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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Reunion

The 20 castaways reunite to discuss events from the season.

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"Let Me Tell You How Good I Am"--Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion Special

  • May 24, 2010
  • by

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_202.jpg Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Cast at the Reunion picture by Dolygate

This season of Survivor has certainly been a memorable one and now, all 20 castaways are back to discuss the events that took place out on the island. This 20th season of the show has had its ups and downs, but what you can't deny is that all 20 contestants have a lot they want to get off their chests and now they have the opportunity to do so. It's been eight long months since our contestants last played the game. They've had time to reflect on their experiences and they've also now had a chance to watch the entire season on tv. It should be interesting to hear what everyone has to say now that the season is done and over with. Let's get right to it and review the reunion special of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_201.jpg Russell, Parvati, and Sandra Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion picture by DolygateWe are live at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. All 20 of this season's contestants are sitting on stage along with the host, Jeff Probst. Just a few moments earlier, Sandra became the first person ever in the history of Survivor to win the game twice. Jeff Probst asks Sandra how it feels to have accomplished this great feat and she responds by saying that she is "The Queen". Well, I certainly can't argue with that, lol. Probst then asks Parvati her opinion on Sandra's game and Parvati says that even though Sandra's game was logical and made sense, it can't compete with her playing more days than anyone else in history (114 days) and winning many immunity challenges throughout the season. Next, Jeff asks Russell what he thinks of Sandra's performance this season (at this point, I roll my eyes because I know we're in for a heaping load of revisionist history from this doofus). Russell's response is predictable in that he talks about how great he is and how much Sandra is a failure. He says that Sandra played a bad social game (which is clearly not true), that she was bad at strategy since she failed in her goal of getting Russell out before final 3 (again, not buying this one), and that the game is flawed and America should vote for the winner instead (oh please). Russell is once again doing the exact same song and dance that he did on last year's reunion show by trying to discredit the winner to make himself look good. I'll never forget the previous reunion before this one where Russell demanded that Natalie should give him the title of sole survivor. Now he's pretty much pulling the same trick with Sandra in order to pump up his own ridiculous ego. All of these "shortcomings" that he claims Sandra has aren't really shortcomings if they helped her to...gee, I don't know....WIN THE GAME!!!!! Russell just can't get over the fact that he lost and this becomes even more apparent the more he opens his mouth.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_206.jpg Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion picture by DolygateThe Russell debate continues as Jeff begins to question Russell about his strategy (or lack thereof I should say) in winning the game. Jeff asks Russell several times if he understands that his lack of jury management (a.k.a being a jerk to your fellow contestants) played a huge role in the jury refusing to cast even one vote for him to win the game. Russell responds by saying that he never cared about winning. The only thing he ever wanted (according to him) was to just make it to the final tribal council and he did that twice, so that makes him the best ever to play. Boy, did I roll my eyes when he said that. The amount of utter nonsense coming from this man's mouth is unbelievable. Jeff Probst nailed this incident right on the head in his blog this week when he said that Russell DID want to win, but miscalculated terribly and now, he's trying to cover up for his error by saying that he never wanted to win in the first place. I agree wholeheartedly with this. Russell is so arrogant that he can't come to terms with the fact that he screwed up massively this season, so this ridiculous act is his only defense mechanism that he can use in order to make himself feel meaningful in some way. It's really quite sad. Russell adds on to this when he says "Let me tell you how good I am" and then pulls out the note that J.T. gave him about the idol and uses that as "evidence" to justify how great he is at the game. Give me a break. That letter was more luck than skill and Russell knows it, but he won't admit it because doing that would go against his massive ego and everything that it stands for. Wow, this guy is delusional if he honestly believes that he's the greatest player ever. How can this man proclaim himself to be the greatest when he has been a massive failure in this game both times he's played? It makes no sense. He also claims to be a man of logic, but how can that be when he uses so little of it in his asinine statements? Even a five year old wouldn't believe all of the crap that comes out of Russell's mouth on a daily basis. The "Hobbit on Crack" can holler and shout all day long about his excellent game skills, but the evidence says otherwise and there's nothing this moron can do to change that, lol.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_222.jpg Tyson Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion picture by DolygateNext up, Jeff decides to talk to our two Tocantins participants, Tyson and J.T.. Jeff asks Tyson about his dumb move that got him voted off and he responds by saying that it haunts him, but you have to take risky moves in order to get far in this game. I agree with him on that. Jeff then speaks to J.T. and asks him about his dumb move in giving Russell the idol. J.T. says that he made that move because he felt he wouldn't be safe at the merge. He knew he couldn't trust Parvati and that she would try and get him out, so he had to give the idol to Russell in order to give himself a fighting chance (makes sense to me). Then Jeff announces that the fans have voted all season long for the person who made the dumbest move in Survivor history and we finally have a winner. But before we unveil the victor in this competition, we must present the nominees. Tyson and J.T. are both nominees for their dumb moves this season. James is a nominee for getting voted out of the game with two idols back on Survivor China. Colby is another nominee for taking Tina to the finals back on his original season. And finally, Erik from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites (who is sitting in the studio audience) is nominated for his infamous move of giving away his immunity necklace back on his season, thus resulting in his departure from the game. America has voted for the dumbest move in the history of the game and out of our five nominees for this prestigious award, the winner is.....J.T!!!!! What does he get for this triumphant victory??? He receives.....a crappy looking statue and that's it, lol. Seriously, I think Erik should have won this award. His move has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen on this show and I don't think anything can top it anytime soon, lol.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_227.jpg Amanda Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion picture by DolygateJeff keeps things going by talking to some of the Heroes about their roles in the game this season. Jeff asks James why he seemed to be in such a bad mood this time around and James says he was having fun out there, but the cameras always seemed to capture him in the worst moments (surrre, riggghht. lol). Jeff asks Ruperts about his take the whole concept of heroes vs. villains this season. Rupert says that even though he lied and cheated just like everyone else, he is proud to have been on the Heroes tribe. Next, Jeff asks Colby why he wasn't as good at challenges this season compared to the last two times he played and he says that he's just changed physically. Colby then says he didn't have as much fun this time around because they couldn't explore the area since they were restricted to a tiny space to live and explore in. Jeff asks a real zinger of a question to Amanda when he questions whether or not her "lack" of a killer instinct in this game (due to failing two previous final tribal councils, losing the clue earlier this season, etc...) haunts her in life. The audience gasps at how personal this question is, but Amanda still responds and says that's just how she is. She can't help but get emotional when it comes to this game sometimes. Jeff asks Stephenie if she enjoyed her brief time in the game. She says that she tried to enjoy herself, but was on the outs with her tribe from the get go and couldn't really pull herself out of that position. She also doesn't hang out with everyone else in LA like most of the others do, so that put her at a disadvantage as well. She concludes her moment by plugging her pizza restaurant since that's all she has left after getting voted out so early on, lol. Jeff then talks to Cirie and asks her how it felt to leave the game very early. Cirie explains that she was a huge target because people had a perception of her as a schemer and she couldn't break free from that unfortunately. Jeff asks Sugar how it feels to be first out and she said it wasn't fun because it rained the whole time and she had no alliance. Finally, we conclude with the Heroes when Jeff mentions that Candice postponed her wedding to participate this season, but she recently got married a few weeks ago. She shows everyone the ring on her finger and she looks very happy. Good for her. The Heroes might not have played a good game, but they did the best they could and they all look to be relieved that the game is over.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_231.jpg Coach Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Reunion picture by DolygateAfter hearing from the Heroes, we now get to hear from the Villains at this reunion show. Jeff speaks to Jerri and says that her game came full circle and everything seemed to click much more for her this time around than in the previous two times she played this game. Jerri says that she was glad to come back for a third time and she's proud of the way she played. She also says that it's ironic that in her earlier seasons, people hated her so much that they wanted her gone and now, it's the opposite. People now liked her so much that she was too dangerous to keep around strategically, lol. Yeah, that is quite ironic, I must admit. Jeff then asks Danielle about her breakdown emotionally on the night she was voted off and if it contributed to her demise. Danielle says that it did hurt her. She was angry with Russell that night and couldn't help but show her feelings. She says that she's not a Villain after all because she has those feelings and she can't help but express them. Next, Jeff talks to Courtney very briefly and she says that she had fun and had the best time she coluld out there. This is a stark contrast to Randy who says that he had no fun at all this time around (I don't blame him. If I had gotten voted off early like he did, I wouldn't have had fun either). Jeff talks to Rob next and we get to see his wife Amber and their baby Lucia out in the audience. Aaawww, the wittle baby is sooo cute!!! :-) Now we get to Coach who offers one of the most enlightening and surprising statements of the night. Jeff asks him why he cried so much after a tribal council early on in the game where Sandra had criticized him harshly. Coach says that he was trying to change his ways and was upset that he had failed at it. Coach saw himself on tv in his first season and said to himself "That guy is an arrogant ass". Wanting to change this ways, Coach tried to tone it down this season, but failed miserably. After talking with Tyson that night, Coach now understands that he has to be more humble, chivalrous, and down to earth. I have to admit, I was floored by Coach's statements here. I have criticized Coach heavily this season due to his lack of self awareness, so I'm now shocked that for the first time ever, Coach seems to understand that he comes off as being very hard headed and he now genuinely wants to do something about it. Good for him. You know, I never thought I would prefer Coach over Russell after it's all said and done, but now I'm starting to feel that way. Who knew that Coach would be the sane one and Russell would be the delusional one at the end of the season? I never imagined that would happen, lol. I guess anything's possible on Survivor at the end of the day.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_243.jpg Sprint Player of the Season Russell Survivor Heroes vs. Villains picture by DolygateThe reunion continues on with three more segments to help round out the night. First, Jeff announces that it's time to hand out the award for the sprint "player of the season". All week long, the public has voted for the person that they would like to receive this award and now, the votes are in and Jeff is ready to announce the results. Jeff starts off by saying that Rupert and Russell are the top two vote getters and that one of them will be the lucky winner. The sprint "player of the season" award goes to......Russell!!!! (wow, that's a downer) Russell is the sprint "player of the season" as determined by the fans and receives $100,000 for his victory here. Not bad for a guy who was completely despised by everyone in the game, lol. Looks like Russell might be right about America loving him so much. Maybe if he applied for Big Brother, he'd have more luck winning the game than he did here, lol. Next, Jeff gives us some stats about the history of Survivor. This show has had 306 episodes, gone to 15 countries, had over 300 people play the game, had nearly 500 challenges, 11 male winners and eight female winners (average winner's age is 32), and twice as many single people win compared to married people. Using all this information, the editors create a survivor prototype picture which is a computerized morphing job of all the past Survivor winners combined into one. The end result is a butt ugly looking guy, but that's not the point, lol. Jeff says that this could be you if you want to apply to be on this show. Okay, I get that they're trying to plug the application process, but they could've done it in a much less corny fashion than this, lol. Finally, we get to the most touching moment of the night. Jeff pays a tribute to former Survivor contestant Jenn Lyon (from Survivor Palau) who died from cancer earlier this year. It was a short tribute, but very touching. I enjoyed watching Jenn on that season and she will be missed very much.

survivor_heroesvsvillains_ep14_258.jpg Survivor Nicaragua Logo picture by DolygateFinally, the show concludes with a sneak peek at the next installment of Survivor which will be called "Survivor: Nicaragua". We don't really get to see much of anything from this preview since the next season hasn't even been shot yet, but I sure hope it'll be a good one. It'll be hard to top this season and I think it's very unrealistic to think that the next season should definitely be a blockbuster like this one was. The concept and premise of Survivor has always been a very strong one, so even if next season is lacking a bit, I'll still tune in and I'll probably post reviews about it as well when Survivor Nicaragua hits the airwaves. :-)

This concludes my review of the Survivor reunion. I want to thank everyone who read my reviews for all of the Survivor episodes this season. I really appreciate it. This has been one of my favorite seasons ever of Survivor and I'm glad I had the chance to review it and share my thoughts with all of you. Looking forward to next season. Thanks again to everyone here on Lunch for reading and making these reviews fun for me to write. Till next time. :-) 

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May 24, 2010

Great job, Pardolis. By the end of this season, I got to where every time Russell launched into one of his holier-than-thou speeches, I got nauseous. There have been some treacherous and ugly-spirited people to play the game of Survivor (Johnny Fairplay, anyone?), but I do think Russell ranks pretty high up on the list. Like you, I actually found Coach preferable to Russell this season, and that's saying a lot, because I hated Coach the last time he played.

I think, for Russell, it is less about winning the million than it is being the Puppet Master. I think it turns him on to show the world that he was able to control all of these smart, experienced Survivor veterans and get them to do what he wanted, even if they ended up hating his guts so much in the end that they wouldn't even give him one mercy vote. Unfortunately, America loves a villain, so I think he was pretty sure he was going to win big anyway, with the fan favorite, so he could be as dastardly as he wanted and still walk away with money and a lot of adoration from the public, if not his fellow players. I agree that it was an excellent season of Survivor!

May 25, 2010
It's funny because when this season first started, I preferred Russell over Coach because he seemed more logical. However, as the season went on, it became extremely obvious that Russell is about as far from logic as you can possibly get. He also began to get real nasty with people after Rob left and that turned me off as well. I hated Coach last season and most of this season as well, but after viewing his ponderosa clips and hearing his comment about wanting to change at the reunion, I really am starting to like him a lot more. I never thought I'd end up prefering Coach over Russell, but that's exactly what happened, lol.

I agree that Russell wanted to be the puppet master. He desperately wanted to be in control and call the shots. But the ironic thing is he hardly ever was in control. It was mainly Parvati running that alliance and deep down, Russell knows this. However, he can't admit that to himself because it would damage his enormous ego. So as a defense mechanism, he needs to tell everyone over and over that HE was in charge because he feels that if you say it enough times, people will eventually believe it. That doesn't work for me though, lol. But yeah, I'm very happy Russell didn't win. He's a complete loser. I was quite shocked that he got America's vote though. I didn't think that was possible, but I guess a lot of people really enjoyed his villainy. Oh well. I agree that this has been an excellent season of Survivor and I'm eagerly anticipating the next one. :-)
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