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Six Feet Under - The Complete Third Season

1 rating: 5.0
A movie

Further matters of life and death (but mostly death) unfold in this third season of SIX FEET UNDER, from award-winning creator Alan Ball. With Rico (Freddy Rodriguez) getting his wish to be a partner in the business, Fisher & Sons has turned into … see full wiki

Release Date: 2003
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Six Feet Under - The Complete Third Season

Six Feet Under - Season 3

  • Aug 7, 2010
Pros: cast and writing absolutely dead on, outstanding series

Cons: none for me

The Bottom Line:
"It gained control of me
the dark side of my mind
this hollow shell
A body with no soul"
~Six Feet Under

After having a seizure in Brenda's presence, Nate finally decides it is time to do something about his AVM and decides to have an operation that could save his life.  The opening of Season 3 is quite different from the other two seasons since we 'do' but 'don't' have a death at the beginning of the show ...

Six Feet Under, Season 3 episodes include:
Perfect Circles
~Deceased: Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. 1965-2002
~The circumstances:  the rare episode that does not start with a death.  Instead we watch Nate, and his family, struggle with his own supposed death.  Later we realize it was part of a huge dream and we find him living with Lisa and Maya at the home of Lisa's mucky-muck chef position.

You Never Know
~Deceased: Andrew Wayne Milne 1952-2003, Matthew Clark Hazen 1978-2003, Martin Jacobs 1962-2003, and Daniel Grant Showalter1968-2003
~The circumstances: Daniel Grant Showalter, recently let go from his job, returns and opens fire on fellow ex-employees.  He kills 3 before killing himself.  Gun wins.

Ruth gets a call from her sister Sarah that she has fallen and needs a refill on her Vicodin.  Ruth makes a trip to Tapenga Canyon to deliver the drugs only to find Sarah restricted to bed, going through Vicodin withdrawal, with the help of her friend and caretaker, Bettina.  Bettina and Ruth hit it off and have a good time, ignoring Sarah's threats and pleas.

Kathy Bates joins the cast as Bettina.

The Eye Inside
~Deceased: Callie Rneee Morimer 1984-2003
~The circumstances:  while walking down a lonely street, Callie hears male voices calling out to her, frightening her.  She runs away but soon recognises the voices as friends and stops to talk to them.  Unfortunately, she is standing in the middle of the street.  Speeding car wins.

Bettina and Ruth's friendship deepens, sometimes on a dark path.  Claire doubts her artistic talent.  Keith and David are at odds, again, and Nate, Lisa, and Maya move into the Fisher homestead.

Nobody Sleeps
~Deceased:  Robert Lamar Griffin 1951-2003
~The circumstances:  fatal heart disease.  Heart wins.

After a birthday party for Ruth, everyone comes to distinct conclusions to their futures, sometimes not always what they expected.

The Trap
~Deceased:  William Aaron Jaffee 1951-1975, Discovered March, 2003
~The circumstances:  went for a car ride, never returned.  Everyone assumed he has just "taken off".  Car wreck wins.

Things are in turmoil at Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home and Rico convinces David they need help.  After a slew of interviews, and one unfortunate hiring, they settle on Aurthur Martin, a strange being.  He and Ruth strike up a different relationship than one would expect, considering their age differences and his bizarre behavior.  However, it meshes with Ruth, who is equally bizarre at times..

Rainn Wilson joins the cast as Arthur Martin.

Making Love Work

~Deceased:  Karen Postell Pepper 1964-2003
~The circumstances:  suffers a nose hemorrhage.  Nose bleed wins.

Desperate to connect with his wife, Nate & Lisa go on a camping trip with another couple to iron out problems with their marriage.  Unfortunately it doesn't work out for Nate who wanders off on his own and has a dream sequence with Brenda.

Russell and Claire have sex and she gets pregnant

Timing and Space
~Deceased: Bernard Asa Chenowith 1939-2003
~The circumstances:  stomach cancer.  Cancer wins.

When Nate sees the obituary for Brenda's father, he decides to attend the funeral, asking Lisa's permission first.  When he is unable to find a babysitter for Maya, he takes her along which angers Lisa.

Tears, Bones & Desire
~Deceased:  Daddy 1940-2003
~The circumstances: not entirely disclosed.  Maybe it could have been his 5 wives and bazillion children? 

After weeks of stalking Arthur, Ruth finally plants a kiss on his astounded face while delivering his clean laundry to his room.  They begin their rather strange and unusual relationship which involves nuzzling only. 

Claire discovers that Russell slept with Oliver, her art teacher and Lisa comes to the conclusion that Brenda will never be out of their lives.

The Opening
~Deceased:  Melinda Mary Bloch 1965-2003
~The circumstances:  closing herself in her garage, she starts her car.  Car exhaust wins.

Rico is beginning to have strong concerns about Vanessa's health since her mother's death.  When he learns about the suicide of Melinda and the circumstances, he is even more disturbed.

Nate and Lisa begin to discuss a separation.

Everyone Leaves:

~Deceased:  Jeanette Louise Bradford 1928-2003
~The circumstances:  bee sting.  Bee wins.

Both Claire and Ruth come to a realization that their relationship's are not working and split with Russell and Arthur.

David and Keith attend the funeral for his aunt, Jeanette, but have a huge argument when Keith's father confronts him after the services. 

Rico and Vanessa seem on the mend but Nate and Lisa are growing farther apart.  When she tells him she needs to go visit her sister for a few days to get her head together, he agrees to stay home with Maya.  When he calls later, he discovers Lisa has never shown up and she isn't picking up her cell phone calls.

An unhealthily confrontation between Brenda and brother Billy causes her to run from his apartment and she shows up at Nate's, spending the night since Lisa is out of town.

Death Works Overtime:
~Deceased:  Kim Su 1945-2003, Edward Tully 1955-2003, and David Jordan Monroe 1971-2003.
~The circumstances:  Kim Su is shot during robbery.  Gun Wins.  Edward Tully, a construction worker, has the unfortunate collaboration between electricity and an earthquake.  Electricity wins.  David Monroe is happily jogging on his treadmill at the gym when ... heart attack wins.

Nate files a missing person report on Lisa.  When her car, cell phone, and purse are discovered at a state park, he goes to a nearby hotel to await news.  Claire and David join him.

Back at the funeral home, Ruth has a meltdown and cries on the shoulder of a mourner, George Sibley, that has returned to find his lost glasses.  As he consoles her, they have a 'spark'. 

James Cromwell joins the cast as George Sibley.

~Deceased:  Carl Desmond Willman 1948-2003
~The circumstances:  leathal injection

Lisa has been missing for two weeks and all come to the conclusion she has died.  When female serial killer, Car Willman is brought into the funeral home, he ends up having sex with Carl's daughter who is as lost as he is.  Later he dreams that Lisa met up with Carl and he killed her, followed by Nate meeting her on the beach when he confesses he may have lost the most important thing in his life, Lisa.

Ruth, on the other hand, rushes forward with George, and proposes to him after only 2 weeks.  She soon discovers he had 6 previous marriages, much to her chagrin, but decides to marry him anyway because she is lonely.

Claire has an abortion and asks Brenda to help her, which she does.

I'm Sorry, I'm Lost
~Deceased:  Anahid Havanessian 1951-2003
~The circumstances:  "blue ice" from airplane flying overhead falls, crushing Anahid's skull.  Toilet water wins.

It's Ruth's wedding day and all are present except Nate.  Lisa's body has been found.

Although David and Keith have temporarily split, they meet up later and reconnect their relationship.  Rico is having second thoughts about Vanessa's health and attends a dance class without her.  Later he visits a strip club and gets together with one of the dancer, leading to more problems.

Nate, alone and bereft, goes to a bar and manages to get the bejesus beat out of him.  Getting in his car, he is visited by his father and Lisa both, urging him to commit suicide.  Instead, he ends up at Brenda's door and she takes him end, which ends a healthy relationship she with developing with neighbor Joe.

Claire, on her own and lost, visits her father's grave and he shows up and gives her glimpses into her past and future life.

~Deceased: Lisa Kimmel Fisher 1967-2003
~The circumstances:  drowning.  Loneliness wins.

Season 3 turned out to be rather dark and depressing at times but equally hilarious.  Ruth is totally out of control, which is wonderful.  Claire is torn between beliefs and understanding.

David and Keith continue to walk a rocky road and Rico and Vanessa seem to be on the verge of a split, permanently. 

We learn some dark secrets about Brenda and Billy and delve even further into the turmoil that is Nate Fisher, Jr.

It is hard to believe the writing and acting remains so tight and complete after three years and always leaves us wanting to know more and see more of the Fisher family and how it evolves.

Season 4 on its way.


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Six Feet Under - The Complete Third Season
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