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The Twilight Zone Collector's Edition: "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You," "Mr. Garrity and the Graves," "Once Upon a Time," and "The Fugitive"

2 Ratings: 5.0
Horror and Television movie

Includes four episodes: "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You" (1964), "Mr. Garrity and the Graves" (1964), "Once Upon a Time" (1961), and "The Fugitive" (1962). Collector's edition box includes write-ups on each … see full wiki

Genre: Horror
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Deep social messages and humor in these four great episodes

  • Feb 6, 2010
"Number Twelve Looks Just Like You" is a dark tale of the ultimate in societal conformity. Marilyn Cuberle is an eighteen-year-old girl with a rebellious streak inherited from her father. Her society has adopted the law that when you turn nineteen your body must undergo a transformation into one of the selected forms of beauty. However, Marilyn likes the way she looks and does not want to undergo the transformation, a position that disturbs both her mother and best friend. The solution is to suggest that Marilyn have a "cup of happiness." As Marilyn continues her rebellion with the goal the retaining of her individuality, she learns that it is no longer tolerated and she is forced to undergo a transformation. The episode ends with the viewer realizing that the transformation is not just physical.
There are advantages to social conformity, but there are also great dangers. Most of the progress made in a society is the consequence of the non-conformist element and in this episode; you shudder at the consequences of the quest for universal beauty being carried to an extreme.
"Mr. Garrity and the Graves" is a humorous tale with an unexpected outcome. Mr. Garrity is a traveler in the western United States in 1890 and he arrives at the town of Happiness, Arizona. The name is inaccurate, of the 128 people buried in Boot Hill, all but one died of violence. Mr. Garrity then proceeds to con the people into believing that he can conjure up the dead, a prospect that most of the living residents abhor. After making the first conjured person "vanish back to the grave" Garrity collects money from most of the people so that the dead people will stay dead. As he leaves the town, he stops to pick up his dog and the actor that played the revived man. In an ironic and amusing closing, as Mr. Garrity's wagon moves down the road away from the town, the people buried in Boot Hill revive and discuss his departure.
This episode is just fun to watch, John Dehner is superb as the slick Mr. Garrity and each of the people in the town play their roles as a combination of dupes and rascals very well. Ending the episode with a "What - If?" scene allows the viewer to make up their own furtherance of the story.
"Once Upon a Time" is another humorous story that stars the great silent star Buster Keaton. He plays janitor Woodrow Mulligan, a man upset with the noise of modern life in 1890 and so is wishing for a change. When he dons a time helmet, Mulligan is whisked forward to 1962, and of course he is baffled by the changes. The trip is further complicated by the fact that the helmet will only keep him in 1962 for fifteen minutes.
While in 1962, Mulligan meets a rascal that wants the helmet for himself, so that he can go back in time and use his modern knowledge to be somebody. Their mutual assistance and conflicts are very funny, Keaton is baffled by everything and the rascal is of little help. The episode ends with Keaton back in 1890 and contented, while the rascal is not, so Keaton uses the helmet to send him back to 1962.
It is hard to believe that anyone but Keaton could have played the title role in this episode, the scenes in 1890 are shot in the style of the silent films, including the use of title cards. It really is as if the production is back in the early days of film, for if you were to see this segment in isolation, there is nothing to let you realize that it was shot in the 1960's. Keaton was also a master of the sight gag in the 1960's shots, losing his pants and having an encounter with a policeman and shopkeeper, staples of the silent films. Stanley Adams, best known as Cyrano Jones in the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles", is the perfect incompetent scoundrel. Finally, the helmet is pure absurdity; sparklers are attached to the sides and lit when the helmet is working.
"The Fugitive" is a heart-warming story that also is a sad commentary on the modern world. Ben (J. Pat O'Malley) is an old man that has a great time with the neighborhood children, particularly with Jenny, played by Susan Gordon. Jenny has to wear a leg brace and walks with a decided limp. It is clear that Ben loves her as a child and is the equivalent of her grandfather. Ben has magic powers that allow him to transform objects, including himself.
Jenny is an orphan that lives with her aunt that treats her poorly, seeming to have only two purposes in life, to tell Jenny how fortunate she is to have her as an aunt and to make her life miserable because of it. Ben tries to dissuade the aunt from punishing Jenny but he makes little progress.
When two men in suits arrive and try to track down Ben, it appears that he is a wanted man. However, he is not wanted for a crime, Ben is in fact wanted because he is a kind and good man. Jenny is heart-broken when she learns that Ben must go so she figures out a way that so they must both go back to Ben's original home.
This is a lovely story about the love an old man has for a young girl that desperately needs it. It is of course a fairy tale for if such a situation were to occur in the modern world, Ben would be suspected of engaging in lascivious acts.

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