The losing tribe will have to go to tribal council and vote someone out of the game. In addition to immunity, the tribes are also playing for reward, which is the ability to pick three items from a sears tool catalog. Also, La Flor has the Medallion of Power and if they use it in this challenge, they will already have two items on their starting mat, which could potentially give them a huge lead over the other tribe. La Flor decides to use the Medallion and get this advantage in this challenge, which means that the Espada tribe receives the medallion by default and can use it in a future challenge if they wish. La Flor''s decision to use the medallion proves to be very useful here since it helps La Flor win immunity yet again. La Flor also chooses fishing gear, a tarp, and cooking supplies as part of their reward. Espada has lost yet again and one of them will be going home next. Who will it be?

99280_D01448_display.jpg Brenda-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 (sort of) picture by DolygateLa Flor is in good spirits when they return back to camp with yet another immunity win under their belt and a fresh batch of supplies to boot. However, things get very interesting when Chase opens up a tool kit that the tribe won from this past challenge and discovers a clue to the hidden immunity idol inside. Chase quickly takes the clue out of the box and puts it in his pocket. Later, Chase meets up with Brenda privately away from camp. He tells her that he has the clue to the hidden idol and that they should try and find it together. Brenda agrees to this, but the problem is Brenda knows that Naonka already has the idol and this makes Chase's search for it absolutely meaningless since the idol is not hidden out in the forest anymore. Brenda plays along with Chase at first, pretending to look for the hidden idol with him. After a while, Brenda asks Chase if he trusts her more than he trusts Naonka and he says yes. Brenda then reveals to Chase that Naonka has already found the idol. She asks Chase to not tell anyone about Naonka having the idol, especially Naonka herself. If Naonka finds out that Brenda told Chase that she has the idol, Naonka won't trust her anymore and it will ruin her game, Chase agrees to not tell anyone about Naonka having the idol. I think this was a good play on Brenda's part. She has further soldified Chase's trust by revealing this idol secret to him. This puts her in tight with both Chase and Naonka. As long as Chase and Naonka don't compare notes about what Brenda has done, Brenda will be in a good spot. She's got two people who trust her completely and on top of this, both Chase and Naonka might take Brenda to final two (or three) should they all last that long. Brenda is definitely playing the game. Keep an eye on her. She may just go all the way and win this season. We'll see what happens.

Heading back to over to the Espada tribe, we see the team return to camp after yet another devasating loss. The tribe strongly feels that the medallion advantage that La Flor had helped tremendously with their victory, but Jimmy T doesn't seem concerned about that. He once again tells the team he wants to contribute more. Jimmy reminds the tribe that he's been a basketball coach for little kids and he feels he has what it takes to lead. Tyrone, however, feels differently. In the immunity challenge, Tyrone shouted clear cut directions to a blindfolded Jimmy T who had trouble following what Tyrone was saying. In Tyrone's mind, Jimmy T shouldn't be following, let alone leading. When Tyrone asks Jimmy T if he feels that he could have done things differently, Jimmy T responds by saying no, he did everything in the best way he knew how. Tyrone doesn't buy this at all and sees Jimmy T as being negative after every challenge loss. Uh-oh. Jimmy's not looking too hot right now. Jimmy digs his own grave even deeper a little bit later when the tribe is fishing for sea orchins. Marty eats two or three orchins on his own and Jimmy T criticizes him for eating the orchins and not sharing them with the rest of the tribe. Marty is very angry by that comment and now, Marty wants nothing more than to get Jimmy T voted out of the tribe. Knowing the kind of player Marty is, he could very well make that happen. Jimmy has opened his mouth and inserted his foot, but it's now time for some last minute strategizing before tribal council and if Jimmy begins to play his cards right, he may be safe this week.

99280_D05191_display.jpg Jimmy T and Dan-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 (sort of) picture by DolygateTribal council is looming and the Espada tribe discuss who they want off the tribe this week. Jane and Holly want to vote out Dan because of his weak physical condition. Jill also wants to vote Dan out and expresses this opinion to Marty. Marty, however, has no interest in getting Dan out due to how crucial his vote is. Marty is still gung ho on voting out Jimmy T and wants Jill to help him in getting Jimmy T off the tribe. Jill agrees to vote out Jimmy T per Marty's instructions. Next, we see Jill talking to Tyrone in an attempt to try and convince Tyrone to vote Jimmy T off. But Jill's try seems to be unsuccessful since Tyrone wants Dan off of the tribe. After Marty hears of Jill's failure in trying to swing Tyrone's vote, Marty goes to Tyrone himself and makes one last attempt to swing his vote. Marty tells Tyrone that Jimmy T is "volatile", "rude", and a "trainwreck" when it comes to leading. Tyrone seems to be on the fence now thanks to Marty's comments. How will he vote? Meanwhile, Jimmy T is sitting at the beach talking with Yve and Holly. He reiterates his earlier comments about wanting to lead the team, wanting to contribute, blah blah, lather, rinse, repeat. Yve is worried about Jimmy T and his insecure persona because those traits might make him unreliable to her down the road. At this point, it seems pretty clear that either Dan or Jimmy T will be voted out this episode. Who will it be? Well, after tribal council is done, we get our answer. Jimmy T, Holly, and Jane vote out Dan. The rest of the tribe however casts their vote for Jimmy T to go home. By a 5 to 3 vote, Jimmy T is the fourth person voted out of Survivor Nicaragua. His days of "contributing" (yeah, right) to the tribe are over. Period. End of story.

survivor-nicaragua-James__Jimmy_T__Tarantino1.jpg Jimmy T-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateEven though I criticized Jimmy T a lot in this review, I actually really like the guy. He might be a little over the top and clueless when it comes to playing Survivor, but he did seem to have respect for the game and for his fellow tribe members. He never yelled or screamed or acted overly childish whenever he made a point about something and I have a lot of respect for that. There are so many players of this game (both past and present) who just come off as terrible people, so it's nice to see someone who came off as genuinely nice, even if he was a little nuts, lol. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting out Jimmy T? That's kind of a hard question to answer. There were many good reasons why Jimmy T had to leave. His insistence on being noticed in the tribe constantly brought the whole team down since his efforts really weren't doing the team any good. He was failing challenges and annoying people in his tribe by talking too much. Those are all generally good reasons to boot someone early in the game. However, Dan also needed to leave the game as well. As bad as Jimmy T was for the tribe, Dan is in some ways worse. Dan is clearly the weakest physical player on his tribe and the longer they keep him around, the more likely he'll cause the team to lose more challenges by just being too slow and too sick. Dan has a much better social game than Jimmy T did and that clearly helped Dan survive this round, but it's still amazing that someone as physically weak as Dan has survived two tribal councils back to back. Having someone that weak could be a big problem down the road, but Jimmy T was bringing down the tribe too, so I can see why he had to leave as well. So in regards to whether or not the tribe made the right decision in voting out Jimmy T, I'd say the answer is both yes and no given the reasons I stated above. Oh well. Jimmy T was a fun, yet kooky player whose time on Survivor has come to an end. He couldn't do a good job leading in this game, but I hope Jimmy T is an effective leader back home and in the rest of his life.

99280_D13758_display.jpg Espada Tribe-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 picture by DolygateThat concludes my review of this episode. I just wanted to add here that I gave this episode a +5 mainly because of how the Espada tribe interacted with one another in this episode. They all were respectful of each other and got their points across without having to yell or scream and that's very refreshing for a cutthroat show such as this. Part of this may have to do with the fact that the Espada tribe has people who are 40 and over, which makes them more mature and more able to talk things out, I suppose. La Flor always seems to be on the brink of a major throwdown shouting match whereas even the biggest disagreements on Espada are handed in a civil and fair manner. Even though the Espada tribe members might name-call and cuss in confessionals where no other tribe members can hear them, they always are respectful when in front of each other and I like that a lot. Some might say that's two-faced of them, but I don't see it that way. Look at Marty for instance. I think he's very good at getting his point across about something perfectly without being rude. What Marty says in his confessionals and what he says to his tribe members are pretty much the exact same thing, except one version (private) is rude and the other version (public) is more polite. He's not being hypocritical, he's just being respectful of the person he's talking to. Even during the argument that Marty had with Jimmy T in this episode, they both seemed to be genuinely honest, yet respectful of the other despite how much they were both fuming inside at that point. But yeah, seeing real people talk out situations without resorting to a full blown fight is very nice to see nowadays and that's why this episode gets a +5 from me. Anyway, I enjoyed reviewing this episode. Till next week. :-)

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October 21, 2010
Sounds like some intense weather in Nicaragua. Has "Survivor" ever had a season hosted there before? How are the nature shots?
October 22, 2010
No, they've never been to Nicaragua before as far as I know. Well, in this episode, there weren't too many great nature shots since it was raining all over the place. There was one shot in this episode of a pelican eating some fish out of the river, but that's the only nature shot that I can remember off the top of my head, lol.
October 22, 2010
Do they usually visit some of the same places again? Oh well, they can't always have some good nature shots. :)
October 22, 2010
Yeah, there have been a couple of times where Survivor has been filmed in the same location twice. I know that Season 19 (Survivor Samoa) and Season 20 (Survivor Heroes vs. Villains) were both filmed in the exact same spot due to budget cuts. I think that's how Survivor will be filmed from here on out. They'll shoot two seasons in the same area in order to save money. So that means that next season will probably also be filmed in Nicaragua. They won't call it Survivor Nicaragua if they film there again next season, they'll give it another fancy name. But yeah, that's most likely how they'll film the seasons of the show for the foreseeable future.
October 22, 2010
Wow! I didn't know that about the two seasons...back to back too! Did fans complain about the repetitiveness? Everything was so new to me when I was watching season 20. Wow...a new trend, eh? I wonder if that's for the better or for the worse...
October 23, 2010
Well, some of the fans complained about the repetitiveness, sure. But there's not much they can do about it. The show's budget is what it is, so the fans just have to deal with it whether they like it or not, lol. Well, this new way of filming the seasons will make it easier for the producers since they can just book the same place twice instead of going through the hassle of booking two different places for two different seasons. Personally, I don't care either way about filming two seasons back to back in the same spot. As long as the show is good (and it always is in my opinion), that's all I care about. lol. :-)
October 24, 2010
Yeah, I guess it's good to save money too. And as long as the quality of the show doesn't suffer, there's no harm. Great insight into the show, Pard!
October 19, 2010
Wow! Probably the longest review I've seen! Thanks for the thorough analysis, =]
October 19, 2010
Yeah, I can be quite wordy at times when it comes to Survivor, lol. Thanks for reading! :-)
October 21, 2010
All of Pard's reviews are pretty lengthy. He's very thorough! It's great!
October 22, 2010
Well, my non-reality show reviews are pretty short. However, I get quite wordy when it comes to Survivor. I love to analyze and re-analyze this show. I can't help it, lol. :-)
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 4
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 4
Original Air Date: October 6th, 2010
Description: The Fourth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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