True Blood Season 3 starts June 13th! <![CDATA[True Blood: The Complete Third Season Quick Tip by Count_Orlok_22]]> True Blood has proven that it is one of those shows. Following the strange supernatural events of the second season, the third season picks up where the last one left off and it doesn't disappoint. Certainly the darkest and most disturbing season for viewers, season three is also the most dramatic (or traumatic for the characters) as each character experiences a horrific revelation about their past or realizes how powerful the dangers are that surround them. This is the year that for the residents of Bon Temps, the shit hits the fans... and the fans of True Blood should love it.

There's a lot more focus on characterization and plot in this season and less focus on sex and violence (though there is still a decent amount of both). In this season we see into Bill's bloody past and discover some of his motives, we see into Eric's past and realize that he's not as villainous as we had thought, we see into Sam's past and for the first time get a glimpse of his regrets and his secrets, and for everyone else we become all-too aware of how flawed they are as people. There's also a revelation about Sookie and where her powers come from that should open up the series' mythology quite a bit, not to mention the addition of werewolves into the show's creature cosmology.
And poor, Tara who has had nothing but hell to go through continues her downward spiral of trauma, depression, and desperate survival. But overall, season three deals with the effects of what has come before. If each season had a theme, the first season's theme would be "There are more things on Heaven and Earth... than are dreamt of in your philosophy" in which the existence of vampires and shape-shifters is revealed. The theme of the second season would be "Everybody is a freak of one kind or another" in which it is revealed that each character has ties to the supernatural and that each new encounter leads to more and more occult connections. The theme of the third season would be "All that has come before has lead me to where now I stand" in which all the events of the past two seasons culminate and reveal that things are only going to get worse before they get better.

I have no idea where this series is going, which is kind of refreshing since genre TV is often so predictable, and I like that the show manages to make an edgy, violent, sexy, supernatural soap opera out of constantly pulling the rug out from underneath its viewers. That kind of drama is rarely done well and True Blood does it bloody well.]]> Sun, 26 Jun 2011 13:30:57 +0000
<![CDATA[ Glad They Are Back to Vampires!]]>
This season is a lot more fun as Bill and Sookie have to re-kindle what has been lost.  Jason is still lost.  The werewolves, though a part of this season, are not the unstoppable creatures that they normally are.  In fact they are only slightly stronger than a basic shape shifter.  The one werewolf that has some morals and has befriended Sookie is the best of the new characters.

A bunch of characters that were prevelent in the first two seasons have already been disposed of but Lafayette and Tara still remain.  I am assuming we will learn what Sookie really is by the season's end and a showdown with the Vampire King is probably in the cards.  I am sure it will end with another cliff-hanger which will be bigger than the first two seasons.  Hopefully, we won't have to wait so long this time for Season 4!]]> Tue, 10 Aug 2010 18:26:11 +0000
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