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The Amazing Race 16 - Episode 9

The Ninth Episode of the Amazing Race 16

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"It's Brent and Caite Gump"--The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9

  • Apr 16, 2010
  • by
 The latest Amazing Race episode saw some flare ups and interesting challenges. This was certainly a leg with a lot of action and suspense, that's for sure. Last time, Steve and Allie were surprisingly eliminated even though they had both raced extremely well up to that point. Now only five teams remain and they are all racing for that half million dollar prize. Who will go home this week? Let's find out.

This episode begins at last episode's pit stop, which is the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. The teams read their first clue which tells them to take a bus to Kuala Lumpur and once there, the teams must board a train that will take them to Singapore. After the teams arrive in Singapore, they must make their way to the Victorian Concert Hall and Theater where Allan Wu (the host of the Amazing Race Asia) will hand the teams their next clue. Jet and Cord depart first and get on the first bus to Kuala Lumpur. Carol and Brandy leave the pitstop second and are able to catch the #2 bus to Kuala Lumpur. The other three teams in the back of the pack must take the last bus. As these last three teams are sitting on the bus and mingling with each other, the idea of U-turning Carol and Brandy resurfaces. In last week's episode, we saw some of the teams discuss using the U-turn on the girls if they had the chance and I speculated at the time that this might be a bit of foreshadowing. Looks like I was right. The first clue says that there will be a U-turn on this leg of the race at some point and the teams are already figuring out what they'll do with it when that opportunity presents itself. Dan and Jordan are told by the other two teams on the bus to U-turn Carol and Brandy if they get the chance. Their argument is that they're the most world traveled and that they've been mean on the race. Dan and Jordan immediately look through his line of illogical reasoning and realize that while both teams claim to be getting Carol and Brandy out for strategic reasons, they're really doing it because they don't like them all that much. Great call there by the brothers. That's almost always what it comes down to and it's frustrating to hear teams not admit this at times in order to make it seem as if they're smarter than they really are. Louie and Michael at least seem to have some sort of strategy for targeting the girls since it will ultimately take the target off of their backs as the most threatening team. Brent and PPPF 5000 (Last week, I gave Caite the nickname of "Princess Pouty Pooper Face" (or PPPF for short) because of her childish behavior from a few weeks back. Seeing as how she continues to get more annoying with each passing episode, I am now upgrading Caite's name to PPPF 5000. The "5000" series is the latest model of whiny, entitled brats who cry and moan and really need to shut up at times. lol) completely hate everything about them and there's nothing they can do to disguise that fact. PPPF 5000 starts getting gleeful about the idea of her being the only female left in the race if she can get rid of the other two girls. Ugghhh. I can't stand this girl. Her level of ego is ridiculous, I swear. As much as I can't stand PPPF 5000, it doesn't change the fact that Carol and Brandy are in a lot of trouble here. There are a lot of teams after them and they're both going to have to race very hard if they want to stay in this thing.

2-1.jpg Dan and Jordan Episode 9 The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateThe teams all board the train at Kuala Lumpur and make their way to Singapore. Once there, teams head to the Victorian Concert Hall and Theater to pick up their next clue from Allan Wu. Dan and Jordan find Allan Wu first and find out where they're going next. The next clue says that there is a fast forward on this leg of the race. A Fast Forward is a task that only one team may perform. The team that successfully gets to the fast forward first and completes it will be able to skip all of the rest of the tasks on this leg of the race and go immediately to the pit stop. This Fast Forward option can give one team a huge advantage on the race. However, if you're not the first team to complete the Fast Forward, it could potentially cost you valuable time. Seeing as how Dan and Jordan are the first team to get this clue, they decide to go for the Fast Forward option. The Fast Forward clue tells Dan and Jordan to go to the Singapore Flyer, which is the tallest observation wheel in the world. Once there, Dan and Jordan must get inside a capsule on the wheel and ride it to the very top of the wheel. Then, at a height of 541 feet, Dan and Jordan must leave the capsule and crawl along the wheel to the next capsule over. If both team members can do this successfully, that team will win the Fast Forward and can head directly to the pit stop. When Dan and Jordan hop onboard their capsule, Jordan tells his brother that he has a fear of heights. This doesn't stop him from doing the task, though. Jordan is shaking all over as he's crawling to the next capsule over, but he keeps saying "A Million Dollars" as a means of staying focused on the task. Jordan finally completes the task first, with his brother Dan rushing behind him, crawling along much faster than Jordan did. Having been successful at reaching the next capsule, Dan and Jordan win the Fast Forward for this leg of the race. They can skip all tasks and go directly to the pit stop, which is the Marina Barrage. Dan and Jordan reach the pit stop and Phil tells them both that they have come in first place for this leg of the race. They each receive two motorbikes for winning this leg. They both joke that they will never ride the motorbikes because their mother would kill them if they did, lol. It was good to see the brothers be successful here. They seem to get along with each other well and not cause conflict. They also perform pretty well with the tasks also. I don't think Dan and Jordan will win this thing when it's all said and done, but I wish them the best of luck with the rest of the race.

9-1.jpg Detour Episode 9 The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateBack at the Victorian Concert Hall, the other teams find Allan Wu after Dan and Jordan do. After they receive their clue from him, they discover the detour for this leg of the race. The choice is either "Pounding the Drums" or "Pounding the Pavement". The teams that choose "Pounding the Drums" must travel to a park where a young child will teach both team members a complex drum routine. The team members will use sticks to bang on the traditional drums in the manner that the kid teaches them. Once both team members feel that they have mastered the routine, they must go on a stage in the park and perform the routine without making any mistakes. If a judge believes that they've performed the routine correctly, the judge will hand the team their next clue. The other option is "Pounding the Pavement". The teams that choose this option must go to a flea market area where they must find many supplies to set up their own booth, along with ten boxes of ice cream. Once they have their booths set up, the team must sell 25 ice cream sandwiches. Once a team has sold all 25 sandwiches, the vendor will give that team their next clue. Personally, I would've gone with the "Pounding the Pavement" option myself, but there is the danger of that particular option taking too long and most of the teams seemed to agree with that assessment. Three teams completed the "Pounding the Drums" portion of the detour while only one team (Louie and Michael) completed the "Pounding the Pavement" option. Initially, Louie and Michael tried to do "Pounding the Drums" at first, but after realizing that they weren't going to get the drum technique down, they opted to do the Fast Forward instead. However, Louie and Michael don't realize that Dan and Jordan had already gone for the Fast Forward and once Louie and Michael arrived at the Singapore Flyer, they found that Dan and Jordan were in the process of completing the fast forward which meant that Louie and Michael had wasted valuable time by trying to fast forward in the race. Louie and Michael get extremely nervous now and they decide to go back and try the other detour option (Pounding the Pavement). They eventually get to the flea market and sell the required number of sandwiches, completing the detour. The other three teams that were banging away at the drums had issues also. Brent and PPPF 5000 had some trouble learning the drum technique, but they mastered it quickly and were the first of the three teams to leave. Carol and Brandy struggled with the drum task for a long time. Carol wanted to switch and do the other option, but Brandy insisted that they stick with this option instead. After a while, Carol and Brandy eventually got the routine down and receive their next clue. Jet and Cord take the longest amount of time with this detour. Cord just couldn't remember the drum pattern. Cord tried to perform it once on stage, but lost focus and couldn't continue. After rehearsing several more times, the cowboys finally performed the routine and got their clue. The problem is that the Cowboys are the last team to leave the detour. The cowboys need to catch up if they want to have any hope of surviving this leg.

After the teams complete the detour, they receive their next clue which tells them to go to Istana Park. Brent and PPPF 5000 are the first team to complete the detour and arrive at Istana. Once Brent and PPPF 5000 reach the park, they find the dreaded U-Turn for this leg of the race. We saw the U-Turn appear earlier this season when it was used by Louie and Michael to eliminate Joe and Heidi from the race. This time around, Brent and PPPF 5000 are in the driver's seat as to how they want to use the U-Turn's abilities. For those who aren't familiar with what the U-Turn does, it allows one team to hinder another team by forcing that other team to do BOTH detour options instead of just one. There are also two different types of U-Turns, one is a normal U-Turn and the other is a blind U-Turn. The U-Turn that was used earlier this season was a "blind" one because the team that did the hindering did not have to identify who they were. However, the U-Turn in this episode is a normal one which means that the team doing the hindering must identify who they are by sticking their own picture up on the U-Turn sign along with a picture of the team that they want to hinder. The moment Brent and PPPF 5000 arrive at the U-Turn, it is painfully obvious which team they are going to hinder. Their hatred of Carol and Brandy has been constant all season long and it's finally come to a head at this moment. Brent and PPPF 5000 gleefully U-Turn Carol and Brandy. The look of immense pleasure on PPPF 5000's face is priceless. I swear, she really is pathetic in a lot of ways. After Brent and her horribly pathetic girlfriend leave the detour, Carol and Brandy arrive and find out that they have been U-Turned. They must now go back and do the "Pounding the Pavement" option of the detour. After a while, the girls are able to sell 25 ice cream sandwiches and receive their next clue. Carol and Brandy are quite upset about being U-Turned to put it mildly. They proceed to call Brent's clueless girlfriend names and proclaim that it was stupid to U-Turn them since they are not the strongest team on the race. Many Amazing Race fans have weighed in on this incident. Some support Brent and the Harpie. Others support Carol and Brandy. My take on this is that both teams were pretty childish in this moment. Brent and that idiot girlfriend of his used the U-Turn for a personal reason rather than a strategic one. I know it's stressful on this race sometimes and I know at some point, you just can't stand people and you have to get them out because you simply can't stand to be around them. I also realize that once you've made friends with people in general, it's hard to turn your back on them even if it is in your best interest to do so. I understand all of that fully. However, that still doesn't change the fact that Brent and What's-her-face made a very bad call here. They really should have U-Turned the Cowboys or the Detectives instead. But instead, they go for the personal attack and that's just petty and not smart thinking. Carol and Brandy aren't out of the woods either on this. I understand they're frustrated at being U-Turned, but that doesn't give them the right to resort to childish name calling. Brandy even goes so far as to say "It's Brent and Caite Gump" in an effort to display how stupid Brent and the troll are. Yes, they are stupid. I agree. But Carol and Brandy aren't much better. Those two girls really brought some of this on themselves. If they're going to go out of their way to be mean to other teams, then getting U-Turned is what you get even if it doesn't make a lot of sense. Carol and Brandy should have learned some manners before coming on this race and maybe they wouldn't have been U-Turned and they could have been left alone. But instead, they antagonized people and this is the result. That;s what they get. So I don't side with either team on this one. They're both equally stupid and clueless as far as I'm concerned.

14.jpg Roadblock Episode 9 The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateAfter the U-Turn fiasco is over with, the teams receive their next clue which is to go to the ASL Marine Shipyard. Once the teams arrive here, they discover the Roadblock for this leg of the race. For this Roadblock, one team member must count the number of links in a massive chain. While a team member is counting, they will be distracted by loud clanging noise and a voice over the loudspeaker in an attempt to throw that team member off his or her count. Once a team member has counted the number of links, they must write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to the shipyard manager. If the team member has written down the correct number (which is 521), the team will receive their next clue. The surprising thing about this roadblock is that all of the teams counted the right number of links on their very first try! That's quite an impressive feat. Michael had an advantage in this task since he had a pitch counter on his watch that he clicked every time he touched a link on the chain. However, Michael forgot to take his clipboard with him when he was counting the links and had to go back and get it. That cost the detectives some time. Jet and Brent breezed through the roadblock for their teams. Carol and Brandy arrive at the Roadblock last due to being U-Turned. But some of the other teams are still there, so this gives the girls some time to catch up. However, it's not to be. Carol counts all the links in the chains pretty quickly, but all of the other teams had left the task at this point. Carol and Brandy are still bringing up the rear. Can they survive this leg of the race? We shall see.

Once the Roadblock is finished, teams receive their next clue telling them to travel to the "Mega Zip" on Sentosa Island. Once teams arrive at the "Mega Zip", they must go to the top of a tower and ride a 1,200 foot long zipline over the top of a large jungle area. Once teams have ridden the zip line, they will receive their next clue. It doesn't take much skill to complete this task, but it sure does look like fun. It's not bungee jumping or skydiving where you're constantly falling. It's kind of like gliding through the jungle on a slow descent down to the bottom. I'd probably be scared to do the zipline, but I'd be much more comfortable doing this than even attempting some other tasks I've seen on this show over the years, lol. Anyway, all four teams complete the zip line and receive their next clue which tells them to head to the pit stop at the Marina Barrage. Brent and PPPF 5000 get there ahead of the other teams and come in second place (I was not happy to hear that these two insufferable morons have survived yet again, but it is what it is). PPPF 5000 then tells Phil that the girls were mean to her and that's why she U-Turned them (right. But of course, PPPF 5000 herself isn't mean. She's not capable of it. She's all flowers and roses in her mind. God, the utter denial this girl has about herself and how bad she is mind boggling. Yes, Carol and Brandy are bad, but so are you. Just admit it. However, you won't do that because your IQ is too low to comprehend what I'm saying). The Cowboys come in third place, followed by the Detectives who arrive fourth. Carol and Brandy are the last team to arrive at the pit stop. Phil tells Carol and Brandy that they have both been eliminated from the race. A lot of people have wanted to see an all female team win Amazing Race for the first time in the show's history. However, that will not happen this season. Carol and Brandy are gone.

carolbrandy.jpg Carol and Brandy The Amazing Race 16 picture by DolygateCarol and Brandy really dug their own graves here in a lot of ways. They became the team that everybody hated right from the get go. They weren't nice to others and they generally complained about most tasks they had to deal with. I don't think Carol and Brandy are the worst Amazing Race team of all time (that honor goes to Jonathan and Victoria from Amazing Race 6. Those two were just utterly terrible on so many levels.), but they're far from being the best team. While I don't think that Brent and his insufferable girlfriend should have U-Turned them, Carol and Brandy brought it on themselves by being mean to other teams. They had it coming unfortunately. Even after the girls were eliminated, the attacks didn't stop. Brandy made fun of PPPF 5000's picture on the U-Turn by saying that PPPF 5000 looks like Cruella de Ville. I have to admit, I did laugh when Brandy said this because it is true to an extent. But still, it was a mean comment to make and it's that kind of behavior that sent the girls a one way ticket home. People need to realize that Amazing Race isn't like Survivor. People on this show tend to hold high ethical standards and if they see a team that isn't doing that, they will be taken out even if they aren't the biggest threat. Carol and Brandy should've known that coming in and kept their mouths shut. But they didn't and now, they're out of the game. Again, they did this to themselves and they got exactly what was coming to them. But this doesn't mean that I'm suddenly in support of Brent and PPPF 5000. I really would have rather seen Brent and that shrilling lunatic go this week instead of Carol and Brandy and that's partially why I rated this episode a 3 instead of a 4 or 5. But to my great misfortune, they've survived yet again, which means I'm going to have to come up with more childish names for Caite in future Amazing Race reviews, lol. The Detectives almost got eliminated here, so they're going to have to pick up the pace if they want to stay alive. Dan and Jordan got a very lucky break with the Fast Forward, but I doubt their lead will last very long. The Cowboys are looking like the team that will win this season. They're strong, athletic, and they've done pretty well throughout the race. They're the ones to watch out for.

That ends another great episode of the Amazing Race. We only have four teams left. How will the final legs of the race play out? I don't know, but whatever happens, it should be interesting. Till next time. 

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April 19, 2010
I would have had a hard choice between Pounding the Pavement and Pounding the Drum. The drum looked fun but hard. I'm not sure if I would have sold the sandwiches fast enough with the other option, though. I like how the contestants get to make choices on this show between challenges they want to undertake.
April 19, 2010
Yeah, that is an appealing part of the show. If one task doesn't appeal to someone's strengths, then they have another option to fall back on. I know it would have taken me a while to learn the drum technique, so I would've gone with the sandwiches even though it seemed the slower of the two. Also, I'm lazy, so that might play a role in my choice as well. lol.
April 23, 2010
LOL!! You sounds like me! We should apply to go on this show as a team!!
April 23, 2010
I don't know. You're far more competitive than I am and I could picture you telling me to "HURRY UP!!!" if I was going slow at a task, lol. I don't think we'd make a good team on the race, but maybe you and your husband could do it. I'd root for u 2 all the way. :-)
April 24, 2010
LOL!! He would never enter a reality show with me. EVER! The only way I could ever be on one is if I could drag an unsuspecting fool such as yourself along for the ride... ;) (tee hee) Your "slowness" will balance my "neurotic-ness," and we would be invincible! LOL!
April 27, 2010
No, it'd be a disaster. I don't think we'd make it past the first leg honestly, lol. Could you imagine me doing the amazing race with jas? That would truly be a terrible idea. rofl!!!
April 28, 2010
Well, I guess we will never know unless we, when do we submit the application for the next season? (wink wink) If you think you and I would be and Jas would be FATAL!! I could see you both getting lost off the grid!! The producers would have to send out a search party to figure out your whereabouts!
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