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Trader Joe's Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas 5-quart Artisan Series KitchenAid mixer
posted a Quick Tip about Avocado. February 11, 2013
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Avocado is probably my favorite fruit, because of the fact that despite being a fruit, it's an excellent ingredient in so many savory dishes.  My favorite use of the avocado is for making guacamole, which is a perfect thing to go with meats like chicken or steak, and of course, as the ideal dip for tortilla chips.
posted a Quick Tip about Fruit. July 24, 2012
posted in Green Living
Nature's candy. Tastes good, provides sugars that won't kill you and essential vitamins, and comes in a million different varieties. I usually try to eat fruit with my breakfast.
The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health
It is a great opportunity for those of us that are doubters of diet impacting our health to read the book and/or view the video that is so informative.  This is a great educational enlightenment tool to bring all of us to more awareness of how our choices ultimately affect our life experience with regard to over-all health and wellness.
posted a Quick Tip about Apple Juice. September 30, 2011
Apple Juice
Apple Juice is one of the most used juice in our household. It's one of the only juices we give our 2 yr old daughter as if she spills it--no stains. Plus it's the one with the least chance of allergic reactions. But not only that..when you are sick with one of those nasty colds, Warm up a cup of apple juice and steep a nice herbal Tea in the hot apple juice instead of water. You will have a FEEL …
posted a Quick Tip about Daiya. August 03, 2011
posted in Vegan Living
Makes the best nachos and is tasty in grilled cheese and veggie sammiches.
posted a Quick Tip about Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. August 03, 2011
posted in Vegan Living
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
What I like best is that the recipes are made out of real ingredients instead of relying on egg replacers, fake meats and such. I have nothing wrong with those products and enjoy the occasional Tofurkey kielbasa, but such foods (processed) certainly aren't healthy on a daily basis.
posted a Quick Tip about Lemon. July 18, 2011
posted in Green Living
Full of useful antioxidants, and that is the saving grace of the lemon. Otherwise, these suckers are VERY sour, and you'll definitely be getting those sour lips if you eat one on its own. Sugar can be a big help in defusing the sour flavor, but you're better off just adding lemon juice or lemons to larger meals as light flavoring.
posted a Quick Tip about Mango. July 01, 2011
posted in Love Bites
Love this fruit...we used to call the sides of it as "Cheeks" and the boney middle as the "nose". This is so good and goes well with almost anything. Green sour mangoes can go with rice and sweet mangoes make excellent brulee and sorbet. Mango rules!
posted a Quick Tip about Spinach. June 28, 2011
posted in Green Living
A very bitter vegetable which tastes decent with salt or when it's raw. It has a reputation for being iron-rich, but this reputation turned out to be a mistake due to a misplaced decimal point which just got out of control before anyone noticed it.
posted a Quick Tip about Garlic. June 13, 2011
posted in Green Living
Health benefits, and one of the more underrated flavors. Everyone knocks it, but just the right amount can go well in certain sauces or with certain spices.
posted a Quick Tip about Tofu. June 09, 2011
posted in Green Living
Nice that it's there for vegetarians, but its tendency to absorb everything around it turns it into edible baking powder. What happens is a disgustingly spongy texture with the taste of everything on you plate, whether or not it goes together.
posted a Quick Tip about Strawberry. June 08, 2011
posted in Green Living
My favorite sweet fruit to just munch on. They go well with many different kinds of desserts.
posted a Quick Tip about Whole Foods Market. June 08, 2011
posted in Green Living
Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas
I love the food they sell here and I'm very fond of the idea. What a shame the prices will break the bank. Also, would it kill Mackey to make Whole Foods more established in the national eye? I just moved to Buffalo, and the closest Whole Foods is in Toronto - a 90-minute drive which only people who have passports can make! The most accessable without a passport is a four-hour drive, in freaking …
posted a Quick Tip about Avocado. May 10, 2011
posted in Love Bites
It is rich and used abundantly in Japanese and Indonesian cuisine. It can be eaten raw or as the Japanese likes it, in California Roll. Alternatively, as a dessert in Indonesian cuisine, it's unbeatable when mixed with brown sugar and a tinge of coffee. A most recent discovery is Avocado mixed with Soursop or alternatively Mung beans.                …
posted a Quick Tip about Edamame. May 10, 2011
posted in Love Bites
A popular appetizer in the Japanese cuisine although if one has them in a Japanese restaurants, it's darn expensive! I found them in supermarkets in Shanghai 2 years ago at dirt cheap prices. All one has to do is to simply boil them and they serve as a great snack! My alternative to chips!                 
posted a Quick Tip about Mango. April 29, 2011
posted in Go Indonesia
This is one of the most delicious fruits of all time. Harumanis in Indonesia is my favorite. If you haven't tried that, you haven't tried real mango! It's a love fruit, by the way, if you know how to play with it ;-)
reviewed Trader Joe's. March 23, 2011
Trader Joe's
Let me just start by apologizing to all devout-Trader Joe's shoppers. I know, I've been there.      In fact, I started shopping there more than 20 years. Very friendly employees, fun & colorful packaging, easy to handle and perfect for bachelor/ettes & college students, loooow prices, and kitchy titles on self-branded items.      But my boyfriend …
posted a Quick Tip about English Retreads. March 18, 2011
posted in Eco-Chick
So neat that they can recycle plastic and rubber into stylish handbags and other accessories!
posted a Quick Tip about Food, Inc.. March 06, 2011
Food, Inc.
read china study as well; both books are very informative as to why we need to radically change our diet for our own heatlh and health of the planet, as well as defang industrial animal abuse system
posted a Quick Tip about Edamame. March 01, 2011
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
I just had edamame for the first time. I ate them steamed right out of the pod. Naturally tastes like buttered peas to me. Very tasty with lots of fiber. Will now be a staple for my weekly diet.
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