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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 14 (Season Finale)

The 14th Episode and Season Finale of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

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"I Think I Could Beat You For The Million"--Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale

  • May 20, 2010
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After 39 days of intense gameplay, intriguing strategy, and brutal physical challenges, the game finally comes to an end. This season began with 20 contestants arriving in the land of Samoa for a chance to win one million dollars. All of these contestants had played the game before in a previous season (some of them had played twice in the past, making this go around their third attempt), so they were eager to get in there once again and compete in order to make it to the end. Some of the biggest names in Survivor history were voted out surprisingly early on in the season. Other people who I didn't think would last a week ended up staying in the game for a very long time. But after it is all said and done, only five contestants remain. Russell, Parvati, Jerri, Sandra, and Colby have beaten the odds and made it to the final five. Now the question is who, out of these five, will walk away from Survivor one million dollars richer? Could we possibly have our first ever two time survivor winner if either Parvati or Sandra win this game again? Will Jerri make it to the final tribal council for the first time ever? Will Russell or Colby win this game after coming so close in the previous times that they both have played? We shall answer all of these questions as we review the final episode of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_033.jpg Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale picture by DolygateThis final episode begins with the yin yang tribe returning from the previous tribal council. Last time, Sandra played her hidden immunity idol in order to protect herself from being voted out and Russell is not happy about it. He feels that Sandra should've told him about her idol and he is not shy about confronting Sandra with his opinion on this. Sandra fires right back and says that Russell never told her when he had an idol, so why should she tell him when she finds one (very good point)? Russell then criticizes Parvati because he believes that she knew about Sandra's hidden idol and didn't tell him. Parvati tries to very calmly explain to Russell that she had no idea that Sandra had an idol, but Russell doesn't believe a word of it. Russell then talks privately with Colby and Jerri, telling them both that Parvati needs to be the next one voted out. Sandra then mentions in a voiceover that Russell likes to micromanage everyone, but he's dealing with people left in the game that simply can't be micromanaged. Sandra has hit the nail right on the head. Russell's attempts to gain complete control of everyone around him is really pathetic to watch. This tactic of his might have worked on his original season, but it won't work with Parvati and Sandra. They are not going to let this bully push them around whenever he doesn't get his way. Period. Russell has no idea who he's messing with, lol. You know, Russell may claim to be a master strategist, but his temper tantrum here proves that he's anything but. The more people he alienates with his threats, the less of a chance he has of winning this game. Russell really is the longshot of the five to pull off the victory here. His chances of success in this game are slim to none and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

We now get to our first immunity challenge for this finale and it is a rehash of one of the final challenges from Survivor China. For this competition, the contestants must balance ceramic dishes on the end of a long balancing arm. At first, the contestants will only have to balance one plate on the arm, but every few minutes, the contestants must add another plate or bowl to the stack. The bigger the pile of dishes becomes, the harder it will be to balance the dishes on the platform. If a contestant's pile of dishes falls off the arm and collapses, that contestant is eliminated from the challenge. The contestant who can keep their stack of plates balanced on the arm the longest will win individual immunity and guarantee him or herself a spot in the final four. As the challenge begins, all of the contestants do pretty well with the balancing. However, Sandra's pile collapses after a while and she is eliminated from the challenge. Jerri's pile is the next to go and she hits the sidelines. Russell's pile comes tumbling down shortly afterwards. Parvati and Colby are the only two left in this challenge and now, both of their piles are very high with 17 or more dishes that they have to balance. Colby focuses as hard as he can, but it isn't enough. Colby's pile comes crashing to the ground and Parvati wins her third individual immunity challenge this season. Parvati is going to the final four, but one of the other remaining contestants will say goodbye to the game after 37 days of playing it. Who will be the next to go to the jury? That is the question. I enjoyed watching this challenge on Survivor China a few years back and I'm glad they brought it back for this season. I prefer the challenges that don't focus on physical strength, but rather mental acuity and concentration. This was a fun competition to watch and I hope we see this challenge on Survivor again in the future.

As the Yin Yang tribe returns back to camp from the challenge, it becomes obvious that Colby is not a very happy camper. He knows that immunity was the only way to keep him safe in this game and now that he has failed to get that necklace, he could very well be the next person voted out. Colby gathers his fellow tribe members around him and tells them all that he knows he's the next to go. He says that he won't strategize or scramble to save himself and he just wants to have a nice, quiet final day in the game with no scheming on his part. He caps it off by saying that he's proud to be the last hero left in the game and he wishes the remaining villains success in the rest of the game. Everyone shakes his hand and tells Colby that he did a good job. However, our last remaining hero is not done yet. He has one final trick up his sleeve that he will use in order to try and keep himself in the game. Colby approaches Russell in private and asks him if he still wants Parvati out of the game. Russell says that he does and Colby tries to captialize on this. Colby tells Russell that if they vote out Sandra next, then they'll have a better chance of preventing Parvati from winning the next immunity challenge and making it to the finals since Colby is a much stronger player than Sandra is. Russell is very intrigued by this idea and argues that it might be best to keep Colby around and get Sandra out for strength reasons. However, Russell is also worried that if Colby makes it to the final three, he'll get the most jury votes and win the game. Which way will Russell go? We find out at the next tribal council. Colby votes out Sandra. Russell, Parvati, Jerri, and Sandra vote out Colby. After it's all said and done, Colby is the 16th person voted out of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and he is also the eighth member of the jury. The big texan just couldn't get it done on his third attempt at a million dollars.

survivor-heroes-villains10.jpg Colby Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateColby clearly isn't the physical powerhouse that he used to be. On his original season, Colby won tribal and individual immunity challenges left and right. His physical dominance carried him all the way to the final two and even though he lost the final vote, he clearly left his mark on Survivor for that season. A couple of years later, Colby competed again on Survivor All Stars. Colby didn't make it very far that season, but still, he was physically in top form back then. This time however, Colby couldn't win a competition if his life depended on it. He got lucky when the Villains voted out Rob, which allowed the Heroes to go on a winning streak that kept Colby safe from being voted out until the merge. Once the tribes came together, Colby also benefited by being perceived as the weakest competitor by the Villains which allowed him to stay around even longer. All of these things allowed Colby to get as far as he did, but his biggest strategic mistake was insisting that Danielle have the clue to the idol instead of Amanda back on Episode 11. I understand and sympathize with why he made that call, but that idol could've put the heroes in the driver's seat in this game had he allowed Amanda to keep the clue. That one mistake most likely cost him, and the rest of the remaining Heroes at that point, the game. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting Colby out? The answer is obviously yes. Had Colby made it to the final three, he would've won the game, plain and simple. Even though Colby has been very lackluster in challenges this season, it doesn't change the fact that he's extremely likable. He has a lot of friends on the jury, he comes across as a nice handsome young man, and anyone sitting next to him in the final round wouldn't be able to compete with his charm and charisma. He had to leave if any of the remaining four contestants (except for maybe Sandra) were to have a shot at winning the million. The tribe made a very wise move here in taking Colby out of the picture. Colby is a good guy and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. He might not be the dominating Colby of old, but he played as hard as he could and I have a lot of respect for that. :-)

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_074.jpg Parvati Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale picture by DolygateThe final four contestants return to camp after tribal council. All four of them are very happy to have made it this far in the game, but Parvati is becoming worried that she will be the next person voted out. During the previous tribal council, many people said that they did not want to sit next to Parvati in the finals because she's dominated in the physical challenges and she's also played an excellent strategic and social game as well. There is a belief amongst some of the remaining contestants that if Parvati makes it to the final three, she will receive the most votes from the jury and win the game. Parvati wasn't aware that anyone viewed her as a huge threat to win until now, so as a result, she is 100% determined to win the final immunity challenge in order to ensure that she has a spot in the final round. The next day, Russell and Jerri talk privately in the shelter. They both agree that Parvati has to be the next person kicked out of the game if either of them wants to have any chance at winning. Both Russell and Jerri are determined to make sure that Parvati won't win the final challenge so that they can finally send her to the jury. It's very obvious that Parvati is in severe trouble here. If she loses, she is most likely going to go out next. Parvati has done very well in getting to this point, but she's going to have to hustle if she wants even a chance to see all her hard work pay off. This could be Parvati's swan song if she fails this next challenge, so I wish her nothing but the best of luck. She's proven herself to be a strong competitor, so I hope she pulls off a victory in the next competition and secures herself a spot in the final three.

untitled-2.jpg Survivor Torch picture by DolygateOur final four contestants now make their way to the final immunity challenge. But before they can get there, they must walk past the snuffed torches of the former contestants who were voted out earlier this season. The final four walk past all 16 torches of the former contestants, remembering each of their contributions and efforts in the game this season. Once the final four have paid homage to the 16 former contestants, they gather all of their torches and place them in front of a wooden "burning man" statue. They then light the "burning man" on fire and watch as the 16 torches get burned down to nothing. They always have a segment like this on a survivor finale where the finalists pay their respects to the people voted out earlier in the game. Even though this part of the show can be long and very boring at times, I do understand the need for it. They should show their respects for those that didn't make it as far in the game and weren't as lucky as the finalists are to be where they're at. It is a long journey and the focus should be on the grand prize, but it is nice to see our final contestants remember those that came before them in this game. It might be corny, but this segment is still powerful even after ten years of Survivor being on the air. Now that we've looked back at the past, let's fast forward to the present and begin our final challenge of the season.

For the final immunity challenge, the contestants will be blindfolded. They have to each make their way through a large maze. They will have to use guideposts to navigate their way through the maze, but because the contestants are blindfolded, they must use their fingers to feel the guideposts directing them where they need to go. These guideposts will point to one of four stations that has a necklace, one for each contestant. The contestants must find their way while blindfolded to each of these four different stations and pick up a necklace for him or herself. Once a contestant has put all four necklaces around their neck, they must use the guideposts again to feel their way to the immunity necklace which is hanging on a stand. The first person to grab the immunity necklace off of the stand will be the winner of the final immunity challenge and have a guaranteed spot in the final three. As the challenge gets underway, it becomes clear that Russell, Parvati, and Jerri are in a close race with each other for the win. They each get their necklaces at around the same time, all while crashing into each other due to them not being able to see where they're going. Sandra gets so lost at one point that she falls way behind and it becomes obvious that she will not win this challenge. The other three eventually get all four necklaces at around the same time and race to find their way to the immunity necklace at the end of the maze. It is an extremely close race. All three of them arrive at the immunity necklace at the same time, but Russell grabs it before anyone else can. It's the closest finish in Survivor history. Russell wins the final immunity challenge by about a second. Jerri and Parvati are literally standing right behind him when he grabbed it. That's how close the two girls were to winning this one. Wow, what a finish. This is a really awesome challenge and I'd like to see it again in the future. Very well done. Russell now has a guaranteed spot in the final three which means that one of the girls will be going to the jury next.  Who will fall short of making it to the final three? Let's find out.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_012.jpg Sandra and Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale picture by DolygateWhen the tribe returns to camp, Russell and Sandra immediately head off into the forest to talk. Russell tells her that Sandra will definitely make final three because he wants to vote Parvati out next. Sandra asks Russell why he wants to take her to the finals and he responds by saying "I think I could beat you for the million". Sandra tells Russell that she's happy to take the hundred grand by coming in second. However, in confessional, Sandra comments that she doesn't know if Russell is right about her not being able to get votes at the final tribal council (I feel the same way, lol). Later, Russell talks with Jerri and Sandra again to confirm that they will all vote out Parvati. They all agree to the plan, but Jerri asks Russell who Parvati thinks is going home and he says that Parvati believes that Jerri will get voted out next. Later, Russell and Parvati talk in private on the beach. Parvati tries to explain to Russell that bringing Sandra to the final three is a bad idea because she'll get a lot of jury votes to win. Russell, however, ignores this and seems pretty stuck on the plan to oust Parvati. I'm going to be completely honest here. Russell is a complete idiot. If he honestly believes that Parvati poses a bigger threat to him at the end than Sandra does, then he is a bigger buffoon than I originally thought. Russell is too dim to realize that Sandra is far more likable than Parvati and that's what makes her so dangerous. Any idiot with half a brain could see this clearly, but it looks as if Russell doesn't even have a fourth of a brain to work with. Russell is clearly not as intelligent as he thinks he is and in the past few episodes, he has made some incredibly bad decisions. However, this one takes the cake. Parvati even tried to logically explain to him why taking Sandra to the final three is a terrible call, but Russell is so delusional in believing his own greatness that he can't even fathom that his strategic decision here might be completely flawed. I can't believe that this man honestly believes that a jury won't give Sandra the money because she supposedly "did nothing in the game". Are you kidding me? How stupid can you be, Russell? It doesn't matter what Sandra did or didn't do in the game, what matters is that she's LIKABLE and that's all she needs to get the jury votes to win the game. If Russell truly can't see this, then he must be one of the dumbest individuals to ever play Survivor. Bringing Sandra to the finals will be Russell's downfall if he goes through with it. Will he listen to Parvati's advice or remain in delusional land convinced that he can beat Sandra in the final round? Let's see what happens.

The final four contestants head to tribal council. It becomes apparent during the discussions at tribal council that Parvati has a big target on her back. Everyone seems to be gunning for her and it looks very likely that she will be the next person sent to the jury. After a brief discussion, it's on to the vote. Jerri votes out Parvati. Parvati votes out Jerri in desperation. We have two votes left. Both Russell and Sandra vote out.......Jerri!!!!!!! Parvati somehow survived and made it to the final round! Unbelievable!!!! Jerri is the 17th person voted out of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and she is also the ninth and final member of the jury. The black widow unfortunately came up just short of the final round.

survivor-heroes-villains20.jpg Jerri Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateI really have to tip my hat off to Jerri. She impressed me a great deal this season. Before this season started, I predicted that Jerri would be a very early boot. In her first season, Jerri's mouth always got her in trouble. She always said something that would make everybody mad which made the other contestants want to vote her off. In her second season, she toned it down a bit, but it didn't help her very much when she became the victim of Lex and his stupid plan to appease Rob. Looking at Jerri's past poor performances, I was almost certain that this season would be her worst showing yet. However, she completely proved me wrong. Not only did she get farther in the game this season than she ever did in the past, but she also came across as a genuinely nice person. Jerri has really changed over the years and now, I have a trememdous amount of respect for her. She played as hard as she could and when she got voted out here, she didn't cry or whine about it like she did in the past. Instead, she took the whole thing in stride and just had a good time, being proud of the way she played. Jerri made some pivotal moves this season, most notably joining with Russell's gang to take out Rob. She also made some "not so smart" decisions as well such as voting out Danielle a couple of episodes back and being fearful of Russell's wrath. Jerri isn't a strategic genius by any means, but she was a well rounded player who had a positive attitude and greatly improved her performance and morale from her last two attempts. I give her a lot of credit for being able to do that. Did the tribe make the right call in voting Jerri out? The answer is a big fat NO!!! Sandra should have been voted out instead, plain and simple. Sandra poses a far bigger threat to winning the game than Jerri does and by taking Sandra to the final three, she now has a great chance at walking away the winner. Even though voting out Jerri is not as dumb as voting out Parvati would have been, it's still a bad call. Once again, Russell has made yet another terrible decision here that could very well cost him the game. He is choosing to take an incredibly popular person with him to the finals over someone (that being Jerri) who didn't have as good of a chance at pulling it off. It's an incredibly idiotic move on Russell's part. Anyway, I applaud Jerri for doing so well this season and making it all the way to the final four. It's quite an accomplishment that I'm sure she will never forget. :-)

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_072.jpg Parvati, Russell, and Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale picture by DolygateAfter tribal council is over, the final three contestants head back to camp. They are all ecstatic about having made it all the way to day 39. However, Sandra's thoughts are on her family back home. She misses her husband who is in afghanistan and worries about him from time to time, but in her heart, she knows that he's ok. She also misses her kids as well and hopes that they're ok. As worried as she is about her family, she is staying focused on her goal of winning Survivor. The next day, the final three enjoy their last day at camp. Russell asks Parvati who she would have voted for had she been on the jury and she says she would have voted for Sandra to win. Russell gets upset when he hears this and walks off. Parvati and Sandra laugh amongst themselves at how stupid Russell is for not knowing how screwed he will be by going up against two girls at the final tribal council. Sandra then takes Russell's hat and burns it in the campfire while Russell is away from camp. When Russell returns, he asks the ladies where his hat is, but they pretend as if they don't know what happened to it, lol. Later, Sandra voices over that Russell wears that hat to hide his huge bald spot (which is true) and by burning it, people will get to see Russell's fat bald head at the final tribal council, lol. Watching these segments with Sandra reconfirmed what I have suspected for the past couple of episodes, which is that Sandra will most likely win the game. Her edit is a heroic, yet sympathetic one. She talks about how much she misses her family while also being comedic in her antics with Russell's hat in order to get back at him for the Heroes. Remember that this show is filmed way in advance before it actually airs and this gives the editors time to splice the episode however they see fit. The editing here clearly shows me that Sandra is being edited as the force of good that will thwart the evil and heartless Russell. Add this edit with her likable personality and her connection with the jury members and you have a strong candidate that could win this game easily. These segments with Sandra may seem pointless, but I truly feel that the editors are using these segments as a means of foreshadowing a Sandra win. By showing off Sandra as a family person and as someone who doesn't fear Russell, they are preparing the viewer at home to identify with Sandra so that they will be very satisified when (or if) she defeats Russell. But the question is am I right? I believe I am, but we'll see what happens. Let's get to the final tribal council and end this season once and for all.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_123.jpg Parvati, Russell, and Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale Tribal Council picture by DolygateThe final three contestants arrive at the final tribal council of the season. The nine jury members show up next and sit themselves in their jury seats waiting to hear from our top three players. Jeff will allow each of the three finalists to make an opening statement to the jury explaining why they believe they should receive the title of sole survivor. Once their speeches are done, each jury member will get the opportunity to ask each of the final three contestants a question of their choosing. After all of the jury members feel that they have enough information to make a decision, each of them will cast a vote for the person that they want to win the game. The person with the most votes will become the winner of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Sandra's opening statement consists of how she had to work all by herself to get to this point. She was the only one left after her alliance was completely decimated pre-merge and she had no one to back her up. She had to work harder than the other two finalists throughout the game because of her lack of alliance partners and this is the reason why she feels she deserves the title of sole survivor (good speech). Russell's opening statement consists of nothing but delusional rambling. He says that even though people believe this is a game of luck, he feels that no luck was involved in getting him to the end. It was all skill. He says that he can't understand why people see him as the devil since he only played the game. Are you kidding me? He treats people like dirt, he proclaims himself to be better than everyone else, and he honestly excepts people not to hate him for it? My god. Russell is so completely clueless as to how to work the jury here. He has already alienated everyone just from his opening speech. That can't be a good sign, lol. Parvati's opening statement consists of how surprised she was that people considered her a threat and how she controlled Russell and made him her pet, lol. She then goes on to say that she played the ultimate strategic, social, and physical game. These reasons are why she feels that she deserves the title of sole survivor. This is a very good speech on Parvati's part and hopefully, she'll use evidence to back these statements up when the jury questions her. When it's all said and done, Parvati and Sandra did a good job with their opening comments. Russell.......not so much. Our "hobbit on crack" seems to be on a collision course with abysmal failure and nothing can slow the ride down.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_132.jpg Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale Tribal Council picture by DolygateAfter the opening statements come to a close, our nine jury members each stand up one at a time and address the final three contestants with their questions. Sandra handles her questions very well for the most part. Amanda asks her what makes her strategy better from the other two and she responds by saying that her strategy would have been better had she gotten Russell out. She tried very hard to get rid of him, but the Heroes wouldn't listen to her. Coming from anyone else, that statement might have come off as offensive to the Heroes, but Sandra's so good with words, she said it in a way that wouldn't make the Heroes mad at her for saying that. Pure genius. Courtney asks Sandra to explain how loyal she is to people and Sandra says that when she makes a promise to someone, she has their back no matter what. Score another jury point for Sandra, lol. Rupert says that he regrets the fact that the Heroes didn't listen to her about Russell. Rupert concludes by saying that the Heroes owe Sandra a big thank you for opening their eyes to the evil person that Russell is. Sandra has done a wonderful job in getting the jury to like her here. But the question is can she get enough votes to win?

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_130.jpg Parvati Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale Tribal Council picture by DolygateParvati's jury questions are a little harsher than Sandra's, but she handled them pretty well. Coach says that he has done a 180 on Parvati. He believed her to be weak and evil in the beginning, but after seeing the way Parvati competed later in the game, he now realizes that Parvati is a true warrior. Coach being nice to Parvati? Wow, I never thought I'd see that, lol. J.T. asks Parvati how she thinks she did in the game and she responds that even though she was a huge threat coming into the game, she survived by making good alliances and winning challenges. Good answer. Candice is the most harsh with Parvati out of the nine jury members. Candice accuses Parvati of not having the guts to get out of an abusive relationship with an evil man like Russell. First of all, Parvati controlled that relationship, not Russell, so Candice is wrong on that one. Second of all, Candice is the last person who should be talking about the independence of women. As much as I like Candice, I find it very hypocritical that she would accuse Parvati of doing something that Candice herself did earlier in the game when she agreed to be Russell's "puppet" in order to have a better shot at a million. There always has to be one juror who is extremely hypocritical in their statements to the finalists and this year, it's Candice, lol. Parvati handled all of her questions with class and with common sense. Parvati has set herself up as well as she can when it comes to receiving the final votes that are necessary to win this game.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_131.jpg Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale Tribal Council picture by DolygateNow we get to Russell. In contrast to Sandra and Parvati's wonderful responses to the jury questions, Russell does nothing but bury himself deeper and deeper into his hole of despair with his defiance and egotistical attitude toward the jury. Colby flat out tells Russell that he's delusional if he honestly believes that luck played no role in getting him to the end. Colby might not be the smartest person ever to play Survivor, but he's dead on with his assessment of Russell's comment here. Jerri asks Russell to explain to her why he voted her off when the original plan was to vote off Parvati at final four. Russell responds by saying that it was because he didn't think he could beat Jerri in front of a jury, but Parvati quickly tells Jerri the truth which is that he voted her off because he was sure he would get her vote for the million. This upsets Jerri a bit and now, it looks as though she WON'T be voting for Russell to win. Russell is 0-2 now. He's on a roll, lol. Finally, Danielle asks Russell if he regrets the way he has mismanaged the jury and made everyone mad at him? Instead of apologizing even a little bit, Russell bluntly says that he has no regrets and that he couldn't play the game any other way than he did. Wow. Russell has sealed his fate with a ridiculous comment like that. Why can't this pure bred idiot understand that the jury can't stand him and that he must do damage control? He is making things worse and worse by not showing any sorrow for his actions whatsoever. Russell's dreams of winning survivor seem to have gone up in smoke after he finishes answering his questions here. I think Russell is a guaranteed third place finisher after that wretched display of crappiness, but we'll see what happens.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_162.jpg Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale picture by DolygateAfter the jury members are done asking the final three their questions, it is now time for the jury to cast their vote for the person that they want to win a million dollars. All nine jury members walk up to the voting booth and cast their votes for the person that they want to see come out the victor. Jeff grabs the urn and heads back to the front of tribal council. Jeff congratulates everyone for making this a great season of Survivor and he knows that everyone is anxious for him to read the votes. However, the final three will have to wait a little longer to learn their fate because the votes will be sealed and they won't be revealed until the day the episode airs live on tv. We then fast forward to the present and we are now in new york's Ed Sullivan theater where a live crowd cheers on in excitement. The final three contestants, the nine jury members, and Jeff Probst are on stage at the Ed Sullivan theater ready to end this season with a bang. Jeff reads the jury's final votes in front of the live studio audience. Coach, Danielle, and Jerri vote for Parvati to win the game, but it's not enough. The other six jury members (Courtney, J.T., Amanda, Candice, Rupert, and Colby) all vote for Sandra and we have our winner!!!!!! Sandra is now the only person in history to win Survivor two times!!!! What an unbelievable achievement!!!! As soon as the votes are announced, Sandra hugs her two fellow finalists and then goes out into the audience to hug her husband and children. Aaaawwww. We then see a video feed of people from Sandra's hometown cheering loudly at her win. Sandra has done it again. She's been through a tough road strategically and emotionally, but she once again came out on top to win the 20th season of Survivor. As Sandra is celebrating her second win, we get a shot of Russell's face and it becomes apparent very quickly that Russell is not a very happy camper. He has lost the game. Again. And it serves him right, lol.

survivor-heroes-villains5.jpg Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateRussell has been a colossal disappointment this season to put it lightly. Words can not adequately express how stupid and idiotic this man is. During his original season, Russell seemed to be reasonably intelligent. He might not have been the nicest guy on the island, but he came across as a man of logic and reason back then. He found many hidden idols on his first season and he kept his alliance together until the end of that season through the use of very good strategic manuevers. I considered Russell to be one of the best players of the game ever until this season rolled around. After watching this season, there's no denying that Russell is a grade a moron in every sense of the word. Every decision Russell made this time around was based purely on emotion and not strategy. He wanted to get rid of Rob early on because he was jealous of him. That happened to be a good move on his part, so I gave him credit for that one. However, after Rob left, my opinion of Russell went WAY down hill. Since Rob was gone, Russell saw himself as the king who could treat his "subjects" any way he wanted. He yelled at Danielle for disgreeing with him and then voted her out based solely on jealously, not logic. He then yells at Parvati and Sandra for keeping idols without telling him about it. He yells at Rupert and calls him names. He threatens Jerri if she doesn't do what he wants. Did he honestly believe that this ruthless slash and burn tactic of his would get him jury votes at the end? It'd be one thing if there was some sense to the yelling, but he acted this way out of a desperate attempt to control people he could not control. His need for attention and dominance overrode the logic centers of his brain and it caused him to make some flat out terrible strategic decisions. The voting out of Danielle, the aligning with Colby and Rupert briefly, and bringing Sandra of all people to the final round has got to be among some of the biggest strategic errors in the history of this game. Add his despicable behavior on top of all of this and you truly have both a terrible strategist and an even worse human being. Russell wants to be remembered as the greatest survivor contestant ever, but that's notr going to happen. He is nothing more than a rude, self-centered bully who made big moves for no reason and screwed himself out of the final vote by making so many people upset with him. Russell does NOT know how to play the game of Survivor and he never will.

survivor-heroes-villains17.jpg Parvati Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateOur second place finisher, Parvati, has really impressed me this season. Before this season got underway, I predicted that Parvati would not last very long this time around due to how well she did the last time she played (by winning) and how unlikable she is. It seemed as if my prediction was going to come true early on when Parvati became an early target on the Villains tribe right off the bat. However, Rob made a fatal mistake in getting rid of Randy and not Parvati on Episode 3. This allowed Parvati to use her partnership with Russell to put her in a position of power. The two of them convinced Danielle and Jerri to vote out Rob and once that happened, Parvati had control of her team. Once the merge happened, she gave her two idols to Sandra and Jerri which sealed the Heroes fate and allowed the Villains to ride their way to the finals. She also won many challenges in the process and made logical sense with her approach to the strategic game all the way to the end. Parvati may be disliked by a lot of people, but it doesn't change the fact that she played an excellent game this season. Her physical toughness and mental acuity is simply amazing. The way she figured out that Amanda was lying to her about being voted out in Episode 10 shows how well Parvati can read her fellow contestants. She also gets a plus in my book for not letting Russell bully her around and treat her like garbage. She took control without appearing to be in control, both in the challenges and with strategy, and that's what makes her such a wonderful player. Her only downfall was her connection to Russell, but she had no choice since Russell was the only person who would align with her. Sandra being in the finals led to her downfall as well, but she tried very hard to prevent that from happening by explaining to Russell why taking Sandra to the finals isn't a good idea. But the dumb idiot wouldn't listen to Parvati and her well reasoned logic. All along the way, Parvati's thinking made sense and she had the skills to back it up. I was really hoping for a Parvati win here, but it wasn't meant to be. She might not have been able to win Survivor again, but it doesn't change the fact that Parvati has cemented herself as one of the greatest Survivor players of all time.

survivor-heroes-villains13.jpg Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateAnd now, it's time to congratulate our winner, Sandra. Heading into this season, I didn't think that Sandra would win at all. I figured that she would only make it to the halfway point and then get kicked out of the game shortly afterwards. I also figured that Sandra could not keep up with the current state of the game since it had been so long since she last played Survivor. Boy, was I wrong. Sandra's approach to gameplay this season was very similar to her first attempt. On Survivor Pearl Islands (2003), Sandra was in the majority alliance from the get go. But when all of her alliance mates were voted out of the game, she was the only person from her alliance left standing. Since she had no friends at that moment, her odds of winning the game back then looked pretty slim. But thanks to her clever way with words and her "anybody but me" strategic approach, she lasted all the way to the end and won Survivor Pearl Islands. This season, the exact same scenario occurred. Her alliance with Boston Rob crumbled once he was voted out and she ended up being the only member of that alliance left in the game. Once the merge came, the odds of Sandra winning were in the toilet, but due to her ability to read people and also due to Russell making a terrible decision to take her to the finals, Sandra has now won the game for a second time. I give Sandra all the credit in the world for being able to pull off a victory two times. That is utterly amazing. Parvati was correct when she called Sandra a "sleeper agent" in the game. She seemed so invisible at times that a lot of people believed that she was not capable of getting the final jury votes at the end. I, however, knew better than to believe this, but that's why Sandra is such a good player. She is able to come off as completely non-threatening when in reality, she probably poses one of the biggest threats in the game from a strategic standpoint. She always had her head in the game, she got along well with her fellow tribemates, and she's extremely likable. Those three things secured the victory for Sandra this season. Bottom line. I hope her second million will allow her and her family to have an easier life now. Sandra has to deal with her husband being in afghanistan which is a very difficult thing to go through. I hope the victory and the money make things a little better for them because they all deserve it. In conclusion, Sandra has once again beaten the odds to become the sole survivor and I think it was a job well done. :-)

Well, this ends the 20th season of Survivor, but we're not done yet. I will be writing a review about the Survivor Heroes vs. Villains reunion show in the next few days, so be on the lookout for that. Till then.

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