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Six Feet Under - The Complete Second Season

1 rating: 5.0
A movie

Alan Ball's brilliantly original HBO series, about the members of a dynamic Los Angeles-based family that operates the Fisher and Sons Funeral Home, is back for a second season of dark humor and drama. Featuring stellar writing and directing, SIX … see full wiki

Cast: Lili Taylor
Release Date: 2002
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Six Feet Under - The Complete Second Season

Six Feet Under - Season 2

  • Aug 7, 2010
Pros: cast and writing absolutely dead on, outstanding series

Cons: none for me

The Bottom Line:
"Fall in the grave I've been digging myself
But there's room for two
Six feet under the stars"
~All Time Low

As innovative and bizarre as Six Feet Under Season 1 was, falling into Season 2 almost feels like returning home. A great deal of time was spent in the first season introducing us to the cast of characters and their particularities. Season 2 continues to flesh out the characters but it also delves deeper into the family business and the trials and tribulations of living with death.

Six Feet Under Season 2
episodes include:
In the Game
~Deceased: Rebecca Leah Milford, 1980-2001
~The circumstances: cocaine overdose in bar bathroom. Cocaine wins.

Out, Out, Brief Candle
~Deceased: Joshua Peter Lagmead, 1981-2001
~The circumstances: during football practice Joshua collapses from dehydration. Heat wins.

The Plan
~Deceased: Michael John Piper, 1952-2001
~The circumstances: cancer. Cancer wins.

Driving Mr. Mossback
~Deceased: Harold Mossback, February 1, 1942-September 18, 2001
~The circumstances: natural causes. Getting old ain’t for sissies.

The Invisible Woman
~Deceased: Emily Previn, July 14, 1954-September, 2001
~The circumstances: while dining alone, a piece of meat gets lodged in her airway. Meat wins.

In Place of Anger
~Deceased: Matthew Heath Collins, 1959-2001
~The circumstances: while at a party on a boat, funded by his company, Matthew is obviously drunk and drops his glass over the side of the boat. He falls overboard trying to retrieve drink. Boat propeller wins.

Back to the Garden
~Deceased: Jeffrey Marc Shapiro, 1963-2001
~The circumstances: while on his lunch break Jeffrey practices some asphyxiation therapy while watching adult videos. Oops.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
~Deceased: Jesse Ray Johnson, 1944-2001
~The circumstances: dressed in his Santa outfit, Jesse is on his way to the mall for his yearly duties, riding his Harley. Passing a group of young children he is distracted when he turns to wave at them and doesn’t see the truck barreling in his direction. Truck wins.

Someone Else’s Eyes
~Deceased: Dwight Edgar Garrison, 1945-2001
~The circumstances: wrong place, wrong time … Dwight is passing a construction site when a metal lunch bucket falls from the top of the building, hitting him square on the head. Lunch bucket wins.

The Secret
~Deceased: Benjamin Srisal, 1935-2002
~The circumstances: while rolling his garbage can to curbside, Benjamin suffers a heart attack. Trash can wins.

The Liar and the W_hore
~Deceased: Edith Kirky, 1929-2001
~The circumstances: originally believed to simply be old age, a hot dog is found jammed into Edith’s throat while the body is being prepared for viewing. Hot dog wins.

I’ll Take You
~Deceased: Leticia Perfect Perez, 1922-2002
~The circumstances: while resting under the hair dryer in the beauty shop, Leticia passes from natural causes. Bad perm wins?

The Last Time
~Deceased: Aaron Buchbinder, 1976-2002
~The circumstances: Aaron suffers from MS and it finally takes its toll. MS wins.

When we left Season 1, Nate and Brenda had been in an automobile accident. While Nate seems unharmed by comparison to Brenda, a MRI shows an abnormal spot in his brain. Further testing shows it is AVM, a potentially fatal tumor if not treated. Nate decides to forego treatment and attempts to hide the information from Brenda and his family.

An extended trip with Claire to Seattle, to retrieve a body, has him meet up with a former lover, Lisa, and he sleeps with her. On the return trip he has a seizure, eventually telling Claire about his illness. He also tells David but withholds the information from Brenda and his mother, Ruth. A few months later Lisa shows up in LA to work as a personal chef for some mucky-muck and she is obviously pregnant … with Nate’s child.

Rico has problems of his own when he thinks his wife is having an affair with his cousin. Sneaking home in the middle of the day, expecting to find the worst, he finds something even more dire, at least in his world. His cousin is making love to another man in his home.

Ruth’s friend, Robbie, has been attending a self-help group called The Plan and asks Ruth to attend his graduation. Ruth becomes interested in the concept and joins up, causing havoc around the homeplace as she attempts to re-work the foundation of her life. She also starts a heated affair with Nikolai and is soon embroiled in his financial problems.

David and Keith reunite, tentatively, and take Keith’s niece into their home, prompting a slew of problems about parenting.

Brenda has problems of her own when she gets overly involved with one of her massage customers, a prostitute, and decides to investigate the life herself. She says, in her own mind, it is for research for the book she is writing but it isn’t long before we realize Brenda has a deadly addiction.

Claire breaks it off with Gabe after she discovers he held up a corner grocery and starts to investigate her artistic side. Her aunt, Sara, a long lost sister of Ruth’s, makes a surprise visit and invites Claire up to her place in Tapenga Canyon. Ruth protests since this is where she feels Nate lost his virginity [which he did at age 15 thanks to one of Sara’s friends]. She also keeps in contact with Billy, Brenda’s schizophrenic brother and takes some entrancing photographs of him, at his request, to be used in his newest show.

When a former neighbor of Rico’s passes away, he is surprised to discover she left him a hefty sum. As his wife makes plans to spend it, he lends it to David and Nate for some much needed repairs to the business. His stipulation was they would make him a partner, his long awaited goal, which they do. Rico reminisces about he became involved in the funeral business after the death of his father.

Nate has been visiting a young man, Aaron Buchbinder, who is confined to a hospice. Having no family or friends left, Aaron is alone and Nate vows to visit him every day. Nate keeps his promise and learns a good deal about life and death he never realized before.

The powerful empire of Kroehner’s apparently bit off more than it could chew and files for Chapter 11, ending their year-long song and dance with Fisher and Sons.

Nate suffers a seizure while with Brenda and confesses to her about his illness. They come to a decision to end their relationship based on more than one thing and Nate decides to have the surgery to save his life. His daughter, Maya, is born, bringing him a new reason to live, so he has to tell his mother about the surgery. During surgery his heart stops, glowing white lights and all, and we see him boarding the same bus that took his father’s life a year before.

The stories in Season 2 became more about the funeral business than background on the participants in the business. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a full dose of Fisher’s because they are all over the place and so are the reoccurring dead, which is sometimes humorous.

The writing is spot on and the actors give they all to this show. At times Ruth and Claire bear a remarkable resemblance to each other, almost like they are related. Each, in their own way, exudes a sexuality that they aren’t aware of and sometimes they are absolutely beautiful. Other times they appear plain and dowdy.

I thoroughly enjoy this series and can’t wait for my Season 3 to start.


This is my submission to the captainD Good Movies Write-Off 3

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Six Feet Under - The Complete Second Season
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