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reviewed Twitter. February 19, 2010
Professional social media people and people who are looking to increase the number of followers usually start mass following people, in the hopes that they will follow them back. The role of thumb in …
reviewed Echofon for Mac. October 01, 2009
Echofon for Mac
I just installed the Echofon Twitter Client for Mac and it worked so well I had to share.  As soon as I launched the app, it was obvious how to use it.  Unlike other desktop apps I've tried …
reviewed Twitalyzer. October 12, 2009
I know what you're probably thinking.  And no, Twitalyzer has nothing to do with tweeting under the influence (which, as hilarious as it may be, is a really bad idea!).  What it does have to …
reviewed drew olanoff (drew) on Twitter. October 14, 2009
drew olanoff (drew) on Twitter
I was recently Tweeting away when I came across Drew Carey on Twitter. Naturally as a fan of Drew Carey, mainly for the fact that we both share a common passion for Soccer, I decided to follow him.  …
reviewed Brizzly. October 29, 2009
Until Google Wave really takes off, I'm going to be sticking with good ole twitter.  As you all know, twitter is a very simple microblogging tool chalked full of glitches and inconveniences, therefore, …
reviewed Twitter. February 12, 2010
After reading Kitty_Salinas' micro review I though it would be helpful to share how I deal with the over tweeters or TMI'ers. Below is my six step program that I have been using for a few weeks …
reviewed Twitter. April 24, 2009
King (CNNbrk) lost out to Kutcher! The 1st to cross 1 million followers, that is. Oprah is tweeting now. What next? Obama too?! Well, looks like Twitter is now officially mainstream! Better march your …
reviewed Twitter. December 11, 2008
I have a love-hate relationship with twitter.  Everything about twitter is a catch-22 to me.  On the one hand, it's kind of creepy that the entire interweb has the capability of seeing me update …
reviewed moTweets. November 10, 2009
 I've had a Twitter account since before it was "cool".  I have to admit that I didn't see the usefulness or even the recreation at first.  Then something happened and people …
reviewed Twitter. December 01, 2009
Twitter is the ultimate instant gratification tool, with real-time updates on news both pressing, incredible and mundane. Sure, for every interesting tweet about a job opportunity or must-see I Can Has …
reviewed The Twitter Book. January 19, 2010
The Twitter Book
It probably comes as no surprise that Twitter usage grew 1,382 percent in just three years. It is a service that, once you understand it and its power, can become a part of your daily life. In more ways …
reviewed NOH8 Campaign (NOH8Campaign) on Twitter. February 28, 2010
NOH8 Campaign (NOH8Campaign) on Twitter
   NOH8 campaign!   i stand by it 100%       everyone should be treated equal. no matter what people think sets others apart.
reviewed Using Twitter to Market Communities o.... April 15, 2010
Using Twitter to Market on Communities on Lunch
If you haven't been paying attention to the 'Follow This Community on Twitter' button on your brand spankin' new Community on Lunch, it's time you start. These days, if you aren't on Twitter then you're …
reviewed Twitter. April 20, 2010
Who would have thought 140 characters would have changed the landscape of Social Networking? Everyone seems to be using Twitter. Celebrities, politicians, television channels, spammers, you name it they're …
reviewed Twitter. May 14, 2010
I've grown to really find the various ways you can use Twitter very helpful. Below are some tips and ways to help understand Twitter more, especially for new users or people trying to build up their following.   …
reviewed Twitter. May 25, 2010
OK, maybe I lied a little in my review title. I kind of get why people would use Twitter, if they're the type to want to follow their favourite celebrity or just want to get the odd news snippet, but …
reviewed Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets. January 28, 2011
Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets
Twitter has become one of the major social networking sites, and many people use it as a primary way of communicating and informing oneself. This is pretty remarkable for a site that only allows you to …
reviewed Twitter. April 28, 2009
I love the micro-blogging, better than Facebook status updates, sms of the internet platform! But then again I love texting messaging, spending countless hours on facebook and blogging so I'm the perfect …
reviewed Twitter. December 01, 2009
When I first heard about Twitter - I'll admit - I was hesitant to sign up. I just didn’t see the appeal or value in using this IM-based social networking and microblogging service with all the other …
reviewed The Broke Diaries: Using Blogs And Tw.... March 12, 2010
posted in SXSW on Lunch
Biggest Takeaway      If you want something, ASK FOR IT!     Best / Worst Quotes "I said I wanted a $200/month apt in brooklyn, and I got one. All I had to do …
reviewed Twitter. February 04, 2010
   The word sounds so funny to me. Tweet. Back in 2008 we as a world fell into this craze called Twitter.  It has actually been around a lot longer than that but gained popularity then.  …
reviewed Twitter. January 28, 2009
I'm not afraid to admit it, I'm completely addicted to Twitter.     In case you haven't read the other reviews, and never took the time to check out; Twitter is an online …
reviewed Twitter. June 07, 2009
I've been trying to figure that out for a long time.  Honestly, despite the fact that I give this service a passing grade I'm not entirely sure what the big deal with Twitter is.  It just seemed …
reviewed Grilled Cheese Truck (grlldcheesetruk.... October 29, 2009
Grilled Cheese Truck (grlldcheesetruk) on Twitter
The highly anticipated Grilled Cheese Truck finally rolled into town tonight and due to my frightening obsession with cheese, I made sure to greet the truck.  In the tradition of other great ks before …
reviewed May 28, 2009
There are so many web services that shorten URLs: 2Zeus, 9mp,,, abbrr,,,, BurnURL,,,, DiggBar,, Foxy URL,, Gurl.ex,,, …
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