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reviewed Grilled Cheese Truck (grlldcheesetruk.... October 29, 2009
Grilled Cheese Truck (grlldcheesetruk) on Twitter
The highly anticipated Grilled Cheese Truck finally rolled into town tonight and due to my frightening obsession with cheese, I made sure to greet the truck.  In the tradition of other great ks before …
reviewed Brizzly. October 29, 2009
Until Google Wave really takes off, I'm going to be sticking with good ole twitter.  As you all know, twitter is a very simple microblogging tool chalked full of glitches and inconveniences, therefore, …
reviewed Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets. October 24, 2009
Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets
I've been a Twitter addict for about 18 months now, and I'd like to think I know the majority of what there is to know about how it works and what you can do with it. But after reading Twitter Tips, Tricks, …
reviewed drew olanoff (drew) on Twitter. October 14, 2009
drew olanoff (drew) on Twitter
I was recently Tweeting away when I came across Drew Carey on Twitter. Naturally as a fan of Drew Carey, mainly for the fact that we both share a common passion for Soccer, I decided to follow him.  …
reviewed Twitalyzer. October 12, 2009
I know what you're probably thinking.  And no, Twitalyzer has nothing to do with tweeting under the influence (which, as hilarious as it may be, is a really bad idea!).  What it does have to …
reviewed Echofon for Mac. October 01, 2009
Echofon for Mac
I just installed the Echofon Twitter Client for Mac and it worked so well I had to share.  As soon as I launched the app, it was obvious how to use it.  Unlike other desktop apps I've tried …
reviewed All a Twitter: A Personal and Profess.... September 25, 2009
All a Twitter: A Personal and Professional Guide
Twitter is all the rage. It seems to be the new Facebook. Everywhere you see people madly creating 140 character (or less) messages on their Blackberries.     I have to admit that …
reviewed The Human Side of Twitter (Volume 1). August 18, 2009
The Human Side of Twitter (Volume 1)
I have very mixed feelings about Twitter. For one thing, I find that it seems to be addictive to some people which is scary, on the other hand, it is fun to know what people are doing, the instant they …
reviewed The Twitter Book. August 06, 2009
The Twitter Book
Like many people - probably millions of them - I've looked at Twitter, toyed with it, tried to figure out what the excitement is about and ignored it.     After reading this 230 page …
reviewed 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter. July 09, 2009
99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
99 Ways to Make Mooney Using Twitter is a perfect, perfect book for me. I have been on Twitter quite a few tims and find myself completely lost and definitely feeling as though I am "not doing it right". …
reviewed Twitter. June 07, 2009
I've been trying to figure that out for a long time.  Honestly, despite the fact that I give this service a passing grade I'm not entirely sure what the big deal with Twitter is.  It just seemed …
reviewed May 29, 2009
 Have you ever looked at the trending topics on Twitter and thought "What the heck is #thingsmummysaid?" It seems the logical step would be to click the link, read the tweets and figure it out. Sure, …
reviewed May 28, 2009
There are so many web services that shorten URLs: 2Zeus, 9mp,,, abbrr,,,, BurnURL,,,, DiggBar,, Foxy URL,, Gurl.ex,,, …
reviewed Twitter. May 26, 2009
Flavor of the Month. It's a simple idea, but brilliant none the less. To be honest I love twitter and have found it is amazing right now for promoting virtually anything to friends. My friend and I started …
reviewed Tweetdeck. May 17, 2009
I recently blogged popular Twitter Tools.  I was looking for something to better show direct messages and replies, show followbacks more conveniently, and allow me to tweak my background dynamically.  …
reviewed Twitter. April 28, 2009
I love the micro-blogging, better than Facebook status updates, sms of the internet platform! But then again I love texting messaging, spending countless hours on facebook and blogging so I'm the perfect …
reviewed Twitter. April 24, 2009
King (CNNbrk) lost out to Kutcher! The 1st to cross 1 million followers, that is. Oprah is tweeting now. What next? Obama too?! Well, looks like Twitter is now officially mainstream! Better march your …
reviewed Twitter. April 24, 2009
I'm a relatively new Tweeter, having picked up the habit at the Web 2.0 Expo a few weeks back. Converted from the ranks of Luddites who don't see the value in microblogging, I realized at the conference …
reviewed Twitter. April 06, 2009
With the influx of celebrity Twitter accounts to follow, I think I'm starting to believe that I'm somehow "in-the-know" about these peoples' personal lives. You know you're in trouble when you're sitting …
reviewed Twitter Moms. March 12, 2009
Twitter Moms
Twitter Moms  is a wonderful site for moms that twitter and that want to be connected to other mom's that twitter.   Since I am an avid twitterer and a mother, I decided to check the group …
reviewed Twitter. March 06, 2009
Today is the day I started a new Twitter account, more than a year after I deleted my first one. I am a Web professional, so joining social networking sites goes with the territory, but Twitter became …
reviewed Twitter. January 28, 2009
I'm not afraid to admit it, I'm completely addicted to Twitter.     In case you haven't read the other reviews, and never took the time to check out; Twitter is an online …
reviewed How to Track Twitter Clicks and Get C.... January 27, 2009
If you think Twitter is a big deal right now, wait a year or two. It is going to go from explosive to super-sonic inertia.     I highly advise you begin (if you haven't already) playing …
reviewed Twitter. December 15, 2008
I find that the status update has replaced the need for  For one, it's simpler to interact with one website than with two.  Also, all of the people with whom I want …
reviewed Twitter. December 15, 2008
So I found Twitter through a 30 day learning course I'm taking.  I had never heard of it untill then.  I signed up for it thinking it would be more like a traditional blogger system.  …
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