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  • Dec 24, 2010
  • by
This isn't so much a review, as much as it is a ranting about a good tv show. I know this is somewhat out of place, Glee being a TV show and all, but I really do like this show, so I felt it necessary to review it. I'll include some stuff about the second season too, because the second season is much better. When I first watched the show, I thought it was mediocre, but it had just enough to keep me watching. As I kept watching, it kept getting better and better, and it transformed into one of my favourite shows on tv today. In this review, I'll provide you with an in-depth character analysis and why I like or dislike them. The true strength of the show is in it's characters and it's dialogue.

Now I hardly would consider myself a "Gleek", but just a casual glee watcher. I don't take it as a guide to life, but I see it for what it is. It's entertainment, and should be taken as such. The characters and story are well-done, and the series has managed longevity and is hardly in a "sophomore slump". In fact, the second season has managed to improve upon the first one. Another thing, the genre of Glee is hard to nail down. It's funny, but it's not a comedy. It has music, but it's not a musical. It also has drama, but it's not a drama. I guess the show is just a combination of the three, being a comedy-drama-musical.

Now onto that in-depth character study I promised. First, we start with Rachel (Lea Michele), the "star" of the glee club. She was groomed since birth by her fathers to be the perfect star of stage and screen, and acts with the arrogance and selfishness that would come with that attitude. In the first season, she seemed mildly annoying, but harmless enough. The second season is when I really hated her. Not only was she dating a guy she didn't deserve, but she acted like a total self-centred bitch and made everyone in the club hate her.

I have many qualms about the Finn-Rachel relationship. Firstly, he took much more crap from her than he really should have. Secondly, she got all pissed off that he slept with Santana BEFORE they were together. Not only is that entirely ridiculous, but she cheats on him with Puck (Mark Salling) and gets all bent out of shape when he dumps her. First of all, she doesn't even apologise, just demands that he forgive her. Secondly, he has had two girlfriends in the course of the show, both of whom have cheated on him. That would definitely put a damper on the guy's self esteem. I really hope that the writers only are writing her to be this horrible so they can redeem her and make her a better person, to realize all that she has done wrong. I also really hope that they don't make Finn and Rachel get back together, because he really is the better character.

Secondly, you have Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), the spanish teacher who wants to restart the glee club. He is not met with much support, but manages to get enough people to join. He is unhappily married to Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), a woman who fakes being pregnant. This subplot manages to stretch out for most of the season, but the shit really hits the fan when he finds out and leaves her, supposedly for the cute germaphobe guidance counselor (Jayma Mays). Their relationship, however, wavers between slight and non-existent, eventually having her marry a dentist played by John Stamos. I like Mr. Schuester, because he is harmless enough, despite his repetitive choice in solos and somewhat dated song selections.

Thirdly, we have Kurt (Chris Colfer), who in my opinion is the emotional anchor of the show, especially in season 2. Kurt is the token gay on the show, except that he is so much more than that. One full episode was devoted to him coming out to his dad, and a main subplot of the second season was him being bullied by a homophobic bully and eventually transferring schools, where he meets Blaine (Darren Criss <3), who would appear to be his love interest. Chris Colfer is a great actor, and he's probably the best actor on the show. I'm also glad they made his dad a series regular, because he's a good character too.

Next, we have all the minorities. First, we have Mercedes (Amber Riley) a sassy black girl with an incredibly powerful singing voice. Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) a gothic asian girl with a stutter and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) her boyfriend, who gets a bigger speaking part in the second season. I dislike all the Asian jokes between them, because it makes glee look more like Family Guy by comparison. Lastly, we have Artie (Kevin McHale), the wheelchair kid, who got better with his second girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris), the dumb cheerleader who constantly spouts funny one-liners. He used to date Tina, but he screwed up royal and seems to have improved with Brittany. I always liked Artie, and I like him even more this season. These characters are all pretty much in the same ground, good but not great, each having their merits and downfalls.

The big subplot of the first season besides the gay subplot was the pregnancy subplot. The cliff-note version is that Quinn (Dianna Agron) used to be head cheerleader and dated Finn (Cory Monteith). That is, until she got herself knocked up by Finn's friend Puck (Mark Salling). Then, she loses everything and Finn finds out and dumps her for Rachel. This was an okay subplot, as teen pregnancy can be a powerful dramatic plot point, but it's far too glamourized in my opinion. Nothing much else to say, but the dramatic storylines are sometimes hit-and miss, but mostly hit.

Despite all the dramatic plot points, there's still room for comedy in the show, mostly embodied by Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach who happens do despise the glee club. She takes comic relief so much further in a good way and she's the comic anchor of the show. The other characters are funny too, but she's by far the funniest, Lynch herself being a powerhouse comoedienne.

You may be thinking, Glee is about a Glee club, how about the musical numbers? Well, they're pretty hit and miss, but what they get right, they really get right. I am getting tired of Rachel's constant solos though. I mean, she has a nice voice and all, but we don't need to hear it in every episode. I like the characters' individual singing voices, especially that of newcomer Sam (Chord Overstreet). I do have some on my Ipod, but they don't dominate it. I'd say 10-15% of the songs on my Ipod are from glee though, because some of them are really good.

All in all, glee is a great show. It's entertainment, and should be taken as such, but it's truly one of the best TV shows on the air today and one of my personal favourite. I am and will always be a movie person, but I love TV almost as much as I love movies. Something you may not know about me is that I like many TV shows, like this, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and most crime shows (except NCIS). If you haven't seen this show, it's definitely worth a look.

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December 27, 2010
Great review, Stephanie! I agree, I do think that Rachel became a stuck up B in the second season as soon as she got Finn. I also agree that the songs and attempt at dramatic plot points tend to be hit and miss.
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Glee, a one-hour musical comedy, follows the life of an optimistic high school teacher as he seeks to transform and inspire the schools Glee Club, a group of amateur performers, to compete in the National Competition.

Once at the top of show choir, McKinley High School's Glee club has lately become home to misfits, social outcasts and scandals. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a positive young professional takes on the heroic task of restoring the Glee Club to its former glory, alongside fellow teacher Emma Pillsbury (Ugly Betty).

Challenges to restoring the club include nerdy soprano Kurt (Chris Colfer), the diva Mercedes (Amber Riley), geeky guitarist Arty (Kevin McHale) and the awkward, stuttering Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz).

Will's only hope lies within the true talents of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele, "Spring Awakening"), a perfectionist who is confident in show choir being her ticket to stardom and Finn Hudson,  (Cory Monteith, "Kyle XY"), the popular high school quarterback with good looks and a perfect voice.

Throughout the story, Will is challenged with battling the negative influences in his life to prove that the Glee can beat out the competition. Produced by Ryan Murphy Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television, Glee features a soundtrack of hit songs from past and present.

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