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reviewed KHET 2.0. May 12, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
KHET 2.0
My wife, son and I love to play chess. My six year old daughter is learning too. KHET 2.0 takes chess and turns it into laser tag, but strategy and forethought are still the keys to winning. It's …
reviewed On the Problem of Empathy. May 11, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
On the Problem of Empathy
I give a four star rating to Dr Waltraut Stein's English translation of the 1916 German doctoral dissertation by Edith Stein: ON THE PROBLEM OF EMPATHY. Waltraut is Edith Stein's great niece.   …
reviewed Fulcrum 30015-301 9 LED Tap Light. May 04, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Fulcrum 30015-301 9 LED Tap Light
   The Fulcrum LED tap light is an evolution of the "wire-free light for anywhere" idea. It's 9 LEDs is the most I've seen in this type of product--most offer 3 or 5. It offers …
reviewed Tune Belt Open View Armband for 2nd g.... May 02, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Tune Belt Open View Armband for 2nd generation iPod Shuffle
I recently went from an Ipod Nano to the Ipod shuffle. I needed something to be worn on my upper arm as I do a lot of activity at the gym and the "wristwatch" type of belts that Apple offers would just …
Pelvic Power: Mind/Body Exercises for Strength,
Have you done some tai chi? A bit of chi kung (qigong)? A touch of Feldenkrais or a little Pilates? If so, then you are ready for Eric Franklin's paperback book of 2002, 2003 PELVIC POWER. Its subtitle …
reviewed Altus Athletic Altus Turbo Tower. April 28, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Altus Athletic Altus Turbo Tower
TURBO TOWER by Altus looks like a nearly five foot high clothes rack or a frame to dry a large wet towel. Amazon.com sent me a free sample to try out and then review of this made-in-China, assemble-it-yourself, …
reviewed 12v 7000 mAh UPS Battery for GS Porta.... April 26, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
12v 7000 mAh UPS Battery for GS Portalac PX12072
This product is a necessity more than something I would have personally looked for. The UPS for my telephone system uses this battery and the phone company doesn't support it so I needed to find one on …
reviewed Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors. April 19, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors
There once was an American named H. Richard Hornberger (1924 – 1997). A medical doctor, he served as such with the U.S. Army during the Korean war in the 8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Does …
reviewed Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion.... April 19, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Pocket
I was in the market for a cordless power drill, but I was overwhelmed by the variety of options and features even within a single brand's product line.  Fortunately, @Bhaddad had already done …
reviewed Amazon Cloud Player. April 07, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Amazon Cloud Player
Once again Amazon blazes a new trails for digital content. First was the Kindle and books have never been the same since. Buying a new book is now just a few keystrokes away and mere seconds before it …
reviewed Just-So Stories (Signet Classic). April 05, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Just-So Stories (Signet Classic)
Just before I wrote this review for lunch.com, I went to wikipedia.org to refresh my memory. In the process I learned three new phrases describing JUST SO STORIES! A just so story is a pourquoi story …
reviewed Amazon Cloud Player. March 30, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Amazon Cloud Player
Amazon yesterday released their Cloud Drive and while it's not apparently very different to Microsoft's Skydrive or Google Apps file storage, is nonetheless a major step in the direction …
reviewed iPad 2. March 15, 2011
iPad 2
Back when I wrote my review for the first iPad, a fellow Lunch.com member asked me how you can upgrade something that is already so perfect?  I asked myself the same question and then on March …
reviewed Apple Magic Trackpad. February 11, 2011
Apple Magic Trackpad
I have been intrigued with the Mac Trackpad ever since it first came out, and finally decided to give it a try. I spend a lot of hours in front of a computer every day, and this handy and elegant peripheral …
reviewed iPhone 3G. February 01, 2011
I think the Iphone 3G was a revolution in the mobile phone market. Admittedly the upgraded versions 3GS and 4 are much faster and with more technical fuzzyness - however, 3G pathed the way. No doubt, …
reviewed Maurice Natanson - EDMUND HUSSERL: PH.... January 21, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
   For six of the seven years from 1956 through 1963 I was largely immersed in the study of academic philosophy: in Mobile, Alabama, Vienna, Austria (Fulbright student) and Austin (University …
reviewed Chipotle iPhone Application. January 06, 2011
Chipotle iPhone Application
There are many reasons to be a fan of Chipotle.  Let me count just a few of the ways...      Their usage of fresh ingredients Their serving of Niman Ranch steak Their serving …
reviewed Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flas.... January 05, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight
   No bones about it--I love this thing. The Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight has got to be the coolest and most useful flashlight I've every had the pleasure to use. The Joby …
reviewed Mophie 1137_JPU-PWRSTATION juice pack.... January 05, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Mophie 1137_JPU-PWRSTATION juice pack universal powerstation
   This attractively styled little power brick can be a real lifesaver. It's designed to charge your mobile Apple devices when you're on the go, and it delivers on that promise. It has …
reviewed What Are You Afraid Of? A Body/Mind G.... January 05, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
What Are You Afraid Of? A Body/Mind Guide to
The sub-title of Lavinia Plonka's 2005 book WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? is A BODY/MIND GUIDE TO COURAGEOUS LIVING. The author postulates that for any given situation the motivation to act, after you peel …
reviewed Targus Screen Protector with Bubble-F.... January 04, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
Targus Screen Protector with Bubble-Free Adhesive for Apple iPad AWV1216US, Clear
The Targus Screen Protector is a sturdy matte-finished plastic screen protector that cuts down on reflections and makes fingerprints less noticeable. When fingerprints do appear they are easily wiped …
reviewed Qlink Pendant. December 30, 2010
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Qlink Pendant
I received the Qlink pendant (pictured black model)as a gift several years ago. I work all day with computers so thought it couldn't hurt, and might actually help. I wore it religiously for 3-4 years. …
reviewed Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage. December 30, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage
   This docking stand for Apple devices has quickly become an essential in my house. I can't imaging going back to the fold out case I was using to prop up my iPad before I got the MP450 …
reviewed Their Eyes Were Watching God. December 20, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
Their Eyes Were Watching God
This is the story of Janie Mae Crawford. Her mother had been born on a plantation near Savannah in 1864, "with gray eyes and yaller hair" (Ch. 2). Janie Mae's grandfather was Marse Robert …
reviewed The Philosophical Breakfast Club: Fou.... December 04, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
The Philosophical Breakfast Club: Four Remarkable
In 1833 The British Association for the Advancement of Science met, 852  members attending. Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge rose and took the meeting to task for the ungentlemanly kind of work that …
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