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sushi Free Rice Panda Express Chinese Fake take out! Sushi
posted a Quick Tip about Indofood Sambal Goreng. September 08, 2012
posted in The Rice Table
Indofood Sambal Goreng
If you're a fan of Indonesian cuisine and like Pete (Petai or stinking beans), cooking it with Sambal Goreng make life so much simpler and tastier!             I managed to dish out a great dish of beef with peteh in a mere 8 minutes or so. The sauce/seasoning is truly authentic and taste like what the locals would have done at any Indonesian restaurant. …
posted a Quick Tip about Fruit. July 24, 2012
Nature's candy. Tastes good, provides sugars that won't kill you and essential vitamins, and comes in a million different varieties. I usually try to eat fruit with my breakfast.
posted a Quick Tip about Lobo Tom Yum Paste. May 28, 2012
posted in The Rice Table
Lobo Tom Yum Paste
Easy to prepare and cook. Not bad but not comparable to those in the restaurants. I've tried some great Tom Yum Kung in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Still, it's VFM!
posted a Quick Tip about Lobo Massaman Curry Paste. May 28, 2012
posted in Go Thailand
Lobo Massaman Curry Paste
I haven't tried Massaman Curry when in Bangkok so I'm not quite sure exactly what it should taste like. I tried cooking this one with beef but don't really like how it turned out. May be I didn't get the right kind of beef! No idea. Good thing I didn't waste any Kobe beef on it!!!
posted a Quick Tip about Lobo Thai Green Curry Paste. May 28, 2012
posted in The Rice Table
Lobo Thai Green Curry Paste
The BEST green curry paste I've come across. It sells for around $0.50 in Bangkok. If there is any souvenir I'd like from Bangkok, this is one of them!!! Yummy!!!      See full review here.     
reviewed Thai Green Curry. May 28, 2012
posted in The Rice Table
Green Curry
This is my favorite of the Thai curries which comes in green, red or yellow. There are also Massaman curry which is less spicy. Most of the time, I simply ordered these dishes from Thai restaurants that I visited. Recently, on my trip to Bangkok in March, I came across the Lobo brand of curry pastes on sale in the supermarts. I had bought them outside Thailand but never quite tried buying them in …
posted a Quick Tip about Toro. March 22, 2012
This stuff is a little expensive. I mean 7 slices for $ 25-30, but it is well worth it! It is the kind of sashimi that is so smooth and so succulent that I cannot get enough of this stuff. I usually have it with a side of hot steamed rice. So good!     
posted a Quick Tip about Bulgogi. December 01, 2011
This is actually very easy to make. I don't want to brag, but I make a killer Korean Bulgogi! I like to use thin rib eye for my bulgogi, I like making the pork and chicken ones too but they are not as sumptious as the beef ones. The trick in making a great bulgogi is its sauce and that you have to marinate it overnight. Curiously I don't use sugar to sweeten is a secret of mine.   …
posted a Quick Tip about Fish Head. November 30, 2011
Fish Head
Great when you are making soup laced with Guava. Fish head is where all the flavor is at; I actually use a fish head to make my dishes and then remove it when I am about to serve guests.      All I can say is: Don't knock it until you've tried it. (some) Fish eyeballs are tasty too!      P.S. Piranha is also great for grilling (no kidding)   …
created a list. November 27, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Well, almost! Yes, it is a culture shock for many but is it really as a result of cultural differences?   I'm not too sure. I think a big part …
Pigeon (or Squab) Goose Chicken Feet Offal Snail
reviewed Thai Pepper (Restaurant). October 22, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Thai Pepper (Restaurant)
We had been to this restaurant often, especially when I'm dining with my aunts and uncles. This is their little "kitchen" and they often dine here (I was told at least once or twice a week)      Some of my favorite dishes in this restaurant:   1) BBQ fish (this is not on its menu, you'll have to call in 30 mins ahead for them to prepare it so that it'll …
posted a Quick Tip about Bibimbap. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
It's so simple (and easy to prepare), and yet, it's oh so delicious. I've had it with and without gochujang, and it's delicious both ways. Even though this is a great dish and surprisingly easy to make, there ARE some folks who don't know how to prepare this properly, so beware. Still, even a "bad" bibimbap is still edible.
posted a Quick Tip about Samgyeopsal. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
I normally don't eat pork, but samgyeopsal is DELICIOUS! I also love the whole communal bbq style deal that often comes with the cooking and eating of this dish. Awesome!
posted a Quick Tip about Miyeok guk. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Miyeok guk
Avoid this soup at all cost! Unfortunately, it's the soup of choice for my school's cafeteria (I work at a high school in a largish city in Korea), and to me it tastes like sweaty socks. Ugh! Normally, I enjoy anything that includes seaweed, but this soup just doesn't cut it for me.
posted a Quick Tip about Hainanese Chicken Rice. September 22, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Hainanese Chicken Rice
This is some seriously awesome stuff! There was a Singaporean restaurant in the Philippines that I thought made it quite well; since Pinoys love rice, it also came with a bottomless serving of Jasmine rice. I could eat tons of this stuff!
reviewed Soju. September 06, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Soju is a popular alcholic beverage native to Korea.  It's incredibly cheap and plentiful, throughout Korea, so it's the beverage of choice when gathering with friends for a meal of samgyepsol and other kinds of Korean barbeque.   While people drink it all the time (any time!), I usually have it when I'm eating meat.      In flavor, it's similar to vodka.  …
posted a Quick Tip about Choya Kokuto Umeshu. August 27, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Choya Kokuto Umeshu
I bought this for cheap (not that cheap really, it's US$18) at the supermarket just last week while it's selling at the same area at the Japanese restaurant I frequent for double the price! I've never tried it but I like kokuto (black sugar) and upon checking with the staff I know it'll be something like rum. In fact, it is made with rum.       The Japanese …
posted a Quick Tip about Yuzu Komachi Iki Shochu. August 27, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Yuzu Komachi Iki Shochu
This is one of the best shochu I've ever tried, not that I have tried many, most of which I tried in Japanese restaurants.      Shochu is the Japanese version of Mojito and you can literally drink them without getting drunk, if you're not a bad drinker as I'm. Well, I bought this in the CitySuper (a supermart) in Hong Kong and finished the entire bottle in 4 days, that's …
reviewed Dduk. August 26, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Dduk is a popular Korean snack. They're particuarly popular during the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok and the Lunar New Year. Dduk is a rice cake made out of a rice flour and can sometimes be sweetened.  It can be steamed, fried, boiled, etc.  It is loved by young and old alike, and you can often see various versions of Dduk being sold in snack shops and by street vendors thorughout Korea.  …
reviewed Samgyeopsal. August 25, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Veterans of Korean cuisine probably won't be surprised when I say that Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), a Korean pork, is one of the most popular meats among Koreans and foreigners alike. The word literally means 3 layered flesh, presumably because of the way it looks. For the waygooks living in Korea, samgyeopsal is one of the cheapest and tastiest types of Korean barbeque to be found.      …
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