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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 7

2 Ratings: -0.5
The Seventh Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

A public display of affection causes one contestant to doubt the intentions of another.

1 review about Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 7

"Bon Appetit!"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7

  • Nov 3, 2010
  • by
This season of Survivor continues onward with the seventh installment. The game has definitely taken a turn after the tribal shuffle that occurred a couple of episodes back. Many of our players have had their game plan disrupted in a major way due to the reorganization of the two tribes. The Espada tribe certainly felt the effects of this change in the game. Holly, who was targeted to be the next person voted off, gained power after the tribe switch when she joined forces with the former members of the La Flor tribe in voting Yve out of the game. Marty and Jill, who were once in power on the Espada tribe, found themselves to be in danger of being voted off when they joined the La Flor tribe. It looked as if Marty and Jill's number was up last episode, but Brenda decided to target Kelly B. instead and she sent her home. Will Marty and Jill survive this next round or will one of them be sent home? Will Dan's lack of physical ability finally be his undoing over on the Espada tribe? We'll find out the answer to these questions and more as we review this latest episode of Survivor.  

6_10_display.jpg Dan-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 (sort of) picture by DolygateThe episode begins with the Espada tribe returning home after tribal council. Dan hugs every one of his tribemates and he says that he is grateful to still be in the game for another round. Dan then calls himself "Teflon Dan" (which is a pun of the phrase "Teflon Don" that John Gotti used back in the day) since people always try to vote him out, but it never works and he always lives to fight another day, lol. Chase then says in his confessional that even though Dan is an extreme liability in physical challenges, he still feels that the tribe made the right decision keeping Dan in the game. We hear Chase further cement this point when we see him talking privately with both Naonka and Holly. He tells both of them that keeping Dan in the game benefits them because he won't be a threat in a merge situation. Naonka and Holly both seem to agree with Chase's assessment here. Chase then tells Naonka and Holly that Alina should be the next person that gets voted off of the tribe. Naonka is fully on board with this idea. In a confessional, Naonka states that Alina is untrustworthy because she has eyes that can see right through you. Naonka would love nothing more than to see Alina be the next person to leave the game. I kind of agree with Chase and Naonka's reasoning here. Even though Dan probably should have been voted off a long time ago, there's no point in going after someone who's not going to be a major threat down the road. Alina, however, has the ability to take the game into her own hands if she gets the right people on her side. Alina is far more dangerous than Dan and it is definitely in Chase and Naonka's best interest to get Alina out of the game as soon as possible. Will Alina survive until the next round or is her goose cooked? We'll see what happens a little later on.

It's now time to head over to the La Flor tribe as they are returning to their camp after tribal council. Marty is completely shocked that he's still in the game and that Kelly B. is the one who got the boot. Jill then asks Sash why he lied to both Marty and her by saying that Jane was the one going home tonight instead of Kelly B.. Sash answers the question by saying that they were just trying to flush out the idol and that he wanted to give Marty and Jill as little information as possible about Kelly B.'s departure in order to save themselves. In a confessional, Marty states that he had a gut feeling that told him not to play his hidden idol and luckily, he listened to that feeling and survived the vote. However, Marty is quite upset at Jane for voting against him at the last tribal council and he voices his disapproval to Jane loud and clear the next morning. Marty tells Jane that he has never lied to her, never misrepresented her, never voted her out, and never told other people to vote her out. Marty then says that Brenda is the one who made him look bad at the last tribal council (by saying that Marty wanted Jane out) and that Jane should have voted Brenda out instead because she can't be trusted. Jane doesn't seem to really care about what Marty has to say here and she laughs him off. This ticks off Marty quite a bit and he complains to Jill about how untrustworthy Jane is. I think Marty made a big mistake here confronting Jane like this. Marty is in a very bad spot right now and he needs Jane to help him get out of it. But going up to Jane and attacking her because she voted for you is not smart game play. In survivor, you never want to alienate someone who could potentially help you get farther in the game and the more Marty criticizes Jane, the more he alienates her which doesn't help his own situation at all. Even though Marty is right about Brenda being a liar, it still doesn't mean that he should attack Jane for what she did since Jane could be an effective ally to him if he just would treat her with a little more respect. Has Marty sunk his own ship over this incident? We'll see soon enough. All I'll say for now is that this is not the only stupid thing that Marty does in this episode. Stay tuned.

7_11_display.jpg Reward Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 picture by DolygateIt's now time for the reward challenge. There is a large pool with a small platform in the middle, a big net on one side of the pool, and a ramp on the other side of the pool. One tribe member will stand on the small platform in the middle of the pool. That person will be the goalie. Someone from the opposing tribe will be on the ramp and that person will be the one trying to score. The person trying to score will run down the ramp and try to throw a ball into the net on the other side of the pool. If that player can successfully throw the ball into the net, they will score a point for their tribe. However, the goalie from the other tribe will try and block the ball from reaching the net. The teams will trade off back and forth between trying to score and trying to defend the goal. The first tribe to score five points will win this week's reward, which is a Nicaraguan farm experience. The winning tribe will get to go on a scenic horseback ride. They'll then get to eat a breakfast of tortillas, eggs, cheese, and milk that they will milk from the cow itself. This sounds like a pretty awesome reward, so let's get to the results. When it's all said and done, the Espada tribe wins the challenge and receives the awesome reward. La Flor looks pretty devastated after this loss. This challenge seemed pretty fun. Jeff mentioned on his blog that they couldn't do this challenge out in the ocean due to the weather conditions, so the Survivor staff had to create a makeshift pool instead. The ingenuity of the challenge creators is pretty amazing to see. Anyway, this was a great challenge and it was fun to watch.

99280_D16677c_display.jpg Alina-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 (sort of) picture by DolygateIt's now time to join the Espada tribe as they enjoy their hard earned reward. We see the tribe members each riding a horse down a trail in the forest. They all seem to be enjoying this relaxing horseback ride. Chase in particular is very moved by this experience. Chase's dad passed away not too long ago and one of the things that his dad loved to do was go on horseback rides. Chase says that riding this horse reminded him of his dad and the memories that they had together. Aaawww, that's very sweet. Next, we see the Espada tribe members attempt to milk a cow. Dan does some milking first and he is surprisingly pretty good at it. Naonka, however, is not so lucky. She tries to squeeze the milk out of the cow's nipple, but nothing comes out. The trainer has to help Naonka get the milk out properly. Naonka later says in a confessional that she's not a farm girl and that this is not her thing. Truer words were never spoken, lol. Later, the Espada tribe sits down to eat a big breakfast. Holly says that after 17 days of having little food, her body started to shake when she saw all that food in front of her. Holly tells her other tribe members that the whole Survivor experience should make them all more appreciative of having a good meal like this. Alina begins to cry tears of joy when she starts eating the food in front of her. Holly goes over and hugs Alina in order to comfort her. Naonka, however, is not buying Alina's crying act. Naonka believes that Alina is faking her tears in order to gain sympathy from the other tribe members. Naonka is now more sure than ever that Alina should be the next one to leave the game. Sorry, but I disagree with Naonka here. Alina was clearly very happy at seeing all of the food and all Naonka could think about was how she could use that moment to screw Alina over. Naonka is just a terribly mean person. I can't even put it into words. Everyone else this season is pretty nice for the most part, but Naonka is just way too nasty and cutthroat at times. I'm really getting tired of her. But the fact is Naonka is in a position of power and Alina is clearly on the outs. It may be only a matter of time before Alina's torch is snuffed out for good. Stay tuned.

99280_D16370_display.jpg Jane-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 (sort of) picture by DolygateHeading back over to the La Flor tribe, we see Jane off by herself trying to catch some fish in a pond. Jane says that she's a farm girl and that she has never quit at anything in her life. Jane does not like Marty and Jill because she feels that they don't value her as a person. However, Jane loves the younger members on the La Flor tribe because they respect her. Jane comments that she does a lot of work around camp while the young kids sleep all day, but she doesn't mind. As long as the La Flor tribe continues to win challenges, that's all that Jane cares about. Sash seems to confirm Jane's thoughts on the tribe when he says privately that he lets the old people do all the work while he lays around and gets food. Sash has no desire to work hard and instead, only cares about who's loyal to him and how to stay in control of the game. Sash may not want to work hard, but Jane is still working hard by herself trying to fish and eventually, she catches a big one. Jane catches a fish all by herself and decides not to tell anyone else about it. Jane runs off deep into the woods, starts a small campfire, and begins to cook the fish alone. Jane does not want to share this fish with the other tribe members because she feels that she has worked hard around camp and this is her reward for all her troubles. Jane then says "Bon Appetit!" to the camera and begins to eat the fish, lol. Jane is a pretty cool person. She's a hard worker, but she also seems to understand the game pretty well also. She's a valuable asset to everyday camplife and she is also a crucial swing vote at the moment. The La Flor kids want to align with Jane. Marty and Jill want to align with Jane. Jane is everybody's best friend, but she's also smart enough to know that ultimately, she can only trust herself in this game. I don't think Jane will win the game, but I don't think she will be voted out anytime soon either. Let's keep an eye on Jane as the season progresses and see how her game pans out.

It is now time for this week's immunity challenge. Two tribe members from each tribe will stand at the top of a small tower. The other four tribe members on each tribe will be holding up a large chute with ropes from down below. The two tribe members on top of the tower must take small cannonballs and roll them down the chute in order to try and break five tiles on the ground. The first tribe to break all five tiles will win immunity and be safe from tonight's vote. The losing tribe will have a date with Jeff, where one person will be voted off of the tribe. Benry and Alina are standing at the top of the tower for Espada while Brenda and Purple Kelly are at the top of the tower for La Flor. Both pairs on top of the tower try hard to direct their tribemates down below in how they should position the chute so that the cannonball that they send down the chute will have the best chance at hitting the tiles. This is a challenge of concentration and it takes a long time for this competition to wrap up, but when it's all over, Espada pulls through with the victory and receives immunity. La Flor must head to tribal council where they must vote one person out of the game. I liked that this challenge was a little bit slower and didn't require the contestants to compete against each other at top speed. It was also a thinking oriented challenge too which I would like to see more of in Survivor. I also don't think we've had this challenge before, but I could be wrong on that one, I'm not sure. Either way, I enjoyed this challenge and I hope to see it performed again in the future.

8_8_display.jpg Sash- Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 (sort of) picture by DolygateWe head back to the La Flor tribe as they return to camp after losing the immunity challenge. Now they must vote someone out of the tribe. Brenda, Sash, Purple Kelly, and Fabio are in the shelter talking amongst themselves about how tonight's vote will go down. They all agree that Marty will most likely use his hidden immunity idol tonight, so they decide the best way to neutralize the idol is to split the vote. They'll cast 3 votes for Marty and 2 votes for Jill. That way, if Marty uses the idol to save himself, they'll still have enough votes to possibly get Jill out of the game as a backup. Jane is fully on board with this plan and she can not wait to play her role in voting out either Marty or Jill tonight. As this plan is being finalized, Sash comes up with an even better idea. Sash tells his alliance buddies that he is going to ask Marty to give him his immunity idol as a gesture of good will. If Marty gives Sash his idol, then Sash will promise Marty that he won't be voted out tonight and that they'll go after Jill instead. The moment that Sash said this, I thought to myself "Marty can't be this stupid. No reasonably sane person would fall for this line of garbage. Who in their right mind would give their own idol over to the enemy?". I didn't think there was any way in hell that Sash would be able to convince Marty to give his idol to him. No one could be that idiotic. No one could be that brain dead. Well, guess what, ladies and gentleman.......MARTY GAVE SASH HIS IDOL!!!!! Yep. That's not a joke. That's not a typo. Mr. "Super Genius" himself Marty handed over the idol to Sash just because Sash asked him for it. Wow. Talk about complete stupidity at its finest. What the hell is Marty thinking? Later, Sash chuckles to himself in a confessional. Sash is happy that he has Marty's idol now and Sash also says that Marty made the biggest mistake in the game by giving him the idol. Gee, ya think??? My god in heaven, Marty is a complete idiot!!!!! Why in the bluest of blue hell would you give your only saving grace over to a guy who has the desire and the means to vote you out anytime he wants???  That's like being stranded in the ocean and handing your lifevest over to a guy sitting on board a comfortable air conditioned ship. Then the person on the ship drives away in laughter while you drown out in the middle of the ocean. This move makes NO sense!!!! It's utterly moronic on every level. Marty has made one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history and he very well could pay for it at tonight's tribal council if the La Flor tribe decides to go against their word and vote Marty out. Marty is looking completely doomed here due to his own stupidity. Let's get to tribal and see what happens.

We have now arrived at the tribal council for this episode. Marty and Jill reveal at tribal council that they both feel as though they're on the outs with the rest of the tribe. Everyone pretty much seems to agree with that statement. Later, Sash reveals to everyone at tribal council that Marty gave him his idol. Everyone looks shocked. Marty says he might have made a bad call by giving Sash the idol, but he stands by his decision (Marty is truly a moron. He's going to stand by an idiotic move like that? Are you kidding me? Ay-yi-yi!!!). Now it's time for the votes. Who will be going home tonight? Marty and Jill vote out Jane. Fabio and Jane vote out Marty. Brenda and Sash vote out Jill. Purple Kelly is the only person left and she casts her vote for.......Jill. Jill is the eighth person voted out of Survivor Nicaragua. Sash and company have kept their word to Marty and allowed him to remain in the game. But Marty's best friend in the game is now on a one way ticket back home.

survivor-nicaragua-Jillian_Behm1.jpg Jill-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateJill was a pretty good contestant this season. She performed very well at most of the challenges and she seemed to be pretty good at strategizing as well. Jill has received a lot of criticism from fans this season because many people feel that Jill was Marty's lackey and never tried to do anything for herself. I suppose that is true for the most part, but Jill was smart to stay aligned with Marty throughout the game. It allowed her to remain on the dominant alliance on the old Espada tribe and be in a position where she could help control the votes and stay safe from elimination. But when the tribe switch happened, both Marty and Jill suddenly found themselves in danger. Perhaps at that point, Jill could've tried to form an alliance with Jane or she could've tried to become more friendly with the kids on La Flor since they are the ones in charge of the votes. But Jill didn't really do any of those things. She stuck to Marty like glue and got voted out because of it. I think Jill played a good game for the first few days, but after the tribe switch, she should've distanced herself a bit from Marty and that could've bought her more time. Also, let's not forget that back on Episode 2, Jill pretty much told Marty where the idol was hidden and thereby gave it to him. If Jill had kept that info to herself, she would've had the idol instead of Marty and maybe she would still be in the game. But that didn't happen since Jill once again deferred to Marty like she always does. I don't think Jill's a bad game player, but she also could have done much, much better overall. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting Jill out? I would say yes for the most part. Jill was not in the dominant alliance on La Flor, she was good at winning challenges, so she had to go. My only complaint is that Marty should have gone home instead. He's much more sneakier than Jill is and it would have been awesome to see Marty's whole plan of giving up the idol blow up in his face by seeing him leave the game tonight. Even though Marty somehow survived this round, giving up his idol was beyond stupid and I guarantee you that move will come back to haunt Marty sooner than later. Anyway, Jill was a great contestant who didn't play the best game, but tried as hard as she could. She will be missed.

This concludes my review for Episode 7 of Survivor Nicaragua. I'm looking forward to next week. Till then. :-)

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November 08, 2010
Between your reviews and Adri's on this reality series, I am getting so much info that I feel that I can easily catch up to the current episodes without being lost. EXCELLENT review!!
November 10, 2010
Yeah, I try to be as thorough as I can with the reviews so that people can have a good idea what happened in the episode. Then, when people read the next review, the reader will have a good idea where they are in the series without being confused. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading! :-)
November 05, 2010
Great review, Pard. I loved the action shot you had from the reward challenge. Sounds like things are really getting heated. I'm surprised that Dan and Marty are surviving, like Aerin mentioned. The game is sometimes unpredictable I guess, helped out by the tribes getting switched around. Look forward to the next installment. :)
November 06, 2010
Well, I wanted to get a better shot of the reward challenge, but that picture was really all I had to work with. It's a great shot, but I would've loved having a picture that showed the whole reward challenge area and not just one person throwing a ball. I had almost nothing to work with picture wise this week since CBS didn't put up very many photos from this episode. So I had to improvise and use some pictures from Episodes 5 and 6 for this review. I hate doing that, but you can only work with what you have, lol. It's amazing that Marty and Dan have lasted this long. Dan in particular is the most surprising since it seemed almost certain he was going home a few times, but he always makes it through and survives some kind of way. He's got a good social game and he is not considered a threat, so that is helping him a lot right now. Marty also keeps surviving somehow. He really screwed up by giving his idol away, though. He looks like he is in pretty bad shape at the moment, but we'll see what happens. You're right, the game is very unpredictable. That's one of the reasons why I like this show so much, lol. Thanks for reading!!! :-)
November 06, 2010
Yeah, the larger schemes of the whole playing field makes it easier for us to picture what the activity was really like. That's unfortunate that CBS didn't have any photos for their website. That's strange. I wonder why there were so few choices. Does that happen often? I don't remember having trouble finding images I wanted to use when I was reviewing last season's episodes.

Yeah, that was a really stupid move of Marty. I'm sure the viewing audience were screaming no and calling him an idiot, lol!

And, no problem! I love reading all your reviews. They are very informative and entertaining! :)
November 07, 2010
Yeah, that's why I wanted a larger picture of the reward challenge area so that the reader could picture what the challenge looked like. But all CBS had was close up photos of people jumping and throwing the ball, so that's all I could work with. CBS has been pretty good this season about putting up a lot of episode photos with the exception of this one episode. Last season was very hit or miss for me in terms of photos. Sometimes CBS would put up a ton of photos from an episode and other times, they'd put up hardly anything at all. But this season, they've been better about getting a lot of photos up for the most part. The shortage of photos happened more often last season than this season for the most part, I'd say. Maybe you're better at finding photos than I am, so that might be why you had no issues with that last season, lol.

Yeah, Marty dug his own grave when he gave away the idol. I think it might easily be the dumbest move ever in the history of the show. Even though this type of thing has happened in the past, the difference is that the people who gave away immunity back then thought that they were handing it to an ally only to discover later that it was a trick. Remember last season when J.T. gave his idol to Russell thinking he was in danger when in reality, Russell had orchestrated the whole thing and then blindsided J.T. by voting him out? Well, at least in that scenario, J.T. thought that Russell was an ally and based on what he knew up to that point, it was a pretty reasonable idea to give Russell his idol in order to try and swing the game in his favor. However, Marty's situation is very different. Marty knows damn well that Sash is not an ally and he also knows that Sash has tried to vote him off in the past. Given all of this, he STILL hands him the idol and puts himself in an even worse spot than he is already. Wow, that was stupid. Jesus Christ, lol.
November 08, 2010
Hm. Interesting take on behalf of CBS. I wonder why they focused on close-ups for this episode. I do admit it was a great action shot, though. LOL! I didn't realize you were having trouble. Personally, I always thought your photos were better than mine. So, maybe all the extra work you put in paid off for your reviews. 

Yeah, I remember that scene very fondly. Even though J.T. thought Russell was an ally, I still thought it was the dumbest move ever! LOL! I guess it's a little less dumb when you consider that J.T. was trusting his "ally." Yeah, you would think this guy knew better. Maybe he is thinking that his kindness will change Sash to an ally. I can't justify his reasoning otherwise...just so random and dumb!
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2 Ratings: -0.5
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 7
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 7
Original Air Date: October 27th, 2010
Description: The Seventh Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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