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Stranger in a Strange Land

76 Ratings: 3.4
A book by Robert A. Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land, winner of the 1962 Hugo Award, is the story of Valentine Michael Smith, born during, and the only survivor of, the first manned mission to Mars. Michael is raised by Martians, and he arrives on Earth as a true innocent: he … see full wiki

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Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Publisher: Ace Trade
19 reviews about Stranger in a Strange Land
review by . July 31, 2011
posted in Ubergizmo
In the 60s everyone wanted to
  In retrospect, Robert A. Heinlein's STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND seems quaintly sub-adult in its message, not much of a story, a very average "didactic" novel. In its decade, be it admitted, the turbulent 1960s and early 1970s, STRANGER was on everyone's lips. Even today, in 2011, it is selling more strongly than probably 90% of the books still in print. What was its astonishing appeal 30 and 40 years ago? What gives it staying power, even if fading?   From what I …
Quick Tip by . February 23, 2011
posted in SF Signal
   I've only read this book oh, about 30 times - but I've been slacking of late;  I don't think I've re-read in the past five years or so.      For someone not familiar with Heinlein or his works, this novel is one of the must-reads for any SF fan who wants to seriously acquire the label.  It's considered to be a major contributor to 60's counter-culture and provides some interesting insights into our own society
review by . September 18, 2010
This was the first book by Robert Heinlein that I read and from reading the first paragraph I was sucked into the genius that is this author.      Heinlein's books are thought provoking, enigmatic and sometimes a bit wacky. They make you think then turn everything upside down and shake it around. Stranger in a Strange Land was a roller coaster of new discoveries and to this day remains one of my favorite books of all time.      Heinlein's writing …
Quick Tip by . November 06, 2010
Not for me. I had a hard time connecting with it. What did you like about it?
Quick Tip by . October 08, 2010
I told my children that they were not fully my children until they read this. They are all grateful.
Quick Tip by . October 05, 2010
What can I say? This is one of the all-time classics of all time, with pointed commentary on politics, society, religion and human sexuality.
Quick Tip by . September 29, 2010
This one was oddly addictive, embarrassingly unputdownable.
Quick Tip by . June 11, 2010
Worth reading every year or so, not just for the import of Heinlein's message, but also for the absolute FUN and joy of reading it. Never gets old. A must for any Heinlein reader - or sci-fi anti-establishment reader. ENJOY!
Quick Tip by . July 05, 2010
very interesting notion of a human minority raised by aliens and trying to adapt
Quick Tip by . July 04, 2010
Every person searching for himself would get a lot of help from this book. Imagine being a human on Mars, raised by Martians, then returning to Earth to see our culture (of the not-to-distant future). You'll get a completely new take on what it means to be human -- or, more accurately, "Thou art God." Read it to understand. Wonderful!
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
I loved this book -- read it a long time ago. Way ahead of its time -- has everything, including avant garde sexual orientation (with 3 sexes instead of 2 -- innovative). Discussed this book in library school a long time ago.
review by . July 09, 2010
The book shown in the picture on this product page is possibly a first paper edition, printed in 1961. No, it's not the one I've just read; I had to trot to a bookstore and buy a fresh copy. But there are 500-plus reviews posted on that new edition. Most promisingly bookish young people these days have read "Stranger in a Strange Land" by age 15 or 16. I didn't have that opportunity; I was already 20 in 1961, when it was published, but I read it soon after. I hadn't looked at it since that initial …
review by . July 07, 2010
I remember when I read this novel for the first time 30 years ago.  In some ways I was a young man mystified and engrossed by the apparent adaptation of the free love movement.  Having read it for a third time recently, I am again reminded why Heinlein is compared to Mark twain, not just as a futurist, but as a social critic!      Look at the character of Jubal in this story.  The Charlatan, the Wise man, The convert and ultimately Michael Valentine Smith's …
Quick Tip by . July 03, 2010
started off really interesting, but went on too long and became too political
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
he first part was interesting, but then got ridiculous.
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
I have always loved this book. The depth of plot and the understanding of human nature that comes from it is nothing short of amazing. This is one of my favorite books.
review by . January 09, 2010
Valentine Michael Smith is genetically a human. But he was born on Mars and he is now the only survivor of the first manned mission to Mars. When the second mission to Mars rescues him and brings him back to earth, they discover that is 100% Martian by culture, language, upbringing, education and understanding. They even discover that he has some exceptionally potent psychic abilities that, by human experience, are all but supernatural. Never having heard any human language and never having met …
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
One of the greatest works of Science Fiction ever written. This is Heinleins finest work. He uses the setting of a future in which martians exist to dissect and skewer society, as well as teach understand and compassion.
review by . April 03, 2005
Believe it or not, with all the reading I do I have never read any of Heinlein's stuff. Someone recommended Stranger In A Strange Land to me, and I'm impressed with the guy's writing...    The basic plotline is that a manned trip to Mars occurs but the ship loses contact once it gets to the surface. The thought is that everyone was killed. But a later mission reveals that there was a survivor, and it was a child that's been raised as a Martian. He's brought back to Earth, and …
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76 Ratings: +3.4
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Stranger in a Strange Land
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