Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed

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Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed

Birds, “Who don’t love them?” especially in the middle of summer or winter. I can think of a lot of people who do not like them, especially the people whose houses get destroyed by all of those little sparrows, black birds and finches, … see full wiki

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Make All Of Your Feathered Friends Happy By Feeding Them Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed

  • Aug 7, 2011
Birds, “Who don’t love them?” especially in the middle of summer or winter. I can think of a lot of people who do not like them, especially the people whose houses get destroyed by all of those little sparrows, black birds and finches, you know the ones that like to hide in all of the small places. All of these types of small birds are very beautiful to watch but, like too cause havoc and will nest inside of the chimney, downspout corners, and up in the eaves of your house. I have found a nice way to keep them out of the eaves and corners of your down spouts, and that is by purchasing some kind of feed that entices them to go else where to eat and nest. I found this 6 pound bag of Premium Garden Treasures bird Safflower seed at my local Lowe’s home improvement store for less than ten dollars. The cost of this feed is a mere pittance when you think about the damage that these birds could cause if you don’t try and out smart them. I prefer the 6 pound bags over the smaller ones myself, because of the ease of use when it comes to pouring the contents into the feeder, my feeder will hold the whole bag, and you are guaranteed to get a fresh supply of food every time that you purchase a new bag.

This feed is basically made of virtually all Safflower seeds and comes in a plastic recyclable bag. If you alternate this feed with all of the other different kinds you will continue to get different types of birds all up and down the side of the feeder. This feed comes in different size bags but this 6 pound bag is perfect for my purposes, my feeder will hold a maximum of 6 pounds of bird feed. This feed comes in a recyclable csee through plastic bag. When the birds find out that your feeder has this feed inside of it, it will not take them very many days to empty your feeding tube, at least a week and then the feeder will be empty. Inside of this bag you will see a lot of white seeds that are about the size of the seed inside of a sunflower seed. If you have ever eaten and sunflower seeds you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Guaranteed Analysis

This seed is a minimum of 10% crude protein, a minimum of 22% of crude fat, and a maximum of 38% of crude fiber.

I have found that this feed is not squirrel proof, they will eat anything, but the only way that you can help is by purchasing the proper type of feeder. If you try and hang them five feet above the ground and out on the ends of the lower hanging branches, this will help. I have seen for myself the destructive power of a hungry squirrel. They will spin until they get dizzy and fall off of this feeder, but they are also very persistent in their efforts. I have seen them climb up the little tree that I have hung my feeder in, they sit right above the feeder on the branch where it is attached. Then after a few tense moments, the squirrel will stretch out as far as he can, all this to try and reach the feeder. When that does not work, he will slide down the wire that holds the feeder in place, all the while he is in the upside down position, when he finally reaches the feeder he reaches his paw inside where these little tasty treats awaits him.

A lot of this ill gotten booty, will fall to the ground where all of the morning doves and other smaller birds will accumulate and peck at the ground below. This feed says that it will only attract 4 different types of birds, and they are Cardinals, chickadees, blue Jays, and nuthatches. But, after watching this for a season I have even seen morning doves and even yellow finches snacking on this feed. After a while, when you get discouraged with the squirrels, and you start to slow down on feeding the birds, this is when the squirrels take matters into their own hands. They will be persistent in their hunt for food and will do a sit and spin routine on your feeder, until they get the top open where they can proceed to try and knock the feeder to the ground.

After awhile, this clear plastic feeding container becomes a toy for the squirrels and dogs to play with. I have been using this feed for a while and I have won several battles against the squirrels but, what I did not expect to have happen is when the birds sit on their perches the peck away at the plastic tube and the feed will eventually all fall out. The little birds will eventually do some damage that can not be repaired, but that just shows you how much that they love the feed that you are using. You will need to make sure that you get a feeder that fills from the top, because the feed is so small and will fall all over the place, so if I were you, I would decide to get one of these types of large and square type feed holders, and I would hang this low enough that you will have access to the top. If you do not leave enough room to be able to fill it, then you will have to detach your feeder from the limb each that you will need to refill the feeder. If you have a lot of birds and squirrels they can do some hefty damage to this 6 pound bag in only a few days.

Even though this feed is inexpensive, it can still cost you a lot of money if you have a lot of squirrels in your area. All of the animals that you are going to be feeding are going to try and tear into your feeder to get at this feed. That is how well it attracts wildlife. The animals will test you, in every way shape and form, but I guess that is the price that you have to pay, to see the wild beauty come to you in your own front yard. This is the job that this feed will do for you, but it will only last you for a little while, so do not expect it to last forever; these critters will make sure of that. I am here to tell you that this stuff is guaranteed to attract something even if you are not used to seeing anything come into your yard. Five stars for the price and the way that this brings wildlife into your life.

Make All Of Your Feathered Friends Happy By Feeding Them Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed

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Garden Treasures Safflower Bird Seed
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