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reviewed Goodreads. September 25, 2010
Of the various sites out there for adding, cataloging and reviewing books, I have found that I like GoodReads over all of them. Perhaps it is the ease of use mostly since computer accessibility and utilization …
reviewed Catfish. September 25, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
That the authenticity of "Catfish" is in question is both the film's greatest strength and its biggest weakness. Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost have repeatedly claimed that their …
reviewed Ping. September 24, 2010
Apple's foray into social networks, Ping, doesn't seem quite ready for the big leagues -- especially not given the resources that Apple has and the possibilities of making something really amazing. …
reviewed Nike+ GPS. September 14, 2010
Nike+ GPS
The iOS market is saturated by "GPS tracking" apps.... RunKeeper, TrailGuru, etc...  Now Nike has thrown their sneakers onto the track with their Nike+ GPS App.  Previously, Nike's …
reviewed iPhone 4. September 10, 2010
iPhone 4
Outstanding.       On election day in 2008, instead of waiting in line to vote, I was at an AT&T store activating my new Blackberry Bold 9000 (I still voted, don't worry.) …
reviewed The Hyper-Social Organization: Eclips.... September 10, 2010
The Hyper-Social Organization: Eclipse Your
Based on a Tribalization of Business Study ([...]) , the authors have the data to prove out their point. I just wish they had got to the meat a lot sooner. I took lots of notes all the way through but …
reviewed Quick Tips in Communities on Lunch. August 07, 2010
Quick Tips in Communities on Lunch
A while back, "Quick Tips" were known as "Micro Review."  The point of which was to be able to write a quick review with 140 characters.  Like a Twitter update.  Part …
reviewed Badges in Communities on Lunch. July 13, 2010
Badges in Communities on Lunch
There are many great features on Lunch, but there's nothing quite as perplexing as those badges.  There are plenty of things does to try to get you involved.  There's rankings, …
reviewed Top Contributors in Communities on Lunch. July 03, 2010
Top Contributors in Communities on Lunch
As communities grow more and more on Lunch, one things that's becoming amusing is watching as Top Contributors begin to work their way up the community ranks.  Now, I don't know about you, …
reviewed Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh). June 17, 2010
Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)
We're all here on, so-whether we want to admit it or not- we're part of the Social Media "fad." Or is it really just a fad? This YouTube (more social media!) video gives us …
Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your
In my private life I have long been entranced by the potential of the collaborative internet (387 reviews in, this shouldn't come as a big surprise) and have, as a result being trying my darndest to evangelise …
reviewed Quit Facebook Day. June 06, 2010
Quit Facebook Day
In genral, there are not a lot of "Anti" Holidays or even protests that I particularly like.  I find many of them to be annoying and in several cases, they lose track of what …
reviewed Twitter. May 25, 2010
OK, maybe I lied a little in my review title. I kind of get why people would use Twitter, if they're the type to want to follow their favourite celebrity or just want to get the odd news snippet, but …
reviewed Twitter. May 14, 2010
I've grown to really find the various ways you can use Twitter very helpful. Below are some tips and ways to help understand Twitter more, especially for new users or people trying to build up their following.   …
reviewed Review Prompts in Communities on Lunch. May 08, 2010
Review Prompts in Communities on Lunch.
So, you've joined Lunch and you just joined a community.  The moment you get there you see some topics and then realize... you don't know what to say.  You don't even know how to begin or what …
reviewed Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh). May 07, 2010
Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)
I found this video to be very interesting.  The size of the players in this space is truly remarkable.  Two stats that really stood out to me are:      25% of search results …
reviewed Twitter. May 01, 2010
For years MySpace had taken the world by storm as the social networking giant, then came Facebook, Twitter, Digg and all those who came running in after them to cash in on the social media craze.  …
reviewed Twitter. April 29, 2010
Love it.
reviewed Ping Hoodie. April 27, 2010
Ping Social Networking Garmet
Who would have thought that you could accept a friend request on Facebook via your hoodie? That concept is so "back to the future", along with hover skateboards. Well I guess the …
reviewed April 24, 2010
Ning has been good but now the free ning sites will shut
reviewed Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to.... April 24, 2010
Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your
Will books be replaced by blogs? Social Media 101 is a blog in book form. While there's some good information here, the book lacks narrative, mixes cliches with some worthwhile tools and serves up a lot …
reviewed Featured Communities on Lunch. April 23, 2010
Featured Communities in Lunch
How do Featured Communities work?  That's a big question when I look at this datapoint.  So I decided I was curious and wanted to know.  I was hoping this write up would be shorter, …
reviewed Twitter. April 20, 2010
Who would have thought 140 characters would have changed the landscape of Social Networking? Everyone seems to be using Twitter. Celebrities, politicians, television channels, spammers, you name it they're …
reviewed Finding New Members for Communities o.... April 19, 2010
Finding Members in Communities on Lunch
Finding new members is one of the most crucial components to growing and cultivating a vibrant community. There is enormous value in taking the time to look for and actively recruit people who have interests …
reviewed Founder Messages in Communities on Lunch. April 17, 2010
Founder Messages on Communities on Lunch
You've started your community. You have a photo, a Tagline, and a Welcome Message. You've written a couple of reviews, you invite everyone you know to contribute. So how do you keep your members engaged …
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