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reviewed Pad Thai. February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Pad Thai
Pad Thai Kung or Phat Thai Kung is Thai rice noodle with seafood (typically prawns, squids). Other than the Tom Yum soup, this has to be the most popular dish in Thailand.       …
reviewed Tom Yam. February 28, 2010
posted in Go Thailand
Tom Yam
Thai cuisine is known for being spicy & sour. Tom Yam is the soup that epitomizes all of that. Hot, spicy, sweet, sourish & a little salty. It's one soup that wakes you up though, no matter …
reviewed Gogi gui (korean barbecue). February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Gogi gui (korean barbecue)
The Singaporeans have a snack known as barbecued pork and the primary chain which sells it is Bee Cheng Hiang. It is a snack that almost every Singaporean has to snack on during the Chinese New Year period. …
reviewed Hot Pot. February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Hot Pot
During the first week of the Chinese New Year, it was extremely cold and the perfect time to have hot pot for dinners. Many familes who were not feasting in restaurants chose to feast at home with hot …
reviewed Peking (Roast) Duck. February 27, 2010
posted in Go China
Peking (Roast) Duck
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.   Well, the next saying shall be: When in Beijing, eat as the local do! Peking duck it shall be!!!    Hehe... that's what I mean by one …
reviewed Congee. February 27, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
@devora: "Congee is my favorite sick day food". Ahhh, the poor girl is down with food poisoning recently, so I thought, hmm, perhaps a congee review?       It is true, …
reviewed Yong Tau Foo. February 27, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Yong Tau Foo
A dish of Hakka origin from China (as with Hainanese Chicken Rice) has been popularized in the little island of Singapore. Named Niangdoufu (酿豆腐) in Chinese, Yong tao foo is Cantonese accent of the same …
reviewed Chawanmushi. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Japan
Chawanmushi is essentially steam eggs and a side dish in the Japanese cuisine. If you order a bento in a Japanese restaurant, you will find chawanmushi and miso soup accompanying the bento in most cases.   …
reviewed Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks. February 26, 2010
Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks
During a recent bout of food poisoning, I took a trip to the grocery store in search of Pedialyte to rehydrate, and some light, plain foods to be easy on my stomach.  I was going to pick up some …
reviewed Nasi Goreng. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Indonesia
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng translates to Fried Rice in Indonesian.   It is originally from Indonesia and is commonly eaten as a hearty breakfast. On top of the fried rice, a fried egg and prawn crackers (Krupuk) …
reviewed Yakitori. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Japan
Yakitori can be had at the basement of those big departmental stores when one ran out of time shopping! I did that many times during my short stayover in Tokyo.      Yakitori meaning …
reviewed Sushi. February 25, 2010
posted in Go Japan
The only place I've heard about having sushi for breakfast is at Tsukiji Fish Market, an area near to Ginza in Tokyo.   And have I had sushi for breakfast? Yep, at around 5.30 am, I do believe!   …
reviewed Sashimi. February 23, 2010
posted in Go Japan
I'm not very fond of Sushi outside Japan as I don't really like rice that much. But when in Tokyo, I've had 14-15 pieces of sushi at one go when in Ginza. So, that implies it's a case …
reviewed Sushi Tei. February 21, 2010
posted in Go Singapore
Sushi Tei
Other than chicken rice, Singaporeans love their sushi to distractions. There are many outlets serving sushi and sashimi but one popular chain restaurants which I find good enough to recommend to readers …
reviewed Hainanese Chicken Rice. February 18, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Hainanese Chicken Rice
In Singapore, Hainanese Chicken Rice (or simply Chicken Rice) is synonymous with typical Singapore cuisine. Although originally from the island of Hainan, this staple dish of chicken and rice had been …
reviewed Curry. February 17, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
It's cold this winter and during this Chinese New Year, instead of soups and feasting on Chinese goodies, I'm actually craving for some hot & spicy curry!      Curry can …
reviewed Nian Gao. February 15, 2010
posted in Gourmand
Nian Gao 年糕 (Chinese New Year's Cake)
Well, besides the festivities and red envelopes (which, by the way, I'm totally still allowed to collect on since I'm unmarried :D).  So what is it?      ...It's nian …
reviewed Chè. January 23, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
No, it's not Cuban, nor is it Che Guevara. It is Vietnamese sweet dessert, in the form of soup or pudding. There are quite a wide varieties of Vietnamese desserts that embodies the term Che, however …
reviewed Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - Whole Grain .... January 20, 2010
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - Whole Grain Brown
As mentioned in another review, I have been really enjoying rice lately and I have found Uncle Ben's Ready Rice to be something that works terrific!  They are easy to carry with me to work …
reviewed Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Garden Vegetable. January 15, 2010
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - Garden Vegetable
I have been really enjoying rice lately and I have found Uncle Ben's Ready Rice to be something that works terrific!  They are easy to carry with me to work and I don't have to mess …
reviewed Tandoori Chicken. January 07, 2010
Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken is another one of my favorite Indian dishes.  It's a delicious grilled or baked chicken that is marinated in yogurt and hot spices.  Whenever I'm in an Indian restaurant I make …
reviewed General Tso's chicken. January 04, 2010
General Tso's chicken
General Tso's chicken is my favorite Chinese food dish and it's tied with Chicken Makhani as my favorite food.  Breaded chicken mixed with a spicy black or red bean sauce (depends on where you by …
reviewed BBQ Pork Buns. January 04, 2010
BBQ Pork Buns
Steamed BBQ pork buns are my favorite.  I used to eat the baked ones until I was in high school.  I went into a Chinese bakery and the old lady that made them told me to try the steamed ones …
reviewed Chicken Makhani. January 04, 2010
Chicken Makhani
Chicken Makhani aka Butter Chicken is my favorite Indian/Punjabi dish.  I ordered some one time when I accidentally confused it with Chicken Tikka Masala.  I tasted it and was in heaven.  …
reviewed Tsing Tao Beer. January 04, 2010
Tsingtao is one of my favorite Asian beers.  I enjoy it's taste and it has the right amount of alcohol in it.  I used to quaff this all the time when I was living near an Asian market.  …
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