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second generation iPhone made by Apple

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Very cool... but not for work

  • Aug 19, 2008
  • by
Bottom line:  If you use your smartphone to send a lot of email, the iPhone falls far short of the blackberry and is almost impossible to use for business.

I've been using the iPhone 3G for a few weeks now.  I transfered from using a BlackBerry Curve.  Don't get me wrong... the iPhone is really cool and it is fun to use all the apps and features that it has which is much better than the Curve... for example, the maps and web browsing are really phenomenal and fun to use.  However there are so many shortcomings with the device that it cannot be seriously used by anyone who relies on their BlackBerry to do work to send emails. 

Receiving emails is fine... no real issues their (except that i haven't figured out how to get more than 200 emails on the iPhone... not sure this is a problem with device or my mail server).  Biggest problem is with sending emails.  It is VERY difficult to type.  Now when i say this, people say... "you will get used to it".  True... you do get better at typing on it the more you play with it, but i guarantee that typing on the BlackBerry is almost twice as fast.  If you spent equal time learning both the iPhone and the Blackberry, you would be twice as productive on the BlackBerry.  I've found myself not replying to emails on the iPhone and opting to boot up my laptop to reply to an email that i would have otherwise just fired off from the BlackBerry... and I"ve been forcing myself to type on the iPhone to get better at it.  Sure the people i work with are stoked i'm not sending as many emails, buy my productivity has slowed considerably.

The other piece that missing is a search feature within email.  Anyone who uses their blackberry knows how frequently you use the search function... it's great!  It's better than searching for an email in Outlook... and fast!!  iPhone doesn't even have a search function.  If they do and i've missed it, someone please comment or write another review... because i need to know!!

To conclude... it's cool and it's fun, but it's not for business.  I'm really bummed because i planned on using this as my full time business device, but that is impossible unless i want to watch my productivity cut in half.  I guess i was just expecting and hoping for too much out of the iPhone.  Apple doesn't even market it as a business device so why my expectations were set that high... i don't know.

PS.  The battery does suck as much as everyone claims.  When i come home from work, it is dead or near dead every night. 

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November 09, 2009
I'm both with you and not! :) I'm not a big iPhone fan, but I don't use BB. I am one of those crazy people who likes Windows Mobile...at least HTC's version of Windows Mobile with the TouchFlo 3D on top. I love my Tilt 2 phone and I use it for business and pleasure (iPhone still better for music/video playing).
November 09, 2009
Come to think of it, I need to get my review of my phone done!!
October 11, 2009
Now I'm seriously confused, JR. My Verizon contract expires the end of this month and I was planning on switching to AT&T and an iPhone asap. I'm hoping they worked out all the kinks in the 3.1.2.
August 21, 2009
What you described is actually true, but I believe Apple is actually getting there. Enterprise market is always a 'nice to have' or 'wouldn't bother if we could get some' kind of niche for Apple, their main focus will still be on consumer. And to make sense to enterprise market, Apple probably will have to pitch through a lot of IT executives and that could be hard. On the bright side, Apple is doing more and more on improving the 'business friendliness' of iPhone, they bring something new to the table every time a big s.w release is out, and a lot of them are business relevant. So definitely on the right direction, and Apple shouldn't in any case rush, all the other competitors on enterprise front isn't quite there yet, people are still expecting a 'perfect business device' and a lot them are more than willing to give the most innovative company - Apple a chance. To me, the biggest challenge isn't competition, the biggest challenge is how Apple could keep the momentum going and really implement what they've plotted for so long. If they keep on producing great product and innovation, people will eventually follow.
August 12, 2009
Expectation can be daunting at times. Then again, everyone including me expects a great deal out of top innovative companies. The same goes for Microsoft. I hate IE8 & Vista although for now I'm stuck with it! Hopefully, Windows 7 is a major improvement. The major companies run the risk of losing it big when they get too big! Apple is still doing pretty great serving its niche market. I doubt if a company can be everything and anything to everyone. 

I hate phones that has lousy battery power, no matter how great it is!
July 15, 2009
Absolutely spot on - the Blackberry is still the clear winner for business usage. Great review.
July 08, 2009
Since the 3.0 software update, I think the iPhone deserves a second look as a serious business tool. The recent update includes a very intuitive copy and paste mechanism and most apps now support "landscape" keyboard to facilitate much faster typing. The mail app still limits the number of messages downloaded to the phone, but now includes a search function as well as functionality to search older messages which are stored on the mail server. There's also a "global" search which lets you search emails, contacts, apps, etc from a single interface. Apple deserves a great deal of credit for adding so much functionality to the existing iPhone user-base.... in any case, I'm willing to take you on in a Blackberry vs. iPhone typing competition.
June 26, 2009
Now I know why my friends with iPhones never respond to my emails...well I hope that's the reason. :P I just wish someone would make a bright green cover for my pink Curve because then it would be all preppy. ;)
June 18, 2009
I'm still awed by the device itself...everytime I play with it, I feel like I've found something from the future. That said...couldn't agree more. Fun toy, but terrible for every day use. Keyboard, can't get used to it...no copy/cut/paste functionality...ridiculous to ever release the product without it. To make matters worse, I got a lemmon...once a week or so, the "phone" functionality locks on me, and no matter what I do (reboot, power down, try accessing it through other doorways, etc), i'm out of business for 1-2 days until it decides to start working again. I need a phone first, then computer, then toy.
April 30, 2009
Here's a problem we ran into: my non-tech husband runs a small business and we thought the iPhone would be great for him to consolidate his communications. He doesn't use it to eMail or text outwards, but the iPhone makes him immediately available in a variety of incoming forms, which he responds to with a phone call. Great! Consolidating! Making our business more efficient! We ported the landline to the iPhone (no more landline), got rid of his former cell number, life is good, right? Wrong. No information service, as in, without a landline, our business is no longer listed with 411 Information and it won't be included in the next Real Yellow Pages. We've been in business for more than 30 years, been ATT customers in all its forms for all that time and "poof," anyone looking for us will think we've gone out of business, thanks to ATT, unless we get a landline, of course. Aaaargh! So if you were thinking of carrying your office in your pocket, think again. That aside, we love the iPhone.
April 04, 2009
First off, I disagree about the typing. Maybe I have fat fingers or something (which I truly hope is not the case!) but I cannot type at all on the small keys on a Blackberry. Honestly, you will get used to the iPhone. And they also have an app that will give you a larger keyboard to make it easier to write emails! Plus I don't think it is overly user-friendly like the iPhone. Good news for you... rumor has it that they are adding a search feature and a cut-and-paste feature are their next update. Not sure if it's true, but I certainly hope so!
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review by . February 01, 2011
I think the Iphone 3G was a revolution in the mobile phone market. Admittedly the upgraded versions 3GS and 4 are much faster and with more technical fuzzyness - however, 3G pathed the way. No doubt, this phone with its capabilities, combined with the App Store - Amazing setup!
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Now you can run your favorite third-party apps — and switch between them instantly — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. So you can listen to a ball game while emailing. Or receive a VoIP call while playing a game.1
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3 g i phone is my next addition...since my daughter is presenting this ..i postpone to buy this ..but this is another exciting computer skills ..but i enjoy to taste technology
Quick Tip by . September 21, 2010
Excellent device. AT&T service is dismal in my region, and AT&T's politics are worse. They have been organizing fundraisers for right-wing Republicans. So I sold my iPhone on eBay and purchased an HTC Hero - not as good, but can use it on Credo which is a superb service provider with a social conscience.
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When all ele fails, reboot.
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Great design, easy to use and has the "Hip" factor. Only downsides is AT$T
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nothing seems to compare
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it is a nice gadget, but after looking at 3GS's zipping speed, it is already an outdated item.
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