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reviewed Avery See-Through Sticky Notes. December 19, 2011
Avery See-Through Sticky Notes
   It seems like they keep coming out with new and interesting versions of sticky notes every time I turn my head. Working in an office, I was sent a sample of the 50-sheet See-Through stickies. There are definite applications for a sticky that one can read through, but I've found them to rather limited. For me, a regular sticky is good enough for 95% of what might need. But if you have …
reviewed Leifheit 3086 Vario Board Cutting Board. October 09, 2011
Leifheit 3086 Vario Board Cutting Board
I cook quite a bit; and usually cooking involves a lot of cutting, filleting, mashing, chopping and sometimes even some pounding. Dishes don’t come with only one or two ingredients, it usually involves several. I use two-three cutting boards, when I am in a hurry and making multiple dishes, one for meat, veggies and fish. I Usually don’t cut any bread, and if I do, I use a plate. These …
reviewed Altus Athletic Altus Turbo Tower. September 14, 2011
Altus Athletic Altus Turbo Tower
Honestly, I usually do more cardio than weight training. When I do use weights I tend to use whatever we have in the gym in my apartment. They're not free weights but hey they do the job in strength training and toning. Been a little out of my regular schedule but I do intend to go back to working out regularly which is why I ordered this through amazon's vine program.      …
reviewed Fiskars 5. August 25, 2011
Fiskars 5
Well if you do not know it by now, wintertime is on its way and all of your garden bushes and rose bushes are screaming to be trimmed. If you do not have a pair of hand held pruners then let me suggest a pair, this pair from Fiskars can be found at any big box store for right around fifteen dollars. I really do not think that it matters in this case which name brand that you purchase, because they …
Suncast Vertical Storage Shed (Suncast)
My wife and I purchased a full size shed from Sears we did not know whether or not it was going to be enough room to store everything. After we had gotten the shed home we noticed that it was just not quite large enough so we proceeded back to another home improvement  store called Lowe's and purchased an additional small 2.0cu.ft. vertical tool shed.  We were not too sure about whether …
Craftsman 7/32 in. Easy Read Socket, 6 pt. STD, 1/4 in. drive - 34591
Craftsman Hex sockets will amaze you at how much you just reach and they are the first thing that you grab in a pinch. If you are a Craftsman fanatic such as the case with me, then you will love this little socket, this ¼" drive socket is found as Sears or K-Mart for only $2.99. You used to be only able to find these at any Sears but since they have merged with a whole bunch of different …
reviewed Hartz FlickStick. August 19, 2011
Hartz FlickStick
If you are having trouble keeping your pets toys from finding their way under all kinds of furniture, then purchase this "Cat Flick Toy" cat toy for your four legged feline friends. You can find this at most any place that sells cat and dog  toys, we found ours at Pet-Co on clearance sale for only $2.99.      Description   This toy is only 18" long …
Bodylogix 100% Natural Whey Protein Powder
This Vanilla Ice cream whey protein drink is pretty good as it goes for flavored protein drinks goes, and it is nice to know that they have been in business for several  years. Whether you are going to use this as your main source of diet or as snack drink, for your daily afternoon tea spot or you just want something to drink once or three times a day, this is the perfect drink for your system. …
Black Ink Cartridge (T098120) for Epson Printer
Are you tired of replacing ink cartridges every time that you turn around?  With this high capacity cartridge you can only improve your photos and save money in doing so. If you purchase an Epson printer or if you own any laptop, mini note book, or even a regular old desk top PC, then you may have already invested in some type of regular printer or an all-in-one printer. You could have chosen …
reviewed Kaytee 10lb Natures Bird Seed. August 10, 2011
Kaytee 10lb Natures Bird Seed
When you have a big back yard, if you like wild life then the birds are a nice part of the beautiful scenery and “Who don’t love them?” especially in the middle of summer or winter. I can think of a lot of people who do not like them, especially the people whose houses get destroyed by all of those little sparrows, black birds and finches, you know the ones that like to hide in all …
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Screen Laptop
When my wife and I seen this in Toys R Us, we just fell in love with it. We just knew that our granddaughter would love it. This was only $18.00 on sale. This has all the new technology in a toy that will scare the dickens out of you. We have been looking for a toy that will help our granddaughter learn the ways of the computer age. From using the large keypad to talking to a mechanical device, this …
reviewed Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed. August 07, 2011
Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed
Birds, “Who don’t love them?” especially in the middle of summer or winter. I can think of a lot of people who do not like them, especially the people whose houses get destroyed by all of those little sparrows, black birds and finches, you know the ones that like to hide in all of the small places. All of these types of small birds are very beautiful to watch but, like too cause …
Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs
Baseballs have been around longer than a lot of us have been alive, and yet we take them for granted. Just imagine if they would not have invented the base ball, what would all of those high priced players swing at. Then where would they be.  They have given us a lifetime of enjoyment, from the times that you played ball with your father, until the times that you played ball with your pets. The …
reviewed Scotch Safe Cut Package Opener 170B. August 02, 2011
Scotch Safe Cut Package Opener 170B
As a consumer who struggles with the blister packs that hold many of today's products, I had high hopes for Scotch's Safe Cut Package Opener. Thankfully, it is easily removed from its own packaging, but that is where the convenience ends. I'd collected some blister packs to test it out on as well as some other items, and was disappointed with how it worked with all of them.   …
There are a lot of different types of Weed & Feed products and "Scotts Miracle Gro Seed" Super Turf Builder is one of them on the market today, so how do you choose which one to buy. The easiest way that I know is to ask the attendant on the floor that stocks the shelves in your local home improvement store. Ever since we started cutting our yards several years ago, we have been using …
Beneful Yesterday's News Paper-Based Cat Litter (13.2 lbs.; All Natural; Unscented) (Purina)
I have been using cat litter for several years and not just for cats, this is also good for the garage floor and driveway to absorb oil spots. Purina has come out with a cat litter that is made of recycled newspaper and has been out since 1987. This is environmentally friendly cat litter. This stuff is good for your pets, home, and environment. If you do not use some type of litter and you let the …
reviewed Tapcon Concrete Anchor. July 26, 2011
Tapcon Concrete Anchor
If you do not know what to do when it comes to making something secure in cement then the best thing to do is to mount it on top of the cement. I have found this to be a lot easier than drilling a hole and having to fill it up with cement. These Tapcon’s are the perfect thing, unless you want something to be more permanent. You can find these at any hardware or home improvement store in different …
reviewed HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint). July 25, 2011
HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
A lot of people are running out and making the cell phone companies rich. What ever happen to the good old days when we just waited until we got home and made any phone call or tried to contact some one that was important. Now, they have made these phone so expensive and put so much stuff on these new phones that you could not learn to use the phone adequately. We have been using this phone for about …
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
I am always looking for an educational experience for my daughter, and this summer I think that I found the perfect thing. That is a trip to the "Kennedy Space Center" to see the final space shuttle "Atlantis" liftoff. NASA is located on the east coast of Florida, in Cape Canaveral. We own a time share in Orlando Florida which is only 45 minutes away from the center, and we are …
reviewed Robomow RL855 Automatic Lawnmower. July 17, 2011
Robomow RL855 Automatic Lawnmower
Warning! This Product Review May be Healthy For You And The Environment. This may also make you the talk of your neighborhood.       This mower from “Friendly Robotics RL855” is for the environmentally conscious people and the more intelligent ones. Mowing your lawn may be tedious so you may as well have a little fun doing it. Just because you have a robot that cuts …
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