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reviewed Coway AP-0512NH 2-in-1 Air Purifier a.... October 03, 2014
posted in Ubergizmo
Coway AP-0512NH 2-in-1 Air Purifier and White Noise Machine
This product arrived about a week ago and I immediately put it to use. The instructions and the filters for the unit came inside the unit and it was a little bit difficut to figure out how to open it without breaking anything. The instructions should have been loose outside the unit. The assemble was simple as one needed to peel the plastic off the filters and pop them in, in the correct order. The …
reviewed Nokia 3595 cell phone. April 28, 2014
posted in Ubergizmo
Nokia 3595 cell phone
Okay, I'm gonna get a little old-school on you.       I've owned my Nokia 3595 (through T-Mobile) for about 10 years and still love it. It is tough, easy to use, and the stand-by battery life still lasts about a week. Both reception and audio quality are excellent. I've long since stopped my monthly plan and pay $100 a year for 1000 minutes (and have never used …
reviewed Conair Satiny Smooth Total Body Epilator. September 07, 2013
posted in Ubergizmo
Conair Satiny Smooth Total Body Epilator
This is a nice handy gadget and easy to use. It fits easy in your hand and works like the bottom of an upright vacuum. That is there are four small wheels that spin and grab the hairs pulling them out quickly. It seems a little less painless than waxing (and after a few treatments, a lot cheaper). It is a lot safer than shaving as there is no way to cut yourself. It is rechargeable and the top easily …
reviewed Where Should I Live When I Retire?: A.... May 30, 2013
posted in Ubergizmo
Where Should I Live When I Retire?: A Guide to Continuing-Care Communities
Neither did I until I read Chapter 8, "The First Year and Beyond" of Bernice Kohn Hunt's 2006 WHERE SHOULD I LIVE WHEN I RETIRE? A GUIDE TO CONTINUING-CARE (Retirement) COMMUNITIES...acronym CCRCs.    FYI: my wife and I have lived since March 2004 in one such CCRC. It is called Highland Farms Retirement Community and is in Black Mountain, Western North Carolina 15 miles …
reviewed Schick Hydro FIVE Disposable Razors. March 29, 2013
posted in Ubergizmo
I asked amazon.com's VINE program to send me to use and review a free three pack of its HYDRO FIVE DISPOSABLE RAZORS. After an initial problem or two flowing from lack of information provided by manufacturer SCHICK, I then had three shaving experiences so enjoyable that I have ordered both some disposable and non-disposable ones.       If you go to the amazon.com web site …
reviewed Davidsbeenhere: Portable Travel Digit.... March 04, 2013
posted in Ubergizmo
Davidsbeenhere: Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale
I am one who is always playing around with the weight of my luggage when traveling because I don't want to pay overage fees. It was always a problem using a bathroom scale because it was hard to properly center the bag and view the weight of the bag. Therefore I was pleased that David Hoffmann sent me an email requesting that I review a bunch of his travel products. The one I honed in on was this …
reviewed Coast A25 Stainless Steel Focusing 22.... October 31, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
Coast A25 Stainless Steel Focusing 226 Lumen LED Flashlight with Tactical Strobe
I got this baby at the right time, just a few days before hurricane Sandy hit. It was put to immediate use. It already comes with the batteries in the package. It is extremely durable and has three light settings - normal, high and strobe. The high beam is extemely strong and it surprised me that I could get such a powerful light out of something so small using AA batteries.      …
reviewed OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer. August 27, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
My wife and I eat avocados virtually every day in our salad and I ordered this gadget thinking it may make the preparation easier. While it performed well slicing the avocado in half and removing the pit, the slicer was another story. In order for it to work, the meat of the avocado needs to be quite soft. Additionally the tool did not feel comfortable in either of our hands. After comparing it to …
reviewed iHome by Lifeworks Technology IMAC-K1.... July 24, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
Today I received from amazon.com/vine as a free sample to review a keyboard with the long name iHome by Lifeworks Technology IMAC-K121S Full Size Mac Keyboard with 2 USB Ports.  Between us my wife and I have two desktops and one laptops, all Mac.  A few months ago I bought our newest: a large screen monitor. It came with a small wireless keyboard (our first) otherwise identical to the keyboard …
reviewed Marley Coffee. April 04, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
Marley Coffee
Ten days or so ago I accepted an invitation from amazon.com's VINE program to order at no cost to myself and review if I chose to a box of 15 paper pods of ground "organic medium ethiopia virgacheffe." A few days later arrived in the mail a packet under the heading Marley Coffee & Tea One Love Organic Coffee, 15-Count.   Inside were 15 "single serve" pods each …
reviewed Ilan Alon - GLOBAL FRANCHISING OPERAT.... February 01, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
Preliminary remark: Ubergizmo seems the right part of lunch.com to place this review because serious academic case studies of marketing are examples of applied (social) science, part of the domain of ubergizmo as I understand ubergizmo.   =-=-==-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-      The VINE program of amazon.com recently sent me its monthly list of items to receive at no cost to me to …
reviewed Papermate InkJoy Pen. January 26, 2012
posted in Ubergizmo
Papermate InkJoy Pen
I really enjoy using Paper Mate InkJoy pens. They write smoothly, boldly and cleanly, and feel good in my hand. I've yet to have an issue with the ink, and all of the colors are clear and are dark enough to read easily. Blue and black are my favorites. Since they are ballpoints, I expect the ink will be more durable than that of a gel pen's.      They come with a (now more …
reviewed Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk. October 04, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk
The manufacturer (Kidde) recommends replacing this Carbon Monoxide detector every 7 years. That may seem like an expensive proposition, but I feel it's worth it to have peace of mind for my family's safety. Just be sure to purchase a unit that was manufactured recently, since it isn't clear just when that 7 year time period starts. I suspect that they mean it is from the first power-up, …
reviewed Soehnle Easy Control Bathroom Scale -.... October 03, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Soehnle Easy Control Bathroom Scale - 63806
The Soehnle Corporation of Nassau, Germany is a leading manufacturer of scales for bathroom and kitchen -- both fields crowded with competitors.      I am submitting this review to the Ubergizmo community of Torch.com because I think of Ubergizmoites as hi tech nerds or cosmological speculators a la Immanuel Velikovsky. Well, I am not in that league, but a scale like the Soehnle …
reviewed Leifheit 23200 Signature Salad Spinner. September 28, 2011
Leifheit 23200 Signature Salad Spinner
 There is a lot to like about the somewhat pricey Leifheit 23200 Signature Salad Spinner. Sturdy design, attractive appearance, effective drying mechanism, a container that doubles as serving bowl, and a mesh cage that can also drain hot pasta. The primary feature is a lawnmower-like pull mechanism that takes a little practice to get the hang of. It isn't intuitive and both of my children …
reviewed Belkin Surge Protector 12 Outlet Powe.... September 26, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Belkin Surge Protector 12 Outlet Power Strip
   The Belkin Twelve-Outlet Surge Protector is one of those products that is hard to get overly excited about. As long as it works, I'm happy. And it does work. I'm not sure if it has ever been put to the test with a powerful electric surge in my home, but if it has, I'm none the wiser and it continues to quietly do its job. No muss, no fuss -- and in lightening prone South Florida, …
reviewed John Wyndham - THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS. September 24, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
  One late September night around 1947 every single woman within the village of Midwich, England who could become pregnant did become pregnant. It wasn't long before all the startled virgins were flocking to either good ole doc Willers or good ole vicar Reverend Hubert Leebody or both for an explanation. The 1957 sci fi novel's title THE MIDWICH CUCKOOs hints at what had happened: aliens …
reviewed Barbie Collector 2011 Doll. September 24, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Barbie Collector 2011 Doll
I have been getting the annual Barbie for my daughter every year since 1996. We have the entire collection from this time stored in the original containers and kept on display. This year's model is just as good as always! The green makes her look even more beautiful. The star reviews above are really not applicable to this doll because it is not meant for playing but more to keep on display in your …
reviewed Drinkwell Hy-Drate Cat Ice White. September 19, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Drinkwell Hy-Drate Cat Ice White
   The Drinkwell Hy-Drate filter/fountain seems like a good idea, but isn't one that I or my cats are overly impressed with. I have both a young and old cat, and they really don't seem to care one way or the other about it. A few weeks of use and their drinking habits remained unchanged. They noticed the filter when I placed in their bowl the first time, but after some initial wariness …
reviewed Leifheit Twist Salad Spinner. September 15, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Leifheit Twist Salad Spinner
My mother-in-law recently picked up this salad spinner and I had the chance to use it while helping her out in the kitchen. It worked well and felt to be about the same sturdiness and quality as two other spinners I have used that cost slightly less. They also had the removable mesh tray and a bowl that could be used to serve the salad.      Leifheit's Twist Salad Spinner stands …
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