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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 9

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The Ninth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

A castaway makes a difficult decision that lets another castaway devise a strategy to flush out the hidden immunity idol.

1 review about Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 9

"I Think I'm Speechless"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9

  • Nov 17, 2010
  • by

We have arrived at Episode 9 of Survivor Nicaragua and at this point, the game has entered a brand new phase. We began the game with two separate tribes (Espada and La Flor), each consisting of ten people. Then the two tribes were rearranged and new relationships were formed. After numerous tribal councils, both teams dwindled down to six members each. In the last episode, the two tribes officially merged into one and now it's every man and woman for themselves. We have officially reached the halfway point of Survivor Nicaragua and now, we're at a whole new phase in the game. Things are due to get very interesting now that the merger has occurred. We saw traces of this last episode when the merged "Libertad" tribe went to their very first tribal council together. All indications seemed to suggest that Marty would be leaving last week, but lo and behold, our "master strategist" (note the sarcasm) survived yet again and Alina was sent packing instead. Marty has had an enormous target on his back for the last few episodes and yet, he always seems to pull through and stay in the game. Will Marty survive this round also or has his swan song finally been sung? We'll find out the answer to this question and more as we enter the second half of Survivor Nicaragua.

Jane-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Jane-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateThe episode begins with the Libertad tribe returning home to camp after their first tribal council. Many people within the tribe are appalled at some of the nasty comments that Marty made to Jane at that last tribal council (Last episode, Marty said that Jane should be voted off because if she makes it to the end, then she'll win the game due to having the best sob story, which is that her husband is dead and she needs the money). Naonka in particular isn't all that impressed with how Marty conducted himself this evening. Naonka says that Jane took the verbal attack pretty well, but if Nay were in Jane's position, she would have come back at him really hard and not let him get away with talking to someone like that. Later, we see Brenda, Chase, and Jane sitting together. Both Brenda and Chase still seem shocked that Marty would go off like that at tribal and Chase comforts Jane by telling her to not let Marty's comments get to her. Later, Jane gives us her thoughts on Marty in a confessional. She says that Marty is a jackass for attacking her and she also says that Marty can't beat her physically or mentally when it comes to anything. Jane is determined to play the game the way she wants to play it and she firmly believes that Marty's days in this game are numbered. I have to applaud Jane here. She's sticking up for herself and not letting Marty have his way with her. It's very obvious that Jane is a very strong person who won't take crap from anyone. Throughout all of the constant verbal bullying that Marty have inflicted upon her since the beginning of the game, she has always stood her ground and remained strong. Jane has more reason to dislike Marty than anyone else out there and she's not afraid to do something about it. I believe that Jane is 100% justified in her hatred of Marty and I agree that she is a much stronger person than Marty is. If anyone can get Marty out of this game, it's her. But the question is will her wish come true? Will Marty be walking out of the game sooner rather than later? Stay tuned.

Marty-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Marty-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateThe next morning, we see Marty and Sash talking to each other near the water hole. Marty asks Sash if he knows who casted a vote against him at last night's tribal council. Marty thinks it might have been Chase, but Sash says it was Holly who casted the vote (it was actually Jane who voted against him, which shouldn't be all that surprising, lol). Marty then says that Chase has half a brain since he didn't vote against him last night (sure. In Marty's crazy deluded world, anyone who dares to cast a vote against him is committing an immortal sin and must be severely punished. Marty, the world does not revolve around you. Grow up, lol.) Marty then voices over in a confessional that he hates playing the game with stupid people (so I guess you must hate playing the game with yourself then Marty since you are King Stupid Extraordinare) and that he wants to do something about it by trying to get Jane voted off. Marty talks with Dan and Benry in private and the three of them begin to formulate a plan to try and get Jane out of the game. Marty tells the two of them that the only way to get rid of Jane is to tell everyone that they should vote Naonka out of the game. This will cause Naonka to use her hidden immunity idol to protect herself and once that happens, Marty's alliance can swiftly vote Jane out of the game instead. Jane is sitting nearby as Marty is attempting to plot her demise. Jane overhears Marty's conversation with Dan and Benry about voting her out and she doesn't like it one bit. Jane says that she wishes that she could take Marty to the woodshed and whoop his ass for the way he's treated her, lol. Again, I don't blame Jane for feeling that way. Marty is just incredibly stupid when you get right down to it. Does this man have ANY idea how to play this game? He's doing so many things wrong I don't even know where to start. First of all, Marty should be trying to get either Brenda or Sash voted off since they both pretty much control the tribe and are also coming after him. But what does our resident "genius" do instead? He decides to go after Jane just because he doesn't like her. Yeah, that's real smart (rolls eyes). Second of all, he's rude, arrogant, and thinks he's always right. Third of all, if you're going to plot against Jane, don't stand so damn close to her when you do it!!!! (Jane does have ears, you know. lol) This man is digging his own grave deeper and deeper with every passing week. It's a miracle he's lasted this long. How much longer will Marty fumble his way through this game? Only time will tell.

RewardChallenge-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Reward Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateIt's now time for this week's reward challenge. The tribe will be split into two teams, with each team consisting of five people. Both teams will compete against each other in a physical obstacle course. As each team is running the course, they must collect three keys which are located at different checkpoints throughout the course. Once a team has ran the course and collected all three keys, that team must use the three keys to unlock three locks located at the end of the course. Once all three locks have been undone, that team's flag will be raised. The first team to have their flag raised will win this week's reward, which is a ride on a zip line high above the nicaraguan jungle. In addition to this, the winning team will also receive a lunch that includes chicken, steak, chips, apple pie, soda, and cold beer. Sounds like a pretty good reward, so let's get to the challenge. The two teams are randomly selected and amazingly, it comes out to be men vs. women (that's quite a coincidence, lol). The only person who is not selected to be on a team is Chase (There are 11 contestants and only five can be on each team, so one person has to sit out and it happens to be Chase). Chase now has the option of selecting what team he wants to support and if Chase picks the winning team, he'll be able to go on the reward with them. Surprisingly, Chase decides to support the women's team. Did Chase make a good decision? Well, the answer is pretty much no. After the challenge is done and over with, the men come out on top and win the reward. The men get to enjoy the zip line ride and a big lunch while the women (and Chase) must go back to camp with nothing. This was a pretty intense challenge. It was more physical than some of the other challenges we've had this season, but I enjoyed watching it. I also don't blame Chase for choosing the girls. I probably would've done the same thing. It might be stupid to pick the girls over the guys in a physical challenge like this, but I like supporting the underdogs, so I would have no problem with that, lol. Overall, this was a well done challenge. It wasn't anything really unique or different, but it was fun to watch.

ZipLine-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Zip Line-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateNow it's time to join up with the men as they enjoy their well earned reward. We first see the men zip line across the jungle. They each go across the zip line one at a time and they are all very high up in the air as they are doing this. Benry says that he couldn't ask for a better group of guys to share this reward with. Dan shows off his comedic skills by saying that there are no zip lines in brooklyn where he comes from and if there are, you're a burglar, lol. Marty says that this experience is very symbolic for him. He enjoys having the day off and being free for once. Later, the guys get together for a huge lunch and this is where Marty begins to truly plant the seeds of his plan to oust Jane. He runs the plan by all of the guys sitting there eating with him and they all seem to agree that getting Jane out is a good idea. As they continue to eat, Fabio asks Sash if he can reassure Brenda that they want her in the game. Fabio believes that if Sash can make Brenda comfortable with her spot in the game, then Sash can also convince Brenda to help Marty and the guys vote out Jane. Sash says that the plan to vote out Jane is a good one and that he'll talk to Brenda about it. But privately, Sash says that ultimately, the guys are not in control, he and Brenda are. Sash says that he and Brenda will be the ones deciding who goes home next, not the guys. Marty seems to be making a lot of progress here. He's convinced several people now that Jane should be the next to go and even Sash seems to support the idea. But I do believe that Sash is definitely the one in control and he has much more of a final say in what happens than Marty does. Sash is mulling over the idea of sending Jane home and it's looking like a real possibility now. Could Jane's days in this game be coming to an end? We'll find out a little later on.

Chase-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Chase-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateBack at camp, the women thank Chase for choosing their team even though they lost the reward challenge. Chase says that he chose the women's team in the reward challenge because he wanted to let them know that he trusts them and he hopes that this decision will get him further in the game. Brenda, however, feels differently about Chase's decision to side with the girls. Brenda says that Chase made a bad choice because it was based entirely on emotions. She then says that Chase doesn't make smart moves in this game at all. Later, Chase and Holly talk privately amongst themselves. They both agree that Marty should be the next to go, but Chase is worried that Brenda will flip on them and align herself with Marty. Becoming more worried, Chase then goes to Naonka and asks her if they can continue to trust Brenda in this game. Naonka tells Chase that Brenda's been trustworthy the whole time and that's not going to change now. Naonka also tells Chase to not bug Brenda about this and he says that he won't. However, Chase bugs her anyway a little bit later when he asks Brenda if the plan to get rid of Marty is still in effect. Brenda doesn't give a straight answer to Chase about this and Chase tells Brenda over and over that she seems unsure about the plan now. Brenda becomes annoyed by Chase constantly questioning her about the plan and she then proceeds to criticize Chase in a confessional. She says that Chase may have all those muscles, but he doesn't have the alpha male control that he should have because he's too paranoid. Brenda then says that Chase cries like a baby all the time and she is sick of his whining to her. Naonka follows it up by saying that Chase may be the next person to go if he keeps being paranoid and questioning Brenda's behavior. Even though Chase is in the dominant alliance right now, this act of confronting Brenda might have put him in a very difficult spot. Chase has never been a target up until now, but that might all change should Brenda and company decide that his paranoia is too much for the group. Could Chase's days of being cozy in the main alliance come to an end with this episode? We'll find out later.

ImmunityChallenge-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateWe have now arrived at this week's individual immunity challenge. Here, the survivors will undergo a memory test. They will be shown a series of symbols (the symbols are pictures of pirate related items such as a musket, coins, ship's wheel, dagger, etc...). The symbols will be shown to the survivors in a particular order. After Jeff shows the contestants the symbols, the survivors must pick up a cube that has a picture of each of the symbols and they must use the cube to repeat back to Jeff the symbols that he just showed to the group. Each Survivor must show Jeff the exact symbols that he showed them earlier and the symbols must also be in the correct order as well. If a contestant shows Jeff a symbol that is not in the correct order, that person will be eliminated. This process will continue until only one person is standing and that person will win individual immunity and be safe at tonight's tribal council. Everyone else will be eligible to be eliminated. As the challenge begins, many of the players are eliminated early. Eventually, Brenda and Marty are the last two standing. Only one of them will win immunity. Who will it be? Well, after it's all said and done, the winner is.....Brenda!!! Brenda has individual immunity and will be safe tonight. Marty came so close to winning this challenge, but it didn't pan out for him. Oh well. Someone's going home tonight and it definitely won't be Brenda, we know that. Memory competitions like this are always fun. I was playing along at home when I saw this challenge and I did pretty well. There's an easy trick I used for this when I was trying to remember the symbols. If you only remember the first letter of the symbol ("D" for dagger, "A" for Anchor, etc...), I found it was much easier to keep the order straight and remember everything since you're not memorizing as much. I did just as well as Brenda when I used that method, lol. Anyway, this was a cool challenge to watch. Again, this challenge is nothing groundbreaking or new for Survivor, but it still was a whole lot of fun.

The Libertad tribe returns to camp and now discussion begins on who will be the next person voted off. We see Benry and Fabio talking privately with each other away from camp. They both agree to go along with Marty's plan to vote out Jane. They feel that if they lay low and do what Marty says, then the target won't be on them, which is always a good thing. Later, Marty talks with Chase in an attempt to convince him to vote out Naonka (remember, Marty's plan is to tell everyone not in his group to vote Naonka out so that she'll use her idol on herself, which will allow Marty's group to vote out Jane). Marty tells Chase that Naonka can't be trusted because she stole food from the camp (which occurred last episode) and because of this, Naonka must leave immediately. Chase seems to agree with Marty here, but later, Chase tells Holly what he really thinks is going on. Chase believes that Marty's comments about Naonka are all a ruse in order for Marty to get out his real target, which is Jane (Chase has hit it right on the head. Smart boy, lol). Chase and Holly are both still gung ho on the plan to vote off Marty, but Chase is a little worried since Brenda hasn't talked to him today about it. He still believes that Brenda may flip and join Marty's ranks. Later, Chase's worst fears seem to be coming to light when Marty and Brenda have a private chat on the beach. Marty tells Brenda about the plan to get Jane out and Brenda seems to think it's a good idea. Afterwards, Brenda and Sash meet privately to discuss what they should do. Chase, Holly, and Jane all want Marty to be eliminated while Marty, Dan, Benry, and Fabio all want Jane to go home next. Brenda and Sash are in the middle (along with Purple Kelly and Naonka), so they will have the final say on whether Marty or Jane will go home. It's pretty clear at this point that either Marty or Jane will be the next out of the game. Which one will it be? Let's go to tribal council and find out.

NaonkaTribal-SurvivorNicaraguaEpisode9.jpg Naonka TC-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 9 picture by DolygateThis tribal council is one of the more interesting ones that I've witnessed and that's because Naonka decides to bring out her inner crazy in full force. Jeff Probst questions Naonka once again about why she decided to steal the tribe's food last episode and clearly, Naonka is sick of talking about it and lets Jeff know that. At this point, Marty chimes in and criticizes Naonka for the food theft. This unleashes a verbal tirade of epic proportions from Naonka. She cusses out Marty, calls him names, the whole nine yards. Then Fabio tries to help Marty out by also attacking Naonka's poor behavior and he gets a whole lot of Naonka lip as well. Naonka uses some more colorful language to describe both Marty and Fabio before her little tirade comes to an end. Jeff Probst is in such shock after this incident that he says "God, Naonka....I think I'm speechless". Jeff then goes on to say that he is stunned at how Naonka can just go off on people like this tribal after tribal and still be in the game. Naonka tells Jeff that she is who she is and if people don't like it, then they don't like it. Wow. Naonka must feel really secure in the game if she can let loose on people like that without having to worry about what will happen to her. I've never liked Naonka and this little display of hers here doesn't improve my opinion of her one bit, lol. Anyway, let's get to the votes. Either Marty or Jane will be leaving tonight. Who will it be? Well, after the votes are cast, it becomes clear. Marty, Dan, Benry and Fabio vote out Jane, but it's not enough. Everyone else votes out Marty. Marty is the tenth person voted off of Survivor Nicaragua and he is also the second member of the jury. The self proclaimed "Super Genius" of this season turned out not to be as smart as he once thought.

survivor-nicaragua-Marty_Piombo1.jpg Marty-Survivor Nicaragua picture by DolygateIf I could give out an award for the most idiotic player in Survivor history, Marty would most likely be the person I would hand that title to. The man is just incredibly dumb when it comes to playing this game. I will give him a little credit, though. On the old Espada tribe, Marty was able to gain control pretty quickly. He orchestrated the ousters of both Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy T thus solidifying his role as the strategic mastermind and leader of Espada. He also formed good relationships with Jill and Dan at the time as well which allowed him to maintain his control over that tribe. Marty had everything going for him at Espada. The game seemed to be in his back pocket. Nothing could go wrong. However, that quickly changed when the tribal switch happened. Suddenly, Marty found himself on the La Flor tribe in the minority. He came very close to getting booted off at his first La Flor tribal council, but luckily for him, Kelly B. got the boot instead. Knowing that he was the next to go, Marty does one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a player do on this show. He hands Sash his idol. Yeah. The brain dead moron hands his idol over to a guy who is clearly trying to vote him out. This is the point where it became very obvious to me that Marty is nowhere near being the mastermind that he thinks he is. After this, he decides to bully Jane and make her public enemy number one despite the fact that Marty's real target should have been Sash all along. Sash has been actively trying to get Marty out of the game ever since he stepped foot on La Flor and yet, Marty goes after Jane because he has some kind of vendetta against her (he tries to disguise his hatred for Jane as being "strategic", but no one is buying that number). God, what an idiot. I'm so happy that this half-baked, pompous numbskull is gone. Good riddance. Did the tribe make the right call in voting Marty out? Well, I'd have to say yes (and I wished they'd voted him out sooner, lol). Marty may not be all that intelligent, but he is someone who stirs things up unnecessarily. He's like a slightly tamer version of Naonka in that he just causes chaos wherever he goes and can't just sit still and be cool. You never really know what crazy scheme he's going to come up with next and that's why you can never really trust the guy. Without trust, you're no good to anybody in this game. As bad as Naonka is, she at least has people who can trust her. Marty has burned pretty much every bridge possible and all that will get him at the end of the day is a one way ticket out of the game. So long, Marty. I won't miss you. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Goodbye.

This concludes my review for Episode 9. I'll be back next week for Episode 10. Till then. :-)

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November 19, 2010
Three cheers--hip hip, hooray! It's a happy day now that Marty is gone, lol. Was anyone sad to see him leave?
November 19, 2010
Dan and Fabio looked kind of sad to see him go, but other than that, nobody else seemed all that upset about it. I know I loved every minute of it, lol. He really should have been voted out episodes ago. But hey, better late than never, I guess. lol. This episode did a great job with the editing. All throughout this episode, it looked as if Marty was getting the upper hand and that he would succeed in voting Jane out. As I was watching it, I was really starting to think that Jane might be on the verge of going. But then, we find out nothing's really changed and Marty ends up leaving the game anyway. It was definitely time for him to leave, so I'm glad he's out of there, lol. But yeah, this was a pretty good episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit!!! :-)
November 22, 2010
(laughs) I could just see you now totally enjoying the whole ordeal. I bet you had the funniest expression on your face. From your descriptions, I agree! He should have been voted out episodes ago. Yeah, sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles, lol! I love the twists that Survivor always throws at you. Sounds like one of the highlight episodes!
November 18, 2010
Wow- this is an incredibly detailed, in-depth review! Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to catch one of this season's shows but, after reading this- I can tell you I'm anti-Marty lol. By the way- I just started a new community on here Pass The Remote! There are a couple of badges for Reality TV, if you're interested :)
November 18, 2010
I just joined "Pass The Remote". Thanks for the invite to your community. Much appreciated. Yeah, Marty was kind of an arrogant jerk this season, so I was quite happy to see him go, lol. The badges sound pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll look into those later. Thanks for reading!!!! :-)
November 19, 2010
Thanks for joining! I look forward to reading more of your reviews :)
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 9
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 9
Original Air Date: November 10th, 2010
Description: The Ninth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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