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Oh iPhone, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways.

  • Feb 25, 2009
  • by
Alright trust me, that's the last attempt I ever make at poetic plagiarism, but I needed a way of emphasising just how amazing this gadget is. Apple are at the forefront of stylistic innovation and although they receive constant criticism about the usability of the iPod, especially the whole "why does it delete my songs if I sync with another computer?" argument, there's no denying that they still look damn good. With the iPod touch they made a sleek and stylish iPod that all your friends would envy, and you could prance about your campus or place of business looking like the cool guy from the American teen movies. The tragic thing about that image was that no matter how cool the iPod touch made you look, because you had spent all your money on it, you were subjected to the embarassment of pulling out a horrid looking mobile phone whenever one of your admiring friends wanted to call you.

Apple took notice of that problem and surely had crumpled heaps of crushed teenage vanity knocking at Steve Jobs door begging for help to save their image. He was the saviour of the vain and introduced the iPhone to the American teenager in June 2007. They celebrated by throwing vanity parties in which they would all show off their shiny new Apple iPhones and the numerous apps they had downloaded to it. Of course it was expensive, but you can't put a price on popularity. Well I put off my rise to popularity for just over a year after the original release and finally in late November 2008 I decided to give into the buzz and got one. Let me tell you that since owning it I have felt more confident and certainly noticed the blonde females and shemales swarming around me. Bright lights and shiny things really do work and owning this magnificent contraption has changed my life.

I suppose I better get a bit serious with this review which is what I intended to do but got carried away. The gadget itself is a mobile phone and an iPod made into a fantastic hybrid which brings all the excellent assets we have come to see as common in a mobile phone and the common assets of an iPod. The main features before you go download crazy of the applications are a Camera, SMS messaging with an instant messenger feel, your contacts list (obviously), the phone (again, obviously), the music and video capabilities (obviously), YouTube, Stock checker, Weather app, calendar, clock, calculator, iTunes, Apps Store, email and internet browser.

These are all brilliant in their own right, but alas it was inevitable that I would have something negative to say and that is about the camera. With such advanced technology and with the obvious capability to view videos downloaded to your iPhone, I was disappointed to find that the camera has very basic picture taking capabilities and no video record. This seems silly for such an advanced piece of technology and is made even worse by the quality of the pixel count of the camera. Of course this is a bit tragic, but we can all hope that an update will come soon which will allow more camera features including video record capability.

Of course with that damning flaw there are many other excellent things that will make you forget that. The ipod part of the phone is one of the main aspects that grabs my attention as I enjoy playing with the cover flow, watching the odd downloaded video and listening to recently downloaded podcasts. The internet browser capability, especially now it's a phone is even more of a useful contraption as you can enjoy it on the go without the annoyance of needing a wifi connection. The apps you can download for your iPhone are numerous and plentiful; some seem utterly pointless and some are utter genius and extremely useful. The apps I have on the front page are Wikipedia, Dictionary and BBC News app; of course to download them you need to be within range of a wifi connection and have an iTunes account.

The aesthetics of the product are basic yet imaginative; simple yet effective and just downright sexy. The screen is a bit of a pain as it's easily marked and scratched so make sure your hands are clean when using it. The layout of the apps is very simple, but depending on the app can get quite complicated when entering into them, but of course that is down to the app creators discretion. It is pretty and I know that anyone would be proud of owning it, I've never had a problem with usage in regards to signal or general hardware usage so it's definitely one of the more worthwhile treasures I have owned in a while.

A high recommendation and something that is definitely worth the money.

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March 31, 2009
I would really say go for the iPhone. It only really becomes a toy if you download many toy like apps for it such as games etc. But if it is for serious business then you can use it as such, I guess because of the actual beauty of it and the simplicity of the operating system that guids the iPhone, some people would find it difficult to take too seriously.
February 26, 2009
I always thought that the iPhone could record video because cheapo phones that I've had in the past have been able to. I'm sure they're working on it! What a nice, thorough review, you're definitely making me want an iPhone!
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review by . August 19, 2008
Bottom line:  If you use your smartphone to send a lot of email, the iPhone falls far short of the blackberry and is almost impossible to use for business.    I've been using the iPhone 3G for a few weeks now.  I transfered from using a BlackBerry Curve.  Don't get me wrong... the iPhone is really cool and it is fun to use all the apps and features that it has which is much better than the Curve... for example, the maps and web browsing are really phenomenal and …
review by . February 01, 2011
I think the Iphone 3G was a revolution in the mobile phone market. Admittedly the upgraded versions 3GS and 4 are much faster and with more technical fuzzyness - however, 3G pathed the way. No doubt, this phone with its capabilities, combined with the App Store - Amazing setup!
review by . December 23, 2009
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My iPhone Makes my Boyfriend Jealous
I felt as though I was the last person on earth to get an iPhone, and among my friends I very well might have been. Recently I decided to get with the program and drop Verizon like a bad habit, and switch to AT&T. I was a Verizon customer for years, and looking back on it I still don't know why I stuck with them for so long. Given their recent battles with the FCC, I am even more relieved to be out of their evil clutches, and escaped just in time before they doubled the early-termination …
Quick Tip by . November 09, 2010
Now you can run your favorite third-party apps — and switch between them instantly — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. So you can listen to a ball game while emailing. Or receive a VoIP call while playing a game.1
Quick Tip by . December 06, 2010
3 g i phone is my next addition...since my daughter is presenting this ..i postpone to buy this ..but this is another exciting computer skills ..but i enjoy to taste technology
Quick Tip by . September 21, 2010
Excellent device. AT&T service is dismal in my region, and AT&T's politics are worse. They have been organizing fundraisers for right-wing Republicans. So I sold my iPhone on eBay and purchased an HTC Hero - not as good, but can use it on Credo which is a superb service provider with a social conscience.
Quick Tip by . June 08, 2010
When all ele fails, reboot.
Quick Tip by . May 22, 2010
Great design, easy to use and has the "Hip" factor. Only downsides is AT$T
Quick Tip by . May 11, 2010
nothing seems to compare
Quick Tip by . March 15, 2010
it is a nice gadget, but after looking at 3GS's zipping speed, it is already an outdated item.
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