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Universal House of Justice Ridvan Message 2010 Clive James: Some Thoughts on An Interview
reviewed Woody Allen: The 2012 Documentary. September 02, 2013
Woody Allen: The 2012 Documentary
Woody Allen: A Documentary: Parts 1 & 2       Part  1:       In the last two weeks, on two consecutive Sunday evenings, I watched a total of 2 hours of this 3 hour doco entitled Woody Allen: A Documentary: Parts 1& 2(1)    It is Robert B Weide's fascinating study of the multi-Oscar winning New York film-maker.  Weide(1959- …
reviewed My Use of Notebooks: A 60 Year Retros.... August 28, 2013
MY NOTEBOOKS: AN INTRODUCTION IN THE FORM OF SEVERAL OUTLINES      OUTLINE #1:        Section 1:       This review, this overview, of my use of Notebooks is far too long for the average reader, and so it is that I suggest that people who come to this post (I) skim or scan the text, or (ii) simply stop reading now, unless …
reviewed Keeping a Diary or Journal: A Retrosp.... August 28, 2013
MY DIARY OR JOURNAL:       Preamble:       Part 1:       This essay has been written as AN INTRODUCTION TO VOLUME 6 OF MY DIARY, a diary I began in 1984, after more than two decades of travelling-pioneering for the Canadian Baha'i community on both the home-front and overseas, and more than three decades of association …
reviewed An Interview with Canadian-Australian.... August 26, 2013
 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS     Preamble-Part 1:       I began to put the following sequence of questions and answers together as I was about to retire from full-time employment as a teacher after some 32 years in the profession, and another 18 as a student.  In the first dozen or so years, after this half-century, when I was involved in the reinvention …
reviewed A Canadian Journalist: Mordecai Richler. August 12, 2013
THE ORINARILY ORDINARY and The Sadratu'l-Muntaha      Part 1:      Mordecai Richler(1931-2001)was a Canadian author, screenwriter and essayist. A leading Canadian literary critic called him "the great shining star of his Canadian literary generation," and a pivotal figure in the country's history. Two of  his best known works were: The …
reviewed Seven Ages of Britain, a BBC televisi.... July 30, 2013
Seven Ages of Britain, a BBC television documentary series
BRITISH HISTORY   Beauty and Pure Delight      Part 1:      After studying and reading, teaching and tutoring, lecturing and writing about history for 60 years, from 1953 until 2013, I have come to appreciate more and more the television documentaries on the subject.  Many docos have appeared during my retirement from the classroom and the lecture-hall. …
reviewed Star-Trek: The True Story. July 30, 2013
 STAR-TREK: The True Story       Modern Man in Search of A Soul1       You can read about the documentary Star-Trek: The True Story, at the following link.  This doco was originally televised in the US on the Discovery Channel on 5 January 2013.  Go to: I will not give you, therefore, …
reviewed Stanley Kubrick Boxes. March 04, 2013
KUBRICK’S BOXES       I watched with fascination the ABC2 program on 17 May 2009 at 8:30 p.m. “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes.”  Kubrick died in the last month of my 30 year full-time teaching career, in March 1999, and he left behind 1000 boxes in his mansion in England.  This one hour program gives viewers a close-up of Kubrick’s creative …
reviewed Shakespeare: An Introduction. February 25, 2013
SHAKESPEARE UNCOVERED      Shakespeare Uncovered is a documentary series that was transferred from BBC Four in the UK to PBS in America. Though the series focuses on individual plays, cycles, and genres in varying degrees of detail, it would be more helpful to think of these episodes as Shakespeare Introduced. This series, which has just come to Australian television in 2013, would …
reviewed A WAY OF TRAVELLING: 2 JOB APPLICATIO.... February 17, 2013
A WAY OF TRAVELLING: 2 JOB APPLICATIONS A WEEK FOR 50 YEARS:       The information and details in my resume, a resume I no longer use in the job-hunting world, should help anyone wanting to know something about my professional background, my writing and my life. This resume might be useful for the few who want to assess my suitability for some advertised/unadvertised employment …
reviewed The Diaries of Richard Burton, Publis.... February 16, 2013
Note: I tried to delete the underlining in the following post, but was unable to do so.-Ron Price, Tasmania      The Diaries of Richard Burton: FOLLOWING MY LIFE THROUGH RICHARD BURTON’S DIARIES       Part 1:       Readers here will find below my 4000+ word, 9 page-font 14, overview of some of Elizabeth Taylor’s and …
reviewed Anna Akhmatova: Her Life and Poetry. January 14, 2012
TWO POETS MEET IN THE SUMMER OF ‘62:   MY TRAVELLING AND POETIZING HAD JUST BEGUN      Great Russian poets are, in some ways, like martyrs of the church in that vast land. They have thrived on persecution, on attacks, on being silenced. Such treatment has given a type of holy status to their work.  Anna Akhmatova(1889-1966), certainly one of the most famous …
reviewed Clive James: Some Thoughts on An Inte.... July 03, 2010
Clive James: Some Thoughts on An Interview
Clive James, man of many talents, roles and names to fame, admits that on some occasions when he spoke he did not know what he was talking about.  Goodness, you can’t know the detail about all those things you’ve talking about over your seven decades of living, Clive!  Clive has tried to absorb anything and everything that's new or rather, almost everything. He says that …
reviewed The New Baha'i Paradigm: 1996 To 2016. April 24, 2010
Universal House of Justice Ridvan Message 2010
I posted an introduction to the paradigmatic shift in the Baha’i community, the new culture of learning and growth that is at the heart of this paradigm, six years ago. I did this posting at several internet sites and have revised that post many times in the last six years as developments in the paradigm have come about, as new messages from Bahá'í institutions have been published …
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