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Six Feet Under - Season 5

  • Mar 8, 2011
Pros: outstanding series, great acting and they ended it with grace

Cons: none for me

The Bottom Line:
"Be my friend
Hold me
Wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up and breathe me"

~~~Caution - serious spoilers enclosed~~~

Well here it is, the final season of Six Feet Under.   Season 4 left us with the announcement of marriage between Nate and Brenda as well as the discovery of the truth about Nate's former wife, Lisa. 

Six feet Under, Season 5 episodes include:
A Coat of White Primer:
~Deceased: Andrea Kuhn 1963 - 2004
~The circumstances:  impaled in eye by brass andirons.  Angry husband & andirons win.

Ruth remembers how stress set off depression in George; Billy asks Claire to move in; Brenda has a miscarriage the night before her wedding to Nate.  David and Keith try to decide between adoption or a surrogate; Rico misses family life.

Dancing for Me:
~Deceased: Samuel Wayne Hoviak 1965 - 2004
~The circumstances: when backing out of his driveway, Samuel leans out of the truck to pick up the newspaper.   Truck wins.

Ruth & George are at odds; David asks Claire to donate her eggs so he and Keith can "make a baby"; Billy, on his anti-psychotic meds, misses his alter personality. 

Hold My Hand:
~Deceased: Loretta Smith Sibley 1908 - 1954
~The circumstances: suicide by drug overdose while son George watches.  Drugs win.

George is haunted by his mother's long ago death and starts hiding food in his pockets.  Ruth tells his daughter, Maggie, that he needs therapy.  Claire discovers Ruth has frozen her inheritance and she and Billy make plans for a trip to Spain.  Nate and Maggie become friends.

Time Flies:
~Deceased: Lila Simonds Coolidge 1909 - 2003
~The circumstances: suffers heart attack on on toilet.  Damn.

Nate finds out Brenda is pregnant again; Claire and Billy break up; Ruth grows more impatient with George.  Rico sleeps with his ex-wife; a black bird puts a pall over Nate's surprise birthday party. 

Eat A Peach:
~Deceased: Daniel Holzenchenko 1939 - 2005
~The circumstances:  Daniel, a diabetic, indulges in a forbidden can of peaches.  Peaches win.

David and Keith attend a picnic held by an adoption agency and meet Anthony and his brother and decide to foster them.   George & Ruth rent their own apartment but Ruth decides not to live there. 

The Rainbow of Her Reasons:
~Deceased: Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt 1952 - 2005
~The circumstances: while hiking with Sarah, Ruth's sister, Fiona takes a fall off the mountain.  Landing wins.

David & Keith are having trouble with their foster sons Anthony & Durrel; George confronts Ruth about her plans.  Nate and others reminisce about Fiona [Nate's first sexual partner at age 14].

The Silence:
~Deceased: Peter Thomas Burns 1948 - 2005
~The circumstance: suffers heart attack at the theatre.  Heart attack wins.

When Maggie's good friend, Peter, has a heart attack Nate becomes interested in her faith as a Quaker.  Brenda has a test and finds out her baby could have Down's Syndrome.  Ruth finds out George already has another intended and wants a speedy divorce.  Claire meets Ted, an attorney, and makes a connection; David finds out Durrel will be in musical at school. 

Singing For Our Lives:
~Deceased: Pilar Sandoval 1970 - 2005
~The circumstances: while roller blading, Pilar is struck by car.  Car wins. 

Brenda becomes suspicious about Nate's new interest in the Quaker religion; Ruth is sitting with Anthony & Durrel but they sneak out and take the SUV.  Ruth takes up with old lover Hiram; Claire goes on a date with Ted.  Brenda goes to the Quaker meeting but Nate and Maggie never show.  Nate & Maggie make love and he collapses as he is getting ready to leave. 

~Deceased: Laurence Hall Matheson 1971 - 2005
~The circumstance:  mailed by cougar.  Uh, cougar wins.

Nate is in the hospital and Maggie attempts to locate the family.  David, Claire and Ted show up, followed by an upset Brenda.  Ruth, camping with Hiram, is unaware of Nate's problems but has a great fantasy about killing all her past boyfriends.  Nate & David have the same dream and arrive at the ocean together in their father's old VW bus.  Nate runs into the water with his father, yelling for David to join him but he refuses.  He awakens to a harsh reality.

All Alone:
~Deceased: Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. 1965 - 2005
~The circumstance: complications from brain bleed.  Tumor wins.

The family is torn up over the impending funeral of Nate.  Nate's ghost pays a visit to Brenda.  At the burial David relives his brutal attack; Bettina comes to offer comfort.

~Deceased: Paul Ronald Duncan 1983 - 2005
~The circumstance: assisted suicide.  Euthanasia wins.

Claire is heavily into drugs and alcohol to mask her feelings about Nate's death; David is still plagued with dreams about his attacker.  Rico & Vanessa discuss opening their own funeral business; Nate returns once more to suggest Maya stay with Ruth.  Brenda thinks about having Billy help her raise Maya and her upcoming baby but changes her mind then goes into premature labor.

Everyone's Waiting:
Willa, Nate & Brenda's daughter, is born 2 months premature and has complications.  Nate, in his ever recurring role, tells Brenda he is afraid she won't make it.  Rico wants David to sell the funeral home but instead he buys out Rico's share and Rico moves on to open his own funeral home.  David, suffering from rage and pent up feelings regarding his attack, moves to the funeral home where his father confronts him about his problems, making him face his fear.  

Claire goes back to photography and gets a job offer in New York but tells Ruth she will stay with her.  Ruth tells her to move on, not box herself in like Ruth did, and unfreezes her inheritance.  

Brenda awakens at night to find Nate holding Willa.  When Claire's job falls through she considers staying in California but at Nate's insistence she decides to head to New York anyway, driving off listening to a tape Ted prepared for her featuring Sia's "Breathe Me".  As we watch her car driving across country we are introduced to our deceased for this episode:

David, Keith, Ted and Claire gather at Ruth's bedside -
~Deceased: Ruth Fisher 1946 - 2025
~The circumstance: unknown, presumably natural causes

Keith takes a new job as an armored car driver -
~Deceased: Keith Charles 1968 - 2029
~The circumstance: shot in armored car robbery

David sits at a family picnic, watching his sons now grown with their own children.  Off in the distance he sees Keith -
~Deceased: David Fisher 1969 - 2044
~The circumstance: unknown, presumably natural causes

Rico and Vanessa are enjoying a cruise when Rico gets up to walk inside -
~Deceased: Federico Diaz 1974 - 2049
~The circumstance: apparent heart attack aboard a cruise ship

Brenda is sitting in attendance, with Billy, at Claire's wedding.  [she quips on extras that she finally was killed by Billy's incessant chatter]
~Deceased: Brenda Chenowith 1969 - 2051
~The circumstance: unknown, presumably natural causes

Claire is lying in her hospital bed when she looks up and sees Nate, David, Ruth and Nate, Sr. -
~Deceased: Claire Fisher 1983 - 2085
~The circumstance: unknown, presumably natural causes

This segment is so beautifully and completely done you aren't nearly as miffed that the series is ending.  While we watch Claire drive and listen to the music, each family member is introduced and then they pass.  As each passes they are met by others that have gone before them.   It is like looking at one of those memorial recordings they show at so many funerals now.  

 Of course when I started watching this season on television I really didn't know it was the final season.  Much like the television series ER did, Six Feet Under gave a conclusion to the main characters lives.  It was only appropriate that they ended this five season run with the obituaries of the main participants.


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Hi, Susi, did you see you were this week's spotlight? Thanks!
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