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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 6

2 Ratings: -0.5
The Sixth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

The castaways are surprised to learn they are playing for individual immunity and not tribal immunity.

1 review about Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 6

"Sooner Or Later, He's About To Be Walking On Nubs"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6

  • Oct 27, 2010
  • by
This season of Survivor continues as the game begins to progress into a new chapter. The players received quite a shock last episode when Jeff Probst made the stunning revelation that the tribes would be switched up. Certain players that seemed very comfortable and in control of the game (such as Marty and Naonka) found themselves having to rebuild their whole game from square one. We have new tribes now and with that comes the possibility of brand new alliances. But will new relationships be formed now or will the players attempt to hold on to their old allegiances for as long as possible? Last time, Holly made some new friends by joining the youth alliance over at La Flor in voting Tyrone out of the Espada tribe. Who will be the next person voted out of the game? Will any new alliances be formed? We'll find out all of this and more as we review this latest episode of Survivor.

11_9_display.jpg Holly-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 picture by DolygateThe episode begins with the Espada tribe waking up the next morning after their tribal council from the night before. The weather is not being too kind to our contestants as the rain and wind seems to be pretty intense. Holly and Dan are talking to one another in this dreary weather. Dan tells her that he's had enough and is considering quitting the game due to how brutal the weather conditions are. Holly encourages Dan not to quit the game and to stay in the fight. Later on in a confessional, Holly criticizes Dan for wanting to leave the game. She says that if he can't handle a little rain and wind, then he should have not signed up for this. Holly says that Dan should suck it up and finish what he started. You know, I find it extremely hypocritical that Holly is upset at Dan for wanting to quit. It wasn't too long ago that YOU wanted to quit the game, Holly. You had a nervous breakdown on Episode 2, wanted to walk out of the game and go home, but luckily, JJ gave you a pep talk and kept you in the running. Now all of a sudden, you're criticizing someone else for something that YOU just went through a few days earlier? Give me a break. Look, I know it's hard out there and I also know that you've learned from your own experience on Episode 2 that quitting is an easy way out and that you've grown since then. I get it. Got it. Good. But could you at least have a LITTLE compassion for Dan considering that he is going through what you went through a little while ago. Just a little? I think part of this has to do with Holly still holding a grudge against Dan for calling her "nuts" back on Episode 2. She hasn't quite let that go yet (and she should because Dan's right. She WAS nuts in that episode, lol). But still, she should just lay off of Dan. If he wants to quit, let him quit. Don't attack him for something you did also, Holly. We'll see whether or not Dan quits the game as this episode continues.

7_9_display.jpg Yve-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 picture by DolygateAs the morning weather continues on the Espada tribe, Holly decides to take a walk with Yve and they both gather some wood together. Yve voted out Naonka instead of Tyrone at the last tribal council because no one told her that Tyrone was the one going home. Yve is nervous about her position in the game now and she asks Holly why no one told her that the tribe was gunning for Tyrone instead of Naonka. Holly answers her question by saying that she believed that Yve was in an alliance with Tyrone and therefore, couldn't tell Yve about the plan to get Tyrone out in fear that she would tip Tyrone off to what was going on. Yve tells Holly that she's upset about not being let in on the "oust Tyrone" plan and is disappointed that Holly did not have her back in this situation. Holly apologizes by saying she should have been more open with Yve about the plan, but it is what it is. Holly then tells Yve about Dan's desire to quit the game. Yve hopes that Dan quits the game so that the target will be off of her back. We really haven't seen all that much of Yve this season until this exchange she has here with Holly. Yve comes off as a pretty strong contestant in this game who is intelligent and savvy enough to make it all the way to the end. However, not being let in on the plan to get rid of Tyrone has put her in a tough spot. Will Yve survive until the next round or are her days in this game numbered? We shall see what happens as we continue on.

Heading over to the La Flor tribe now, we see Marty and Jill sitting on the beach talking privately to one another. They both seem to be very worried that the original La Flor members will gang up and vote one of them out of the game as soon as possible. Brenda confirms Marty and Jill's fears in a confessional. Brenda states that it's still "old vs. young" and that the young kids will gather together and vote out the three oldsters on their tribe the first chance they get (remember, the kids have a 5 to 3 voting advantage over the older members, so Brenda and her kid posse of original La Flor members definitely have the ability to vote out Marty and Jill (and Jane) anytime they want.). Brenda knows that Marty has the hidden immunity idol, so she says that her plan is to split the vote between Marty and Jill at the next tribal council to make absolutely sure that one of them goes home next. At the moment, Brenda seems to be in firm control of the game and it looks as if Marty and Jill's time in this game is running out. Can Marty and Jill survive this inevitable onslaught from the kids of La Flor? Or are they both completely doomed? These questions could very well could be answered later on in this episode. Stay tuned.

12_9_display.jpg Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 picture by DolygateNow it is time for this week's immunity challenge. However, things are going to be a little different this time around. Once the tribes arrive to begin the challenge, Jeff informs them that the tribes will NOT be playing for tribal immunity today. Instead, each tribe's members will be competing against each other for individual immunity. That's because BOTH tribes will be going to tribal council in this episode and one person will be voted off from each tribe. That's quite a shocker, I must say, lol. However, one person from each tribe will be safe from elimination tonight and that person will be whoever wins today's individual immunity necklace. For this individual immunity challenge, each person on the tribe will be given a paddle and have a basket strapped to their back. When Jeff yells "go", each tribe member must run to a point on the beach and use the paddle to dig through the sand for a large ring. Once a tribe member has a ring on their paddle, that person must toss the ring up in the air and manuever him or herself so that the ring falls into the basket strapped to that person's back. That tribe member must then bring the ring back to the start and put the ring on their start post. The first person on each tribe to capture three rings and put them on their start posts will win individual immunity and be safe from tonight's vote. But that's not all. The two people who win individual immunity will then compete against each other for tribal reward. The two winners will compete against each other in a ring toss. They must toss three rings onto a post from far away. The first person to get all three rings on his or her post will win a reward for their tribe. The reward is that the winning tribe will get to sit in on the losing tribe's tribal council and eat cabobs in front of the losing tribe while they have their tribal council. That's a pretty awesome reward, so the competition should be fierce here. Let's get to the results. The Espada tribe members compete against each other first and after a close race, Holly wins individual immunity. The La Flor tribe members compete against each other next and this one is also close, but Jill squeaks out a victory and wins individual immunity. Holly and Jill then go on to compete against each other for tribal reward and Jill is the one who wins it all for La Flor. La Flor will get to sit in on Espada's tribal council and chow down on cabobs. Holly looks devastated after losing that reward to say the least, lol. Overall, I liked this challenge. Very simple, but also very effective. It was a fun challenge to watch.

18_4_display.jpg Brenda-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 picture by DolygateWe see the La Flor tribe return to camp after having won the challenge. They are in good spirits to say the least, lol. Brenda, however, is not caught up in all the euphoria since her plans to take out Marty and Jill have just become very complicated. Jill now has individual immunity and Marty has a hidden immunity idol, which means that both Marty and Jill are most likely safe tonight from the vote. This means that Brenda must come up with a new voting strategy for tonight. Things get underway when Brenda talks privately with Sash on the beach and they both come up with a new plan. Instead of splitting the vote between Marty and Jill as originally planned, they both now want to split the vote between Marty and......Kelly B. (you read that correctly, folks. Not Jane, but Kelly B. Yep.) Even though Jane is an original member of the older tribe, Brenda feels that Kelly B. poses a much bigger threat to her than Jane does for two reasons. One, Kelly B. was gunning for Brenda earlier in the game and two, her prosthetic leg might give her sympathy votes in the end to win the game, so therefore, she must be targeted. Brenda begins to lay the seeds of her complex plan. She lies to Kelly B. by telling her that the split vote will be between Marty and Jane, so therefore, Kelly B. must vote Marty out. Brenda then goes to Jane and tells her that she's safe as long as she casts her vote for Marty tonight. Jane is more than happy to vote Marty out since she never trusted him to begin with. Brenda seems to be doing a pretty good job of talking to the right people here and telling them what they need to know without revealing her entire plan. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Brenda is someone to watch in this game. I would not be surprised at all if she ends up being the one who walks away with the million dollars after this season is said and done with.

9_8_display.jpg Marty-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 picture by DolygateWhile Brenda is walking around the beach carrying out her scheme, we see Marty and Fabio talking to each other in the La Flor hut. Marty tells Fabio that he's a chess master and that he beat Guillermo Vilas in a chess tournament. This is a complete lie that Marty has fabricated in order to fool Fabio into thinking he's smarter than he really is. Marty chuckles to himself in a confessional when he reveals that a) he doesn't play chess and b) Guillermo Vilas was a tennis player, not a chess player. Marty delights in being able to pull things from the 70s and use them on kids like Fabio who have no idea what he's talking about, lol. Anyway, Marty's chess comment intrigues Fabio and that's when Marty gives Fabio an offer. Marty wants to form a four person alliance with himself, Jill, Jane and Fabio. Marty asks Fabio if he's on board with his plan and Fabio seems to be genuinely interested. However, Fabio soon has another problem on his hands. Sash talks to Fabio a little later on and Sash tells him about the split vote plan to try and get Marty out. Fabio tells Sash that he's grown to like Marty and doesn't know what to do. After this exchange, Sash meets up with Brenda again and tells her that he's not sure whether Fabio will play his part in Brenda's voting plan tonight. Brenda starts to get nervous. Marty is also nervous because he's been told by Sash that the plan is to oust Jane, but people are talking on the beach, so he's not sure what will happen. Marty is now contemplating playing the idol. Wow, there sure seems to be a lot of wheeling and dealing going on in the La Flor tribe. This tribal council should be extremely interesting. Let's get right to it.

We get to the La Flor tribal council and things quickly come to a head. Brenda reveals during tribal council that Marty and Jill have decided to target Jane tonight (which is a lie since the idea to target Jane came from Sash, not Marty and Jill. This is Brenda's attempt to make Marty and Jill look bad and it seems to have worked quite well). Marty gets defensive and says it wasn't his idea to vote out Jane, he just wanted to go along with the majority. Marty then looks over at Jane and whispers "Vote Brenda" to her. Wow, that was quite a turn. What the heck is going to happen in this tribal council? Everybody is all over the place on this one, lol. Let's get to the votes. Marty decides not to use his hidden immunity idol, so all votes against Marty will count. Marty and Jill vote out Brenda. Kelly B. and Sash vote out Marty. Brenda, Purple Kelly, and Fabio vote out Kelly B. Jane decides not to follow Marty's advice and instead, she casts her vote for.....Marty. We have a tie. There are three votes for Marty and three votes for Kelly B. Jeff then says that it's time for a revote. Marty and Kelly B. are not allowed to vote. The remaining tribe members must cast their vote for either Marty or Kelly B. The person with the most votes will go home. After the revote occurs, it all becomes clear. Marty receives one vote, but Kelly B. receives the other five votes. Kelly B. is the sixth person voted out of Survivor Nicaragua. She never saw it coming. Brenda's plan has worked perfectly.

survivor-nicaragua-Kelly_Bruno1.jpg Kelly B.- Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateI enjoyed watching Kelly B. this season. She was a great physical competitor and she didn't let her prosthetic leg slow her down one bit. It's quite unfortunate that she was targeted by Brenda due to her disability. It's even more unfortunate that Naonka continuously insulted her about her condition. That's just downright nasty. However, Kelly B. stood up to Naonka's attacks and didn't allow her to get under her skin. Kelly B. seems to be a pretty strong person and I'll miss seeing her play this game. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting out Kelly B.? The answer is simply no. This was a very bad decision from a strategic standpoint. Even though Brenda's execution of her plan to vote out Kelly B. was handled masterfully, she went after the wrong person here. Marty should have gone home instead plain and simple. Marty has a hidden idol, he's in a tight alliance with Jill, he's good with strategizing, and he might be on the verge of bringing Fabio in to his ranks. Marty now knows that people are gunning for him, so he'll use the idol next time and if he can bring Fabio into his alliance, he might be able to get the majority votes on the La Flor tribe, which means that Brenda will be doomed. It just wasn't a smart idea at all to let Kelly B. go from Brenda's standpoint. Plus, Kelly B. could've been a temporary ally to Brenda in that she could've helped her vote out Marty, Jill, and Jane. Then when the merge comes, Brenda would've still had the majority to knock out Kelly B. then and still maintain her numbers advantage. But getting rid of Kelly B. now gives Marty an opening to steal control of the game away from Brenda (by using Fabio) and get back in charge again. Getting rid of Kelly B. was a very bad move in my opinion. Anyway, Kelly B. was a great contestant who played the game to the fullest. She will be missed.

Now that we're done with La Flor's business, it's now time to head back over to the Espada tribe as they prepare for their tribal council. Holly is not looking forward to tonight's tribal council even though she has the immunity necklace which will keep her safe from the vote. But still, Holly wants to play the game and align herself with the former La Flor members to vote out either Dan or Yve. Holly would like to see Dan leave the game due to his desire to quit. Benry would like to see Yve get voted out because she's a good player and she has a good chance of making it far in the game. Chase seems to be on the fence with who he wants to see go. He seems committed to the plan to oust either Dan or Yve, but he is having trouble trusting the people in his own alliance. Even though he trusts Naonka fully, he feels that Alina and Benry could flip on him at any moment and he's quite upset about that. However, Nay talks with him privately and gets him back on track for taking out either Dan or Yve. Nay argues that Dan should go because his knees are very weak, so much so that she says "Sooner or later, he's about to be walking on nubs". Lol. But things seem to take a turn when Yve decides to make a play in order to save herself. Yve tells Alina and Naonka that she knows the older tribe members on La Flor better than they know themselves and that this info might be beneficial to the former La Flor members later down the road. However, Yve's comment here seems to backfire on her. Instead of Alina and Naonka wanting to use Yve to get info from the former Espada members on La Flor, both girls now feel that Yve's statement means that she'll be more likely to align herself with Marty and Jill on the other side when the merge comes. Alina says that gives her and Naonka a perfect reason to get rid of Yve and not keep her. Chase seems to feel the same way when he's seen talking with Naonka and Holly later on. He wants Yve out due to how crafty she is and the potential she has of aligning with people on the other tribe. Naonka tells Chase to follow his gut, not his heart, and she'll do whatever everyone decides. Meanwhile, Yve voices over that she hopes Dan goes tonight, but he always seems to have a little angel on his shoulder that keeps him safe every tribal council despite his weak health. Yve is hoping that Dan's luck will rub off on her tonight and that she will be the safe one and not Dan. It seems pretty clear that either Dan or Yve will be leaving the game tonight. Who will it be? Let's get to tribal council and found out.

We have now arrived at the Espada tribal council. The La Flor tribe (minus Kelly B.) is present at the Espada tribal council due to having won the reward earlier in this episode. The La Flor tribe eats cabobs in front of the Espada tribe while they have their tribal council. Jeff asks Chase if it's hard to see La Flor eating food right in front of them. Chase says that it's very hard to watch them eat and he turns his head away, trying not to look at La Flor eat food. Naonka is also looking away from La Flor. Jeff rubs a little salt in Espada's wound when he asks Fabio how the food is and he replies by saying "It's soooo good!!!". Naonka comes back with a jab at Fabio when she tells Jeff "You would ask him, huh?" Lol. I don't think Naonka and Fabio are going to be friends anytime soon, lol. Getting to the dirt now, Jeff asks Dan if he has said in the past that he wants to quit. Dan responds by saying that he's never wanted to quit the game (which is a complete lie). Yve tries to counter this by saying that Dan does nothing but complain about the weather all day and that he does want to quit the game. Dan then says that Yve is arrogant and Yve fires back by saying that she doesn't talk about how many cars or homes she has like he does. Dan and Yve seem to be having a war of words here in a desperate attempt to stay safe tonight. Either Dan or Yve will be voted out of the tribe, but the question is who will it be? After the tribe casts their votes, it becomes clear. By a unanimous vote, Yve is the seventh person voted out of Survivor Nicaragua. The former La Flor members and Holly were just too much for Yve to handle.

survivor-nicaragua-Yve_Rojas1.jpg Yve-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateYve was kind of a wild card this season since we really didn't get to see all that much of her until this episode. She seemed to be doing fairly well in the old Espada tribe. She was never considered as a target back then and seemed to always vote with the majority in order to keep herself safe. However, the tribe switch last episode changed all that. Holly gained power from that switch and that put Yve on the wrong side of the votes. Yve was not informed of Tyrone's ouster last episode and instead, she voted with him in trying to get out Naonka. This put Yve in a bad spot that she couldn't come out from. Her statement to Alina and Naonka about knowing former Espada members on the other tribe sunk her ship even deeper. Finally, her strength and strategic acuity scared everyone enough that she had to be the next to go. I don't think Yve played a bad game, but she definitely got caught up in some bad circumstances after the tribe switch which sent her game out of the window. Did the tribe make the right call in voting Yve out? I would say yes and no. It was very good to get her out because she is a good player and this gives the young kids more of a chance of going far in the game with Yve out of the running. However, it was also a bad call because getting Yve out keeps Dan in for yet another round. Dan is pretty much on his last legs and yet, he still continues to survive tribal council after tribal council somehow. Dan's non-threatening nature and his social skills are keeping him alive, but his lack of physical ability is severely bringing his tribe down. Also factor in his desire to quit and that also doesn't help the Espada tribe as a whole either. Well, what's done is done. Taking out Yve is both a good and bad call, which makes the decision a 50/50 in my book. Yve was a great contestant to have on the show. I enjoyed watching her subtlety in playing the game while also being aggressive at the same time. She is also very good looking for her age as well, which I think is pretty cool. I was kind of hoping Yve would win the whole thing, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. She was a great player and it was good watching her on the show this season.

Well, that ends my review of this episode. The game's heating up and I'm definitely looking forward to next week. Till then. :-)



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October 28, 2010
Another great review! I can't believe Kelly B. got voted out. This seems rather early in the game still too! When do they start putting people on the council? The women look particularly bone skinny this season...always makes me nervous when they don't have a little bit of meat on them!
October 29, 2010
Yeah, I was shocked when Kelly B. got voted out. It seemed so out of left field and it was such a bad strategic move on their part. I also didn't like how her leg was one of the reasons she was targeted. I understand them being concerned about a sympathy vote for her at the end and all, that makes sense. But it really was a small matter at this point considering that there were clearly bigger fish to fry than her. I don't know, getting rid of her was a stupid move in my opinion. They usually start putting people on the jury when there are about 12 people or so left in the game. Right now, there are 13 contestants left, so they'll probably be putting people on the jury fairly soon. Yeah, the women are pretty skinny this season. Most of them were skinny going in and now, they're even skinnier. The men aren't doing that well either, but they generally seem to look healthier than the women from what I've seen so far this season.
October 29, 2010
Yeah, that is pretty lame of them to make the excuse about it being her leg. It shows that they are cowards. Would have been nice if she could have made it to the jury at least. Yeah, I think I would be grossed out by the chicks this season. They all look creepy!
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2 Ratings: -0.5
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 6
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 6
Original Air Date: October 20th, 2010
Description: The Sixth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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