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reviewed Wheeler's Frozen Desserts. January 28, 2010
Wheeler's Frozen Dessert
Although I am now a happy [Los] Angeleno, the past was not so warm and sunny: I used to live in Boston. As a whole, Boston is VERY small and not as eclectic as other cities tend to be. So I was delighted …
reviewed Veggie Grill. January 13, 2010
posted in MBlocal
The concept of Veggie Grill really delights me. The website says- Our purpose at The Veggie Grill is to serve you delicious and wholesome food. By wholesome, we mean good calories and good fats that are …
reviewed Primal Strips. January 07, 2010
posted in Vegan Living
Primal Strips
My mom has always been very health conscious so when I was growing up I was inadvertantly raised to scoff at anything full of fat and salt and other grossness. This DEFINITELY included all forms of beef …
reviewed Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe. January 05, 2010
posted in Vegan Living
Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe
I discovered Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe during an online search a while back, and since then, I have found myself time and again visiting the website to order various vegan-friendly products. Cosmo's Vegan …
reviewed Tofurky. December 24, 2009
posted in Vegan Living
My purpose in this review is to eliminate the misconceptions associated with vegan foods. I have been a vegan for over three years now, and have eaten a Tofurky each Thanksgiving since then. For …
reviewed Trader Joes Vegan Pad Thai. December 22, 2009
Trader Joes Vegan Pad Thai
I had low expectations for Trader Joe's Vegan Pad Thai. I thought that the flavors would be off and the noodles would be soggy or something. I'm not a huge fan of frozen mirowaveable entress, …
reviewed Green Smoothies. December 02, 2009
Green Smoothies
So a friend of mine who is a raw foodie, (her website is here has challenged me and hundreds of others,  to drink one green smoothie a day for 10 days. She's a hard core …
reviewed Trader Joe's. November 25, 2009
Trader Joe's
Sunflower butter Wasabi peas Middle eastern hummus/falafel mix More soymilk variation than Safeway has toothpastes "Two buck chuck", or more importantly, a whole case of booze for $28 (yes, …
reviewed Scoops. November 25, 2009
Although I'm not an ice cream fanatic OR vegan, I went to Scoops as per the recommendation of a vegan friend. It is not strictly a vegan ice cream store... they do have many flavors that are dairy-free.   …
reviewed Edamame. November 16, 2009
posted in Gourmand
Just like how bananas are often thought of as a happy fruit (they're smiley-shaped, afterall!), edamame are like happy, smiley soybeans!  It's hard to believe that there was ever a time where I didn't …
reviewed Food, Inc.. November 15, 2009
posted in Green Living
Food, Inc.
 In the past six months I have drastically changed my diet from processed, fatty, sugary foods to one that includes lots of raw vegetables, no wheat, no sugar, and very little processed foods. To …
reviewed Tofurky. November 12, 2009
I hate tofurky. I hate the idea of a tofurky. And I get offended when people expect me to eat tofurky.      It’s a bland, chewy, tasteless roll of fake meat, containing mushy …
reviewed Chunks of Energy. November 04, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Chunks of Energy
So I am in the market for healthier snacks and sweets. Lets face it, I just can't eliminate them entirely from my diet. With a baby in the house I live off of snacks. I like to buy organic whenever possible. …
reviewed Trader Joe's Dried Apricots. October 27, 2009
Trader Joe's Dried Apricots
Admittedly, I have a severe addiction to dried fruit. 9 times out of 10 I think I might like it more than fresh fruit - it's easier to eat and a little sweeter - nature's candy! This is extremely helpful, …
reviewed Tara's Himalayan Cuisine. October 20, 2009
posted in The Bluff
Vegetable momo and Lassi
My interest in the Himalayan food came from a strange inspiration; snow leopards. I have a passion for snow leopards ever since I saw the mountain episode of Planet Earth. They live in the Himalayan …
reviewed Tempeh Bacon. October 19, 2009
tofu scramble with tempeh bacon
Well, not quite. I'm addicted to TEMPEH BACON!!!! AHHHHHH!!!      I had tempeh bacon for the first time not long ago. I had always been familiar with the likes of veggie bacon (processed …
reviewed Real Food Daily. October 17, 2009
Real Food Daily
My favorite part of living in Los Angeles is the amazing vegan cuisine (I'm not even vegan). One of the very best places I have been to so far is Real Food Daily. Although I frequent the one in West Hollywood, …
reviewed Trader Joe's Raw Sunflower Seeds. October 16, 2009
Granted I've never been a fan of nuts, sunflower seeds and the like, since I'm not a fan of hard foods, I felt compelled to purchase these raw sunflower seeds at Trader Joe's when I was going through …
reviewed Food, Inc.. October 03, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Food, Inc.
Among the maxims carved on the entrances to the Greek temple of Apollo at Delphi, perhaps the most familiar and important were "know thyself" and "nothing in excess." We have reached a point, two and …
reviewed Passion Fruit. October 02, 2009
posted in Fruit Lovers
Passion Fruit
Gotcha! It's not about M & M chocolate, but Markisa & Mojito :-)      Markisa (ie. Passionfruit) is one of my fruits passion. Other than Durian, Mango, Soursop, etc...   …
reviewed Olive Oil. September 30, 2009
posted in Resort Living
Olive Oil
Turkey has to be the only place on the whole wide world that has olive for breakfast! Olive for breakfast, olive for lunch, olive oil for cooking, olive oil for frying, olive oil for the hair & skin …
reviewed September 29, 2009
posted in Gourmand
If you need a new idea on how to cook swiss chard, 101cookbooks is your site. If you want a gluten-free dessert, 101cookbooks is your site. If you need some inspiration for new vegetarian/vegan entrees, …
reviewed Native Foods / California Vegan. September 19, 2009
One of my best friends is Vegan, so hanging out with him automatically entails a tour of the finest animal-free restaurants in the area. I am not Vegan but I love trying new things, especially if it means …
reviewed Trader Joe's Fancy Medjool Dates. August 31, 2009
posted in Vegan Living
Medjool Dates
I always liked figs, but haven't had dates in a very long time. I might have eaten some in a distant past. My mother came over for tea and brought these from Trader Joe's instead of Joe Joe's cookies, …
reviewed Agave Nectar. August 30, 2009
Sugar. Fructose. Sucrose. Glucose. Sucralose (Splenda, YUCK!) Sugar comes in many forms and we all love a sweet treat in form or another. But we are inundated by it in everything we eat. Did you know …
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