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Nicholas Croston (BaronSamedi3)
posted "A Seriously Humorous Look at what it's Like Switching Religions" about Faith.   August 16
A Seriously Humorous Look at what it's L
I originally submitted this to Cracked. They never got back to me, so I'm assuming they didn't go with it. They have strict rules regarding the subjec
posted "Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)" about Buffalo Bills.   March 02
Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)
Note: I'm re-writing some of my earliest reviews from my Teams Series because they're so far from the template they eventually evolved into.     
posted "An Amtrak Horror Story" about Amtrak.   February 01
An Amtrak Horror Story
My arrival in Chicago went exactly as planned, and I rolled in on the Amtrak right at 9 AM on Friday morning, just as I was supposed to. Except it was
posted "An Everyday New Year" about New Year's Eve.   January 02
An Everyday New Year
Okay, I'm a real oddball. I make those ridiculous things known as New Year's Resolutions, and more and more, I keep them even as they grow more outlan
posted "The Commercial Death Star; the World's Most Useless Shopping Mall" about Main Place Mall.   September 21, 2013
The Commercial Death Star; the World's M
Anyone who has ever lived in Buffalo, New York knows the city has a notoriously overzealous preservation committee - they'll fight tooth and nail to r
posted "Yahoo! It's Run by its Namesake" about Yahoo! Mail.   September 05, 2013
Yahoo! It's Run by its Namesake
I opened my first-ever email account back in 2000 or 2001. Believe it or not, I still have the thing up and running. I get my Lunch updates there. It
posted "On Pasture at the Hunting Range" about The Buffalo Range.   August 14, 2013
On Pasture at the Hunting Range
I'm a strong message board person because message boards have been so endlessly useful to me. I've found useful real-life connections over them - and
posted "All the Dead News to Spin" about Deadspin.   July 27, 2013
All the Dead News to Spin
You've probably heard of the sports site Deadspin.com by now. Sports enthusiasts have known about this semi-under-the-radar site from Gawker Media for
posted "Chicken Wings - Eating "Buffalo" Wings Like a Buffalonian" about Buffalo Wings.   July 01, 2013
Chicken Wings - Eating "Buffalo" Wings L
Buffalo wings may be one of the most famous and beloved bar foods in the United States, but when one goes in and orders up a plate of these simple lit
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posted "Two Thumbs Up" about Roger Ebert.   April 14, 2013
Two Thumbs Up
My all-time favorite Roger Ebert moment didn't have anything to do with movies. There was a certain sportswriter for the Chicago Sun-Times since the 9
posted "An Agnostic/Atheist Easter Story" about Faith.   April 01, 2013
An Agnostic/Atheist Easter Story
The plaster cast felt like a glove, and it was about as tough. If I had molded it into a more grabby shape, I probably could have played hockey in it.
posted "Faith and (Final) Fantasy" about Faith.   February 23, 2013
Faith and (Final) Fantasy
This is a chapter from my book.    Final Fantasy X    Final Fantasy X was more or less an impulse buy. I was a
posted "Lights Out" about Superbowl XLVII.   February 06, 2013
Lights Out Lights Out
You know the eternal story of the Super Bowl. It's an unofficial national holiday during which everyone has some kind of rooting interest, even if
posted "Gonna Make a Resolution" about New Year's Resolutions.   January 24, 2013
Gonna Make a Resolution
Usually I'm not privy to saying very much about my New Year's Resolutions because so many people don't take them seriously, and until a few years ago
posted "The Olympics are Meaningless and Depraved" about NBC Olympics.   July 26, 2012
The Olympics are Meaningless and Deprave
As far as I'm concerned, the International Olympic Committee owes the city of Chicago $50 million. Chicago threw that money at a huge bid trying to wi
posted "Becoming the Vine; Finding Faith in Doubt" about Faith.   June 24, 2012
Becoming the Vine; Finding Faith in Doub
"I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."  John 5
posted "Bluestreak Returns" about Sonic the Hedgehog 2.   June 23, 2012
Bluestreak Returns
You know what I hate about trendsetting games? The fact that they set trends. When the new hip character cashes in, everyone begins copying the formul
commented on review of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, "The Blue Blur is back in his best game. 94%".   June 22, 2012
unlocked the Evil Clone "Liquid" badge   May 10, 2012
posted "Fly, Eagles, Fly" about Philadelphia Eagles.   March 16, 2012
Fly, Eagles, Fly
We all know that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles once lobbed snowballs at Santa Claus. But that was so long ago - the incident was even mentioned in t
posted "Paul Brown's Mad Revenge on Ohio" about Cincinnati Bengals.   March 05, 2012
Paul Brown's Mad Revenge on Ohio
When the Cleveland Browns were created, they hired a man named Paul Brown to coach, scout, and basically run the entire operation in every possible wa
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