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Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500 1080P 120Hz 46-Inch LCD HD TV

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Experience Full HD 1080p, incredible contrast and sharp, vibrant images with the Sony BRAVIA EX500-Series HDTV. Features incredible motion performance so you enjoy crisp, fluid motion during fast-action scenes plus LightSensor Technology that automatically … see full wiki

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A decent television

  • May 6, 2010
I got the Sony Bravio as a replacement for my Vizio of similar quality. It broke down, and the line was canceled so that the repair people could not get replacement parts. Therefore, I got a choice of three TV's selected for "similar" functionality, and after careful consideration, got the Sony Bravia.

Therefore, when I review this TV, I will be comparing it to the Vizio.

Video: The video is good, and the 1080p, which is as HD as you can get, looks just as good as I saw on my previous television. The standard definition could have looked better, but it is very hard to rate standard definition once you have been spoiled by the appearance of HD. One of the nice things about this television is how well it handles fast scenes. Movement if very clear on this television. I never thought my Vizio was bad with moving scenes, but you definitely notice a difference in fast action scenes.

Sound: Personally, I am not that concerned about sound. If I really cared that much about maximizing my sound quality, I would run out and purchase a theater system to handle that. I own one, but I don't use it because it isn't worth the extra power it takes. However, for the sony, sound needed to be set to 60/100 to get to a volume I am comfortable with. With my Vizio, I could get the same at 30/100. So the Sony has a much weaker sound. This bugs me, don't ask me why, but I like my Television to have a stronger sound, and the Sony doesn't provide, even if I would never go that high volumewise.

Design: I wanted to mention the design of the Sony as well. The back of the sony consists of two component, two HDMI, and a VGA+computer sound (also an optical and outsound). The side consists of 1 composite, 2 HDMI, and a usb, which I will get into in a bit. The back ports are facing back, rather than facing down(piano style). For those of you who want a tv flush with the wall, this will be inconvenient because you will need to leave space for the cables to plug in. Personally, I prefer this style, since it is a lot easier to plug in cables than with the difficult piano style, and my television is on a stand, not a wallmount. But I can see it being difficult for wall mount people. The side ports are not really on the side, more like on the backside. They are completely obscured by the television, and are only about an inch and a directional change away from the rest of the ports, placed in a kind of tv cubby hole. All of the ports are on the left side of the television (if that is important to you). All of the controls are on the right side. I am very happy with the controls, which include everything you need to control the television, without the need for a remote like some TV's make you do.

Inputs/Outputs: I already mentioned them, naturally the VGA + computer sound allow you to hook a computer up and use this as a massive monitor. I have not tested it, but I guess it works fine. The USB port is another cool function. Supposedly, you can plug flash media (usb flash drives or flash cards in USB converters) into the television, and it can read and play the media. It claims to be able to handle music, photos, and even video. My previous television lacked this ability, and I have yet to test it out. However, if it works like it claims, that would be a great feature if you have guests and want to show someone something, or you have downloaded video and want to show it on the TV without the work of converting and burning it.

Personally, I dislike how they are getting rid of composite. The TV doesn't even have an s-cable. The composite is on the side rather than the back, fortunately, as I mentioned before, it is in a cubby hole of sorts and you wont see any cable sticking out of the side. Still, if you have any composite device, this forces it to the side, and you can only have one without some kind of converter box. I can't blame them too much, HDMI is the future and soon even component will be out of style. However, for those of us with aging DVD players that still work fine, we will have to consider upgrading to HDMI. Although it is funny to me that composite is fazing out, but they still give you a composite cable standard with any dvd player, blue ray disk, or game system purchase and force you to buy the HDMI or component with your own money.

Menu: I like to mention the menu, because a lot of people don't. The menu gives you some options, although compared to my Vizio, the options menu seems a little limited. Either way, it should be enough for most people. If you are determined, you will have enough choices to tweak the video to your liking. I have a DVD Video Optimizer that allows me to set the TV to ideal conditions using images and tests, but the video has been nice enough out of the box that I have not felt the need to do anything with it.

Overall: I enjoy the TV, although it disappointed me a little in the sound department, the menu, and the input. This is why I gave it a 4 stars. It is a good television, but when comparing it directly with my Vizio, I didn't feel it was quite as good. Still, most people wouldn't notice, or care, about those small problems, so I do recommend this television.

Update: The longer I have owned this television, the more frustrating this problem has become. When you turn it on, it makes a loads "doda" sound and shows the sony logo. I absolutely hate it. First, the sound is quite load, and really annoying if you happened to have your TV on during the day with your washing machine running and have the volume up, then turn it back on at night after you put your baby to bed. You get what I am saying. It takes too long to turn on because it wastes time going to the sony load screen and makes the irritating "i'm on" sound every time you turn it on. The issue is almost worth knocking the TV down another star, but I won't for now.

What did you think of this review?

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Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500 1080P 120Hz 46-Inch LCD HD
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